Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sunday Dinner, November 30, 2008

Remember last Sunday when I'd planned to make chicken and rice and stewed potatoes with homemade white sauce?

And then Cecil and Ducky brought a smoked pork Boston butt and we had barbecue sandwiches instead?

And I said, "Hold that thought" regarding the chicken and rice and potatoes with white sauce, because we'd probably be having it for Sunday dinner next Sunday?

Well, guess what? It's now next Sunday, and as I said, chicken and rice and potatoes with white sauce it is.

My chicken is already cooked and picked off the bones and in the fridge, and the broth is in the ice box too. I'll peel my taters and cook them when we get home from church, because rewarmed potatoes? Ewww! Ick!

I have no idea who'll be here for dinner so I'll adjust my portions of rice and taters according to how many I have to feed. I have some canned and frozen veggies I can add to the menu if needed.

Now, what's on the menu at your place for Sunday Dinner? If you'd like to participate this week share your plans/menu in the comments.I had a somewhat vague realization that December 1st was approaching, but it kind of caught me off guard that it's here already. Do you realize that Monday is December 1st?

Since our disability checks go in the bank on the first day of the month and that's our only income, everything for our routine monthly expenses and our Christmas gifts and goodies will come out of that money.

And I usually do all my monthly shopping in one day.

Um, yeah.

For some reason, this year that seems a little overwhelming. I'm not ready at all and I don't have my mental gift list prepared or my Christmas goody list finalized. I don't know if I can get it all together by Monday or not. Wish me luck.I have some pics from Thanksgiving at Jessica's to share. We had 10 people there and we had a great time and the food was wonderful. Jessica did a great job preparing her portion of the food. She made MY MOM'S CHEESECAKE for the first time and it turned out absolutely fabulous!

CECIL'S hubby didn't make it home for Thanksgiving. As a matter of fact, he just got home during the wee hours of Saturday morning, but praise the Lord he did make it home and safely.

And now the pics:

I just realized that it looks like Emmy
has her finger up her nose in this pic,
but if you enlarge it you'll see that she
only has it in her mouth, not her nose.

Oy.My pumpkin pie and Jessica's cheesecake.My humongous pan of dressing.
I wasn't even kidding, folks.Jessica's banana pudding and my
FIL's homemade chocolate pecan clusters.Clockwise from top left: Kidney bean salad,
whole cranberry sauce, jellied cranberry
sauce and celery sticks.Clockwise from top left: Asparagus,
homemade giblet gravy,
baked beans and corn.

(Rabbit trail: Am I the only one who
remembers Porky Pig pronouncing
asparagus as "as-puh-RAH-gus" on one
of the Looney Tunes cartoons?
I pronounce it that way
at least half the time.)A shot down the bar of all the food.A flattering shot of me, Jessica's lovely
Christmas tree and my FIL.Emmy, Ducky, Sue, Jessica and Cecil.Sometime in the next few days I hope to put up my new
Christmas template. There's only one hitch in that plan:
I have to make the header first.

I'm going to be really busy over the next few days,
so I hope to find time to work on it soon.
Who knows, I may even get it done later
this evening, but don't hold me to that.

And after this epic post, I'm going to
wish everyone a great Sunday.

May God meet all your needs,
and may you have enough to share.


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

for lunch this Sunday we had it at church it was yummy :)

all the best with your Christmas shopping

what a clever girl your daughter is :)

have a nice coming week my friend
and Im pleased everyone had a nice time at Jess'


Mountain Mama said...

Hi Diane. Your Sunday dinner sounds nummy. I am soaking some great northern beans tonight and plan to make bean soup and cornbread with a green salad for my Sunday dinner. I'm tired of all the rich thanksgiving food and need my beans now.
It looks like your Thanksgiving dinner was really nice. I love pumpkin pie and only had two or three slices throughout the Thanksgiving weekend so maybe I should make another one. I smiled at yours because that's how my mom used to make it, in a rectangular pan.
Love you

Sioux said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving! And you gave me such a good idea for baking a big pumpkin pie. Wow. Thanks!!

Pug1 said...

