Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sunday Dinner, December 14, 2008

I've only just finalized my Sunday Dinner menu as I sat down here to type my Sunday Dinner post. Nothing like the excitement of last minute menu planning if you're into that kind of cutting edge sport, I suppose.

I'm going to make a pot of white beans seasoned with some bacon, some of MY TEXAS HASH, some turnips seasoned with brown sugar and bacon (do you see a theme developing here?) and for those who don't like turnips, some stewed potatoes. If there's enough who want some CORNBREAD or PANBREAD I'll make an iron skillet of one of those breads.

That's the menu for Diane's Place this week. What's on the agenda at your place this Sunday? Going to Grandma's for dinner? Going out to eat? Cooking at home?

If you'd like to participate this week just leave your menu/plans in the comments.We had our Adult Sunday School class party Friday night and it was so much fun! We have potluck supper before our games and gift sharing. Most of our food is finger foods such as sandwiches, veggie trays, chips and dips, cookies, candies and other holiday goodies.

I made pigs in blankets, deviled ham and cream cheese spread on cocktail breads, and MY HOT SPICED CIDER.

The cider was got rave reviews as it always does and there was just a little bit left which I gave to a friend. She took it home to her hubby who had to work and couldn't attend our party.

The pigs in blankets were all gone in seconds and I made 5 dozen of them! I usually make MY HOMEMADE YEAST ROLL DOUGH to wrap around the small cocktail sausages, such as the Little*Smokies. But this year I was feeling a little pressed for time (and a little lazy, to be honest here) so I bought tubes of refrigerated crescent roll dough to make the pigs in blankets.

There are 8 triangles of dough in each can, which I then cut with a sharp knife into 5 strips of dough, then wrap a strip of the crescent roll dough around each cocktail weiner. I bought 1 lb. packages of the weiners.

One can of crescent rolls with 8 rolls cut into 5 strips each yields 40 pigs in blankets. I opened another can and used 4 of the rolls cut into 20 more strips of dough, so I made 60 pigs in blankets total, or 5 dozen.

There were about 4 or 5 cocktail weiners left which became the cook's snack, so a 1 lb. package of cocktail weiners and 1 1/2 cans of crescent rolls yields 5 dozen pigs in blankets. That worked out great!A great sandwhich filling or dip that my sister Ducky shared with me probably 2o years ago or more is deviled ham and cream cheese. It's really simple and much better than it may sound to you.

Soften one 8 ounce package of cream cheese to room temperature. Add one can of deviled ham (such as Under*wood brand) and a heaping tablespoon of mayonnaise.

If you're feeling really frisky you can add a dash of worcestershire sauce and a dribble of liquid smoke, maybe some cayenne pepper if you like spicy stuff, but it's really good even without the worcestershire, liquid smoke and cayenne.

Now, beat the tar out of the deviled ham, cream cheese and mayo mixture until it's all combined. You can chill this and use as a spread for sandwiches or crackers, or as a dip for chips or raw veggies.

But don't make the same mistake I did. I bought a loaf of sourdough and a loaf of pumpernickle rye cocktail bread to smear my deviled ham spread on for the party. You probably know the stuff; it's the little loaves of bread, about 2 inch squares, used for hors doerves, or as we call 'em in my family, horse doovers.

My apologies to any of my readers who may be fans of cocktail bread, but I don't think I've ever tried to eat anything with less flavor or worse texture. It was staler than cardboard and I'm thinking cardboard might even have more flavor. Blech! I won't be making the mistake of using the rest of the cocktail bread that I have left from the first batch. I'll just use regular wheat and white bread for the deviled ham sandwiches I'm taking for the church fellowship after our Christmas program on Sunday evening.

I'm also making some savory pecans to take. I preheat my oven to 300 degrees, then dump pecans in one of my cast iron skillets. I shake on some seasoned salt, add good smoky bacon grease if I have it, (a little oil if not) and put it in the oven. About 10 minutes before I estimate that the pecans are toasted enough, I stir in a little a dash of worcestershire sauce and some liquid smoke.

These pecans are a family favorite and a favorite of my church family as well, and you can't get much easier than that.I still need to cook my supper so I'd better get this posted. I also have to cook the beans for Sunday Dinner.

Y'all have a blessed Sunday and Christmas season. To my Jewish friends, Happy Hanukkah! May God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share.


Michael Manning said...

Diane: You had me at Hot Spiced Cider! :D)Much Love & Friendship to you for sharing these dishes. They are posted with Love and we feel it!

Lib said...

