Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sunday Dinner, December 28, 2008 & Christmas Pics

If you're a long time reader here at Diane's Place you're familiar with the Sunday Dinner graphic there at the left. If so, you're also familiar with that question mark and what it represents.

I ain't cookin' no Sunday Dinner this week. I don't know where we'll end up eating or what, but I'm all cooked, partied, snacked and celebrated out.

Don't misunderstand me; I love the holidays as much as anybody, but enough is enough and I'm about on overload here.

Whether you're actually cooking Sunday Dinner this week or going to Grandma's or eating out, if you'd like to participate this week share your plans in the comments.We had a wonderful Christmas and I am more than blessed. Emmy was in her element as she ripped her way through dozens of gifts from family and friends. She was old enough this Christmas to really get into the excitement of opening her gifts and was so much fun to watch.

I took several photos and will share some here.

These next several were taken Sunday
morning at church. Emmy was really
tired of being still and quiet during
church and didn't want to cooperate
as you may gather from these photos.
Ducky, Emmy & Lamar.Emmy is doing much better health-wise, so
Jessica has been reintroducing sugars and
other foods back into her diet.
Here we see Emmy getting into a
piece of cake.
Reeeeeealllly getting into some cake, LOL!And by the way: Emmy got a lot more
cake "on" her than "in" her.

And lest you think Emmy wasn't excited
about her second Christmas, check out
this pic. To me it looks like both feet
are in the air as Emmy was running
to and fro in all her Christmas induced
And one last photo. When we went to
Lamar's Mom's and stepdad's to exchange
Christmas gifts, Emmy was fascinated
with their television. My in-laws are the
proud owners of one of the oldest console
TV's in captivity. It's 25 years old and
has an actual channel selector and
knobs. Here's Emmy examining their
antique set.

Born in the age of television remote
controls, Emmy had never seen a real
live console TV with knobs.
I guess I should say, she'd never really
noticed the knobs because she's been
to her Great Granny's house many times.I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. The New Year is closing in fast, ready or not.

Y'all have a blessed Sunday. May God bless you with all you need, and enough to share.PS: I feel somewhat pretentious using this particular signature graphic,
considering that the high here today was 75F and we were under a
tornado watch until 6 pm. However, the temp is falling like a rock and
is now 49F and headed into the low 30's tonight.

Ah, weather in Northeast Arkansas.
You want variety?
We gots yer variety, folks.


It's All Good! said...

Howdy Diane, and we're still digging our way out of the snow! What fun pictures of Emmy.
I have one more baggie with leftover TG turkey meat in it so, I'm gonna make some soup and turkey &cheese calzones.
75 degrees sure sounds good about now!
Happy New Year!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

pleased you had a wonderful Christmas

LOVE Emmys dress
so pretty

she sure did like that cake didnt she LOL

wow and that TV is still working???

I pray you have a good new week my dear friend

the voice of melody said...

It's so cute how Emmy seems to be enjoying that cake! I'm glad she's doing better, precious little one.

Nothing fancy here for Sunday dinner since Sweet Cheeks put in a request to the head chef (yes, that would be moi) for tacos. That's an easy dinner to put together and one that always brings a smile to his face. :)

Enjoy your cooking-free Sunday!

Linds said...

Beautful photos, Diane! It looks like Christmas was wonderful!
I will not be cooking either. My sister and her husband will both be at work all day, and Mum and I will eat whatever is in the fridge, and so help me I must start packing to go home tomorrow. I am less than thrilled. But I will have my son home for a few weeks, so that is wonderful. And I will be back here soon too.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

MightyMom said...

well it was >80 here!! and Sonshine has decided Jesus NEEDS snow on Christmas. go figure!

My first thought when I saw that first pic of Emmy was TERRIFIC, her arms are plumping up!! She must be getting better!!!!!

really and honestly it was!

Watching the younin's will get you giddy with cheer, huh?

It's a good thing she found those knobs! As the youngest it is HER job to BE the remote you know!...

My mom is coming this afternoon and my hubby is grilling steaks, onions and potatos.. I can hardly wait!

Lynne said...

It sounds like you all had a great Christmas! I love the pictures of Emmy with the cake.

I'm tired of cooking too. We had ham on Christmas and we've been eating the leftovers. We're just about finished. I told Dom we're eating whatever's in the freezer until it's gone.

Have a great day!

Hootin' Anni said...

I hear ya....on the being cooked out and tuckered to the point of no return.