Hi Dianne...I like the way you made the cool. I've never seen it done like that before! We'll be having turkey dinner tomorrow! CHEERS! Michele

kkryno said...

I'm thinking of making some turkey minestrone soup like my Grama used to make. We bought some potato/dill bread today from Great Harvest Bread Co. If I can figure out how to make this, I will definitely share the recipe with you. I know how much you love white bread and this would definitely make great rolls. I'll keep you posted. I think this will go well with the soup.

I'll bet that your Thanksgiving was fun. I sure missed having loved ones near. Karl and I had only each other: I'm still thankful for that; but I would have loved to share with all our kids and such. I'm a bit of a mother hen so, "The more the merrier", that's my motto!

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Lesa said...

I'm not sure what we are having for dinner tomorrow. I'm hoping we eat out because I'm ready to eat something that I didn't fix!

That was one "honking" pan of dressing!! My mom used to fix a pan like that when we were all at home. My favorite part is the crusty brown edges around the side of the pan. She put the pieces of chicken in the dressing too. We would have dressing sandwiches with cranberry sauce for days after Thanksgiving!

Yes - I remember Porky Pig saying "as-puh-RAH-gus"! I forget and say it that way a lot of times! Does this mean we are getting old or did we just lack for entertainment when we were growing up?

Hope you have a good Sunday dinner with your loved ones!

Dana~Are We There Yet? said...

Our little church is catering in fried chicken and sides for lunch. We'll bring a pan of pumpkin squares for breakfast and coffee. Our three little pumpkins made over 2 quarts of pumpkin puree. We got four pies and two batches of pumpkin squares (10x15 pan) and still had some left!

The big news is that we have tickets to see Trans Siberian Orchestra tomorrow afternoon! Woo hoo!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Diane!

MightyMom said...

Goodness Girl! What do you MEAN you're not ready for Christmas????

OK, here's your cure. ready??

go to my blog....turn up your speakers....stay there until Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer comes on. IF THAT doesn't get you ready for Christmas NOTHING will!


(and you could be composing that gift list while you wait...teeheehee)

Now, you know what Thanksgiving was like at my house....BUT.

today we went to my stepmom's house for our Thanksgiving/Birthday celebration.
We had (and were sent home with....)

chicken quarters cut up and braised

a veggie dish with onion, carrots, sweet taters, butternut squash, celery, potatoes and who knows what else

green bean casserole (made especially for me... :-) )

crawfish dressing

pecan pie (made by Subvet)

cupcakes on a cakedish with 5 candles :-)

oh it was all sooooooooooooo good. I had some for supper and will be hiding some more so I can have it tomorrow!

Mary said...


Your Sunday dinner sounds delicious. We will be having roast beef, mashed potatoes and veggies. I'm not sure what else yet.

I enjoyed seeing your Thanksgiving photos and am glad you all had a great time. Family is very important and I'm glad you could all get together. I know Jessica was pleased that she could cook for all of you and that everyone brought something as well.

Christmas is a bit overwhelming and it tends to sneak up on us. I am pretty much done all my shopping and am thankful. I pick up things through the year so I don't have to put the money out all at once. However, I have to keep very close track of what I've purchased so I don't buy for someone twice.

Take care and have a blessed Sunday, my friend.


Lynne said...

I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner last night for my family - Shelby's request. Dom, Donna and I had eaten out on Thanksgiving and Shelby felt bad because we weren't all together at my house.

So we had turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, squash casserole, cranberry sauce, apple pie and pumpkin pie for dessert.

So dinner today? A little bit of all of the above!

Mam said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. We had a lovely meal, a lovely day, too.

Minx's Den said...

Hey there babe!

Looks like alot of great food! yum!!!! I have my last thanksgiving to go to in a bit, at my hubby's friend's place, and my hubby made cornbread stuffing! I can't wait to try it! have a good sunday, love ya!


Lyndy said...

Well Miss Diane that all looks like some mighty fine eating. Glad y’all had such a blessed day.

The potatoes and white sauce you are making today sound just yummy. I will have to give that a try myself.

Wishing you a blessed week my friend.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

kansasrose said...