Hi Diane,
Your Church gathering sounds fun and yummy!
Ours was tonight but we don't see to drive after dark so didn't get to go.
Our dinner will be salmon patties, pintos, slaw,and corn bread.
All the recipes you shared sound yummy.Thanks for sharing.
Hope ya'll have a great SUn.

kansasrose said...

Okay woman ya got me good and starvin' again with your dinner menu and the snacks. Your church doin's sound like a blast. Woot! All that yummilicious food and fellowship for the holydays. Can't be beat! You have a great church hon. I'm thinkin' tomorrow will be a good day for some of your Texas hash. Youngest dd and I will be going to w*art for groceries after church and I'll get the makings for the hash, and those pigs in a blanket, and that devilish good sounding ham/cheese recipe and NO cocktail bread for me either. Can't stand it! Tastes like that old fashioned glue and sawdust. Gotta keep my strength up hon! So...I'll make a mess of those little smokie, dough things and the ham/cheese delight on crackers in addition to Diane's hash. Cold cold freezin' the b**ns off cold is on it's way. I'm talkin' polar ice cap cold. YUK. Have a lovely Sunday. God bless YOU and YOURS. Love, Jen xxxooo

Tammy said...

Hey gal,

Tomorrow after Church will be our Christmas with my son and his family. I'll be getting some bbq from a local restaurant and have my tater salad and beans.
I've cooked all day today...I'm worn out. Talk about beating the tar out of something...I made fudge and with my weak right hand it was not fun, will definately have to have help with that if I'm to do it ever again.

I would have parked myself right next to your pigs in blankets had I been at your party ;~D

Blessin's to you and yours!♥

kansasrose said...

ps Dang! wish we grew pecans in Kansas! Gotta find me some pecans....those spiced pecans of yours sound DEEEEvine hon. Stop by my blog and check out my fav cookie recipe. It rocks. :)

Mary said...


This afternoon (Sat) while hubby and I were napping away our virus, a beef roast was cooking in the oven. Sunday dinner will be leftover beef, gravy, mashed potatoes and veggies. Mmm!

Your Sunday dinner sounds delicious, as always. Sounds like those pigs in a blanket were a hit.

Take care and feel better soon.

It's All Good! said...

Hi Diane, We just got in from CO so I can't even begin to think about what I'm having for dinner tomorrow. I guess we'll be spiritual and say "Take no thought for tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself" Is that even how it goes? I'm so 'tard', to quote a good friend ;) that I can't think straight. Better quit with the quoting scripture before I commit a sin and butcher it to pieces!
I did want to suggest maybe making your leftover bread into croutons?
Merry Christmas!

kkryno said...

We will be having some pinto beans and some small chuck-eye steaks with some green beans drizzled with bacon drippings or mixed veggies.

I'm leaving Monday really, really late, so I'm on a short time frame.

I can't wait! :0)

violetlady said...

I so look forward to your Sunday dinners. Everything sounds delicious. I have had the deviled ham spread -- even made it once a long time ago I think. I do like deviled ham and mayo sandwiches. I don't know what will be on our menu tomorrow. Might be beef pastina soup with crusty bread and butter and salad.

Judith said...

Sorry I've been away so long. the hot spiced cider sounds so good. I must add that to our Christmas Day food list, and when you start talking 'bout greens and cornbread, makes me want to follow you around in the kitchen.

Whatever's cooking here for Sunday will have to be hot, or at least very warm. We're to get snow and a big cold spell. I'll be looking for soups and chili, and add a nice salad, and I just remembered I have some coated okra I could fix, Except for the fried okra, your cornbread and greens still sound better.

I hope you're doing fine down there, and about ready for Christmas.

Sioux said...

Awww, gee, Diane, now I'm hungry...and I just had breakfast and am about to go to church.

God bless you and yours.

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, how thick is that Deviled Ham Spread? Is it pretty easy to spread? It sounds so good that I want to give it a try....I think I have all of the ingredients right now....Yummmmmm.

Those white beans sound good with the cornbread or pan bread....I need to put on a pot of beans, thanks for the idea. I am cooking homemade hamburgers for dinner tonight. I bought the buns at the store yesterday and have a bag of chips...

I have been baking my cookies all last week. I make four batches of TF's family gingerbread cookie recipe and pack them in Christmas tins and get them in the mail. I have also made our other favorites and we will get them out to church family friends and business aquaintences starting tomorrow. We like to make sure that the people who keep us in business get treated for all that they do for us throughout the year.

Your spiced cider sounds wonderful..I think I might have most of everything you call for but I know I don't have any whole allspice....I have some whole OK, I won't tinker with the recipe.

Have a great week, I'm on my way over to Jessica's to see what she is up to....

Hootin' Anni said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I so agree with you on those nasty tasting cocktail loves of 'bread'. I quote the word bread, 'cause in my opinion they don't even PASS for bread.