Oh Diane....LOVE the photos of you and Ms. Emmy. So darned wonderful. And the cake photos? I'm still giggling. So, so precious.

Hope your new year will treat you well. Happy New Years Day come this Thursday.

[and ps....this fine Sunday's meal for us will be the last of the frozen leftover turkey. I'm gonna make Turkey stroganov with pickled beets and our tossed salad with garlic toast.]

Muhd Imran said...

Precious Emmy enjoying her sugars!

Lovely and funny photos from a very happy home.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, Emily looks like a typical two year old at Christmas....Happy, excited and full of joy....I'm glad you had a great Christmas....I know what you mean about being over it. I took the day after Christmas off and just "chilled out"...I didn't leave the house and just kept my bottom dollar glued to the couch.

I am not sure yet what I am going to do for dinner tonight. I guess I need to get something out of that freezer to thaw.....Have a great week....Happy New Year!

The Old Gray Mare said...

I absolutely love the picture with both feet in the air!

That nasty line of storms passed through here this morning around 3 am. Yesterday it was 70, today 40.

Have a great week!

Nashe^ said...

Good celebration, I gather! It's awesome to see everyone so happy there, Di.

Singapore has weather variety too. We have six seasons- hot, hotter, hottest, wet, wetter, wettest. Boo ya!

Happy 12 Days of Christmas, once again.

Minx's Den said...

Hey there Diane!

Looks like you had a fun xmas! I love the cute pics of your grand-baby girl, especially the cake ones, she's so cute! Have a blessed 2009!


Linda said...

Just a quick visit to wish you the happiest of New Years Diane.
The pictures are wonderful!!

Mountain Mama said...

I had hamburger soup for dinner. It was good too.
Emmy looks like a little Christmas doll in her red dress. What a cutie.
I love watching the little ones in their excitement at Christmas time too. They are so free with their emotions. Too bad adults can't reaain some of that!

I bagged up all the left over Christmas goodies and gave them to my neighbors. If I bake at Christmas time I try to share with them. I couldn't get it to them sooner because I've been snowed in for a few weeks and walking in that stuff is not only tiring but dangerous for seniors. I only only got to my daughters on Christmas day because her sweet hubby came and got me. He has a pick up and my car was over the bumpers with the white stuff.
I'm ready for spring now and daffodil's and tulip's! LOL
Blessings Diane

kansasrose said...

Great photos as always hon! Emmy looks so cute. The cake pics are classic. Glad you all had a blessed holiday, and I can see that Emmy has put on some healthy weight, praise God! She's a goer, that one! Hope the weather doesn't get TOOOO creepy and break some twisters this early! It's warm here too the low 60's. Calm before the storm? Makes me nervous havin' this kind of springlike weather in late Dec, cause I know we will pay dearly in some way. Sending prayers for just rain and no ice or tornadoes. Stay safe hon. Watch the sky. Loveya, Jen

Anonymous said...

merry christmas aunt diane

Barb said...

The very first thing I noticed is you all strip her down when she's in the high chair with cake. Smart! LOL

Boy that TV is a true classic. I'm amazed it still works. They just don't make 'em like they used to, right?

Thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos, Diane. I love the series of three with you and Emmy. Adorable.

I'm with you. I'm sick to death of cooking. It never fails. I go grocery shopping, bring home all kinds of great stuff, like I did today, and tell Rob, "You're on your own tonight. I'm too tired to cook!" Poor man. But he's a good sport.

Your weather is just downright weird. Tornado watch. Good grief!

Wishing you a happy new week. xoxo

Rachel said...

We have that same weather variety here!

Looks like Emmy is having a fun fun fun time!! She's so cute! Love how she's enjoying that cake!!

Happy New Year!!


nancy said...

Hello, dear!
We gots variety too! After our sub-freezing temperatures which hung on and on, we had a day yesterday where the temp went up to 69 degrees! I started thinking tornadoes myself. This weather is just crazy.
The photos are great, and yes, you caught both feet off the floor in that one! She is getting so cute with her little hair growing out! Well, she's always cute, but the hair is a real bonus!
God bless you and yours.

Aunt Jenny said...

Cute cute pictures...
We had pizza burgers, buttered noodles and home canned peaches for supper tonight....sort of a weird combo. I don't like pasta so I just ate a burger patty (with sauce and cheese of course) and peaches.
Have a great week!!

Nancy said...

Enjoyed the Christmas pics of Emmy! I know you all had a wonderful Chrostmas with her!