Hi hon,

Looks like Jess done good. Kudos to her and Jason and little Princess E. Actually to all of you that share the love of Christ. Isn't that what it's all about? Sharing love with family, friends. folks. And eating some fine Southarn homecookin'. Life don't get any better....:)

The food looks delicious...Southern women can cook up a storm!!! Yes indeed. Love ya hon. ((((hugs))))

God bless always. Jen

where's Donna? She's been too quiet? Tell her santa's gonna deliver a package for her soon from KS.

Tammy said...

Hi Miz Diane!

Today I stopped by McDonalds after Church but I am going to put a pot of 7 can soup on for supper in a bit. It is a cold nasty rainy day out there, a perfect time for it!
Right now there are brownies in my over...smellin' mighty fine too!

I looked at your Cheesecake recipe and it sounds simpler than the one I try to do...I may give it a whirl one day...say...did you double it for Christmas...I've not ever seen it used in a pan like that...the pumpkin pie is interesting it doubled?

Jessica's tree is beautiful...I'm going for the ribboned effect this year too...or I will when I get to decorating which should be sooner rather than later.....

Loved that picture of Emmy on the looks like she is curious about what might be in that purse...I bet you like to get neck sugar on those little whispy curls...I would ;~D

Have an awesome Sunday!

Nancy said...

You all didn't have enough food, did you? Man, oh, man, what a feast! I'm inviting myself next year! LOL Everything looked so good!

Your Thanksgiving header is gorgeous!!! How pretty! I need to learn how to do that kind of thing. I'm still using the basic template....maybe someday when I have time to play with it.....seems all I do is work!

I am trying to read a few blogs tonight...but need to stop and feed kitty cats pretty soon! LOL They can eat all the time!

Hope you are doing well.

(((((( HUGS ))))))

It's All Good! said...

We took Chels out for her birthday to I*HOP for breakfast before heading to church. Then, since we still have tons of leftovers, it was everyone for hisself for the rest of the day! Then a surprise party for Chels tonight with chips, homemade salsa and of course cake.
We're going 'lean' this Christmas and, miracle for me, I already have most of my shopping done via online. And since I'm not in the mood to get killed, literally, shopping at Wally's, I think I'll stick to online shopping!
Have a great week, Diane.
God bless,
Brenda :)

Dawn said...

I'm with you - I can't seem to get into the mood to shop! I wish I didn't have to. But I got one tree up, with the "help" of the girlies!

We had oven barbequed pork chops and ribs today - really simple, but yummy. WE had Hanging of the Greens at church tonight and lots of sugary stuff afterward. I think I've reached sugar saturation for a few days.

Kristen has a new post up!

Jess said...

Time to update it... didn't have that meal today either! lol

Had a good day with everyone!

Love, Jess

Aunt Jenny said...

Your dinner sounds like it was good this week. We had a big meal (Re-feast is what the kids called it) of all the Thanksgiving leftovers last night so tonight we cheated and had frozen pizzas and green salad. We got out all the Christmas stuff and will arrange it and get the tree put up tomorrow probably. I am tired tonight!!
I remember the asparagus thing too..hadn't thought if that in a long time though..haha!
Have a great week!!

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, I think we pretty much finished off the Thanksgiving food tonight....I wonder how many pounds I am going to gain after all of the food?.....

It looks like you had enough food at your Thanksgiving feast to feed 30 Hope Lamar makes it home from Ft. Worth/Dallas OK.

Good luck with your Christmas shopping and your grocery shopping. I could never do it all in one day....Never!

Have a great week.

Hootin' Anni said...

All that WONDERFUL food!!!!! But what really sticks to my head right now is the chocolate pecan clusters you made!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh, just picture it. Here I am, it's not much past 6 A M in my time zone, and I'm drooling. No, slobbering. I must make me something now. You got my brain transfixed with these little yummy morsels.

Happy Monday to you! I have a little bit of Christmas on my blog too, today.

The Old Gray Mare said...

Even after all that I ate this weekend, the spread y'all had still looks good! Especially that cheesecake!

