Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sunday Dinner, September 28, 2008

My Sunday Dinner will be a little different this week because I won't be cooking for just my family, but for my church family as well.

This Sunday is Homecoming for my church, so all the ladies and several of the men will be cooking for our noon dinner. Everything from soup to nuts will be served, quite literally.

My contribution to our dinner will be homemade chicken and dressing, another blueberry crisp, and a jar of my pickled jalapeno peppers. I also have a couple of 2 liter sodas to take along.

Feel free to share your menu/plans in the comments.I went to my diabetic counselor/dietitian on Friday, and as I thought she might do, she started me on metformin, 500 mg once a day. Over the next several weeks she'll increase my dosage until I reach a point where I can't tolerate the dosage any longer. She wants me on the highest dosage of the medication that I can tolerate without too many side effects.

What's the worst side effect, you ask?

Well, without getting too graphic here, lets just say it involves some gastric disturbance and leave it at that, shall we?

I started the medication Friday and she wants me on 500 mg a day for about a month. If all goes well she'll increase it to 500 mg twice a day, and so on until I reach a point where I'm on the highest dosage I can tolerate.

Right now I've been feeling kind of "eh". Not terribly bad, but not too good either. Hopefully the meds will kick in and I'll start feeling better soon.I've been working on some crocheted afghans this week. I've finally finished a full bed-sized afghan and now I'm working on a couple of baby afghans. I buy all my yarn at Wal*mart and they recently remodeled the Jonesboro, Arkansas store where I do most of my shopping.

In the shake-up and remodel they also did away with their fabric department and most of their yarn, so I'm hoping I have enough yarn to finish both afghans since I don't know if I can get more matching yarn if I need it. I'll be a very unhappy camper if I run out of one of my yarns right before I finish the afghan and realize Wal*mart no longer has the yarn I need.I boiled a whole chicken tonight so I'd have chicken broth for my chicken and dressing. We ate some of the chicken for supper and I also made a big pot of okra and tomatoes and a pot of rice.

I cut up 3 jalapeno peppers to add to the okra and tomatoes. I didn't bother with rubber gloves because it was only 3 peppers, right?

You know how on cooking shows they always warn you about using rubber gloves when you handle hot peppers? There's a really good reason for that, and I should know better, but I thought since it was only 3 peppers I'd be okay. I'd wash my hands really well in hot soapy water several times and everything would be fine. Right?


I reached up a little while ago to rub the corner of my eye, and let me tell you, I remembered right quick why you should wear rubber gloves when chopping up hot peppers! Even after the rigorous hand washing there was still enough of the hot pepper residue on my hands to set me on fire!

My eye burned for a good 15 minutes and I haven't forgotten and rubbed my eye again, let me tell you! Learn from my mistakes, and I hope I learned my lesson again as well.My sister CECIL'S hubby, Brian, had the opportunity to attend a show recently that comedienne Lily Tomlin starred in. I'm not sure about all the details regarding the show, but I got the impression that it was a charity benefit.

Brian sent me several pictures of Lily during her show, and of him with her and some other ladies after the show, and I thought I'd share them with you here.

Quoting from the email Brian sent me:

"This was from my night with Lily. I had a fantastic time and actually ran around with her the whole night. I also sat with her when we had dinner. I have no idea who some of the ladies in the one pic with us are. They were the founders of the Claudia Foundation.

Lily loved my accent LOL. I can only imagine how she would have been had you been there... I told her a lot about you and how we usually attracted the craziness wherever we went.

She was probably one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I have several pictures and an autgraphed book she gave me as well as a autographed copy of "9 to 5" and "Big business". She wrote me a really nice little letter as well."
Wouldn't you know Brian would be looking away in both photos? Oh well, when somebody else is doing you the favor of taking pictures for you, you shouldn't complain too much, I suppose.I've already washed, dried and put away 3 loads of laundry and I have a load drying now.