I feel like you do....I have had enough, but still have to make it through New Year's Eve yet! I stayed home alone Sunday and slept most of the day. There was lots to do but no ambition or energy to do anything! LOL

Wishing you a great and better year in 2009!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

June Bug said...

That middle picture of you and Emmy is just priceless! Happy New Year!

Gigi said...

Loved the pix of Emmy...ahh to be that carefree! I'm glad you had such a wonderful Christmas Diane!

Sammy said...

I love the picture of Emmy running and laughing! She's the cutest!

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, Diane!

It's gotten really warm here too, and this is not normal for this time of year! It's been in the 50's for the past several days. It's disconcerting and I want it to get cold again so I can build a fire.

Have a wonderful week, Diane! Happy New Year!


P.S. New Year's Day is my birthday! :-)

momteacherfriend said...

She looks like she is bounding through the air. She is so super cute.

Dawn said...

Sounds like a wonderful time everywhere and with everyone. We finally sent everyone off for home on Saturday morning, early. The ones from our house were so quiet that we didn't hear a thing when they left before 5 a.m.!

We went to Wendy's with Kristen and the kiddoes before we left for our little getaway. We fixed breakfast one morning, and lunched in the cabin one meal, but otherwise, we ate out and enjoyed that immensely.

We had a wonderful time by ourselves for our anniversary. Now I have to get back to reality and catch up on stuff that I've been avoiding.

And now I need to get busy and do a post! And catch up with all my friends out there in Blogland.

Dawn said...

PS, I love it that Miss Emmy has the same dress as our 4 girlies!

Mary said...


I'm so glad you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. Emmy is such a doll and excited and busy in that photo. It actually looks like she is flying across the room. lol

For Sunday dinner we had roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn and gravy. It was delicious.

I wish you and your family abundant blessings, love, laughter, good health and a new job for Jason in 2009. Happy New Year, my friend.


kkryno said...

Hello, Diane; from sunny New Mexico!
I just thought I'd say Happy New Year to you and all of your loved ones.

I'll be heading back to That Great Ice Cube of the North in less than a week. I can't believe how quickly the time passes...

May God bless you with all that you want and need!

Love, Vikki

Lib said...

Hi Diane,
Trying to catch up again!
Hope ya'll have a Great New Yr.

PEA said...

Like you, I'm on overload and refuse to cook one thing today, even though it's New Year's Eve! lol It's been non stop for the last 3 weeks and today is the first day I can say that I can relax and put my feet up.

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and it must have been so much fun watching Emmy opening her presents:-)

We had one mild day, the day after Christmas when we had rain but then it became frigid again and we got tons more snow. It's depressing knowing that winter has just started! lol

Wishing you and yours all the very best that 2009 has to offer, dear Diane. xoxo

Eli's Lids said...

Found your blog while blog hopping. There STILL hasn't been any cooking going on around here... I'm waiting for the motivation!

Muhd Imran said...

20009 in Singapore.


Dawn said...

Just dropping by to wish you a Happy New Year! I rang it in on the way home from the airport after dropping Sema off - today I'll have to go back and take Kev - separate flights aren't ideal, but better than not going! DC is really sick in bed with some dreadful bug that has him actually moaning - I can't remember him being this sick in 36 years.

Sema's flight was 1.5 hours late leaving - 2:30 a.m.! She was so afraid she'd miss her connection to Dubai in New York, but she called at 6 and was there.

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Diane, Thanks for all the great posts over 2008. I have added you to my blogroll. I'm looking forward to all the new recipes you will add in 2009.

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year for you and your family.

Dick said...

Happy New Year to you and yours!

The Live Traffic Feed listing on your blog lists me as being from Oak Harbor, WA but I'm really from Mount Vernon, WA. Maybe Oak Harbor is a hub for my ISP?

Kids and Christmas are such a perfect match. My youngest grand daughter is a bit over 8 but when we were down to their place on Christmas Eve, she could hardly finish dinner because she wanted to go open gifts. I think you are right that both of Emmy's feet are off the ground in that one photo. It is a real keeper.

thislittlepiggy said...

Happy New Year! :o)

If we all ate cake like Emmy, I think we'd enjoy it more. Chuckle.

LOVE the pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Patty said...

Hi Dianne
I haven't been by for a visit in a long time, but wanted to leave a comment and tell you how adorable your grandbaby is..She has really grown and I know your holidays must have been a joy with her around.