I know what you mean about those once-a-month paydays. Mr. T gets his paycheck on the 1st and it's really hard to make it stretch all month long. December is the hardest since there's always extra expenses and the utilities start getting higher and such.

Have a great week!

Lib said...

Hi Diane,
I'm running behind!
Enjoyed the pics. :o)
This yr. we're just getting together for a meal ,no exchanging gifts other than a sm. gift for the little one. .Dh and my Bro. laid off, Sis&Hubs on disability. Everyone was happy to just get together for a meal:o)
Hope ya'll have a great wk.
L,H,B, Lib

the voice of melody said...

So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! All of the food looks delicious. I have to say, I love cheesecakes and Jessica's looks especially decadent. :)

PEA said...

I've been waiting for you to send me some leftovers!!! hehe Oh, Diane, look at all that delicious looking food you all shared on Thanksgiving Day...wonderful! I so enjoyed looking at the pictures. You truly are blessed to have most of your family near you so that you can all get together. I only have my mom near me, the rest are all scattered all over the place.

I know what you mean about Dec. 1st catching you by did the same to me this morning! lol The days have been going by much too fast. I must make my list of what cookies/squares I want to make for Christmas so that I can go buy the ingredients and start baking!!! xoxo

Betty said...

Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, Diane. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of you and your family and all the wonderful food you all had that day to enjoy.

Mim said...

Just checking in to say HI and wondering how your health is these days?
I think today you went groc. shopping so you are probably worn out.
That pumpkin pie in a large 9x13 pan looks like a great idea! and looks yummy. I would like some right about now.

Cecil said...

Chicken and rice, huh? No ones going to believe you anymore! he he he!! Love, Cecil

Rachel said...

Hi Diane! I'm here late as usual. You know what they say, Better late than never! :)

We got snow flurries last night. It was so pretty falling, but it's all gone now.

Wonderful pictures from your Thanksgiving! Looks like no one went hungry and if they did it was their own fault!!

Hugs to you!!!

thislittlepiggy said...

Got any left overs? Snort.

Miss G said...

Hey there Sister friend!
HHHHmmmm I am sure I left a comment here a few days ago when you posted this post ,HHHHmmmm????!?!?!?! gosh ! I must be losing my everlovin mind , LOL
I wanted to say what wonderful pictures , I uh borrowed (LOL) a few and showed them all around to everyone hereat the house , everyone wanted to see YOU Emmy Jessica and all the family ! I keep them all updated :-) and of course peeking in to see whats to eat LOL that is a biggie !
Emmy is very photogenic isnt she , the little mite!
I hope you all are well and sending cyber sugar for emmy hope she can have it and I sucked up all the sugar you sent since you had so much left over from your full day with Emmy on Thanksgiving! (Thank you)I miss you my friend , hope to connect for a chat soon , I know times are busier than a "ONE ARMED PAPER HANGER" LOL but we will catch up !
Love you
take care ,Oh if you get the chance fill me in a little on Jessica ,is she OK?she was feeling off the other day ???

Love you
Miss G xo

Pearl said...

As always your food sounds yummy.
Thanks for sharing your photos with us. Looks like a fun time was had by all.
Take good care of yourself.


Dawn said...

It seems as if Jess and Jason are being tested for some reason, doesn't it??

Dick said...

For our Sunday dinner we went to the Outback Steakhouse which I like but Pat isn't too fond of. But they had a good special on their Outback Sirloin Steak for $10 for the month of Nov. Since Sunday was Nov. 30th, it was then or miss it. I didn't miss it and also got as much of a Bloomin' Onion as I wanted.

Gigi said...

Looks and sounds like a wonderful feast was had by all!

Muhd Imran said...

You should give readers a warning before reading this sort of entries.

I happen to read this post with dinner still in 3 hours away... pictures of your food have made me hungry NOW!

That pumpkin pie, oh that sweat, delicious looking pie. Cruel, I tell you. Cruel!

What a super-wonderful meal you all must have had! That pie!

Fortunately we're going out for dinner tonight. I can order whatever sweet thing there is on the menu to stop this craving.

RennyBA said...

What lovely family pics and delicious food - my mouth is watering!

Happy Weekend!

Love and hugs :-)