I'm not sure what I'm making for dinner tonight...we snack during football during the day on Sunday so our larger meal is in the evening...we have some left-over home made chili that is nice and spicy and I have some frozen hot dogs and wheat buns...I may make us a batch of chili dogs. Sounds good to me. And some corn relish and then some salad [we have salad for nearly EVERY meal]. And I have some frozen home made biscuit cinnamon rolls that need to be iced with cream cheese frosting...that'll 'bout do it for us.

But only if I find some ambition. LOL

Hope your week ahead is glorious. Love the GREEN here...very festive color for the holidays.

Nancy and the Captain said...

I love devilled ham and the cream cheese with it sounds awesome. Sounds like some real country cookin' goin' on there! We're having Nita's wonderful baked potato soup.
Diane, the sticky post worked beautifully.
Thanks, kiddooo. You techie, you!

Barb said...

Your Christmas header is so pretty, Diane. I love what you did with your comments too.

I'm making pepper steak for Sunday dinner.

I'd already planned to buy Little Smokies - I found a great recipe for making them with barbecue sauce. But I think I'll buy an extra package and make your pigs in a blanket too. I haven't had those in years and with the crescent rolls, what could be easier!

I hope you have a nice week coming up. Hope your kids are doing OK too. I think of them often and pray for Jason's job situation.


Minx's Den said...

hey there!

making goulash for my hubby tonight!mmmmmmm!!!! How have you been?


Dawn said...

We had our 4x4 group at our house last night and I had enough left over Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes and rolls for today's lunch. YAY!

Then we're having our SS class over next Saturday night - should be 26-30 here. It'll be a planned pot luck.

Tonight was the children's musical and Care Bear had her first speaking part - they all did so great! But we were super proud of that little rascal.

Have a great week! I"m hoping to get a post done yet tonight. We'll see!

MightyMom said...

sometimes I just wanna move in with you! I'll even clean the kitchen so long as you keep cooking!! :-)

MightyMom said...

oh and it's looking quite festive around here! very lovely!

Dawn said...

I have given you a little award and a little meme to do - come on over and check it out!

Nancy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nancy said...

First of all....I LOVE your new header!!! You gals up there in Arkansas know your stuff when it comes to blogging!

Here I sit, still working after all day and all night. And all I had to eat yesterday were 2 scrambled eggs and a big double mug of coffee. Then I read about all this good food you were going to fix....and now I am starving! And I never really feel hungry! Hmmmmm....I think I am going to go find me something good to eat before I catch a few hours of sleep! LOL

Love ya!

thislittlepiggy said...

Got any left over cornbread. I've got a glass of milk... :o)

Betty said...


I always enjoy reading your menu for your Sunday dinner. As usual,it seems you out did youself.

Sounds like a fun time was had at your church with all the good finger foods.

I fixed Ed a TV dinner last night as I wanted to see my favorite TV show. Wouldn't you know it was a rerun. Poor Ed.

the voice of melody said...

Your dinners always sound so good! I did comfort food too. I made a big pot of chicken soup since Sweet Cheeks had put in a special request for it. :)

Hope you have a wonderful and blessed week!

Hope said...

Hi Diane,
As usual I'm drooling after reading your post. Unfortunately, I'm already thinking about getting back on my diet after Christmas. My blood sugar is actually doing pretty well considering all I stuff my face with during the holidays!!

Have a great Monday,

Minx's Den said...

I hope you stay safe and warm from the approaching ice storm! Sending hope and many prayers your way my dear friend!

love ya


Cecil said...

Hey ... Lunch was really good yesterday! Thanks... if I didn't already tell you that! It is sleeting quite a bit right now... I figure I'll be here tomorrow.. But I have things I can do... Hugs,, Cecil

PEA said...

Your header is just beautiful, dear Diane! Wish I could come over for dinner one day, everything you make always sounds so good:-)

Pigs in blankets, hot spiced cider...two favourites of mine! So glad to hear you had such a fun time at the class party.

That cream cheese/ham filling sounds really good and I've copied the recipe down. I think my boys would really like this!! xoxo

June Bug said...

I'm definitely trying the ham and cream cheese. I think that would be scrumptious on those little "mini croissants". Heck, it would be scrumptious to just eat it with a spoon!

Dick said...

I think the spiced apple cider sounds good, too. If I go to Starbucks for a second time in the same day I'll often get their hot spiced cider, especially in the winter. It's a drink that is hard to beat and probably fairly healthy for the body, too.

We had our park Christmas party last Tuesday and with all the good food there, I probably ate more than I should have although only had one small piece of pie for desert. That's doing pretty good!