I also still need to actually make my dressing and put it in the fridge for the night, and I still have to make my blueberry crisp, so I need to get this published and get busy since it's nearly 9:30 pm.

Y'all have a great Sunday. May God richly bless you by meeting all your needs, and may you have enough to share.


Susie said...

You've been busy cooking and it all sounds just delish. I know you'll enjoy getting together with church family to share all that good food.
I'm not sure what we're having. It's super hot here again, so I imagine we'll grill something.
Hope you tolerate that new medicine well and that you're feeling much better real soon.
love and hugs!

Mary said...

Your Sunday church dinner sounds delicious. Don't forget to take your camera along.

I can't imagine how your eye burned when you touched it. *ouch!*
I could feel that.

Diane, be careful with the Metformin. Some people can take it okay and others it makes very sick. My brother was so ill he almost had to be hospitalized. Me...well, it was okay at first but then I started to have those disturbances you talked about and they were REALLY BAD. I tried 3 times to take it and everytime the same thing. Use caution. I'm hoping your one of the people who can tolerate it. I now take Avandia and it is very effective.

Take care and thanks for dropping by for my Green Thumb Sunday. I always enjoy our visits.


zzop357 said...

Sounds like fun Sister.
My wheels are in the shop. My mouth is still kinda sore too.Thanks for the invite,
Love you Sister, Donna

Hootin' Anni said...

What a busy, busy woman this past week!! Whoa...can you slow down a bit, so I can catch up with ya?! Huh?

Lily Tomlin! She is a favorite of mine. I love that lady.

And peppers...I do the same thing, and invariably, I have an itch somewhere when working with them. And I refuse to wear rubber gloves when working with them anyway...the latex gets absorbed into the food and it is then consumed by everyone. And that's not good.

The chicken and dressing sounds scrumptious Diane. And I don't even have to mention the blueberry crisp...or do I? Okay, ya I I am now only typing with one hand and a gigantic fork is in the other,---waiting for it to come out of the oven, all warm and yummy!!! Let me at it!

Do, do feel better soon. Any med adjustments take time. I hope in no time you'll be okay with your dosage.

Oh and Walmart? Ya, one of ours has stopped the fabric section all together also. Now we have to drive clear yonder and back if I want something from the 'craft' part. That sucks. [I'd LOVE, LOVE to see your finished full bedspread afghan! as I do them also...well, afghans, but I've never done a full bedspread! That is admirable!!!!!!]

Have a great day.

Lib said...

Hi Diane,
You have been busy!
Your dinner sounds good, not sure what we're having yet.
Hope the med. works well for you!
Love the pic. What a show that would be .:o)
Have agreat day !
Hi to Jess and I'm praying for them.
L,H,B, Lib

kkryno said...

Hey, Diane;

First of all, love the new header!

I love church activities. The fellowship is fun and you get to try some great food. Bake sales are nice too.

I hope the Metformin is a good fit. Stay well and have a great Sunday.

Love, Vikki.

Kelli said...

Hey, Diane, how are you? It sounds like you are getting underway on your diabetes management and that's a great thing. I know that it can make you feel awfully bad and really sap your strength and energy, so I hope those drugs work for you.

And as for your yarn, if you will email me if you need some or what kind you need, I will be MORE THAN GLAD to get you what you need. We have 2 Wal-Marts in Conway, one huge one and one smaller one and they still have the fabric departments. I have Hobby Lobby, too, so that might help. Please let me help you out if I can, it would mean a lot to me!

Take care of yourself, it sounds like you're on your way to doing that. God bless you!
Wish I had some chicken and dressing....

Jess said...

Lunch was good...well the whole day was good!

Had a good time, probably see you tomorrow...

Love Jess

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

Have you ever read The BFG - whizz popping is music to giants :)

hope the meds help

have a nice week

Dawn said...

WE had a gourmet dinner at Wendy's today - with a bunch of people from church, so it was fun.

I cannot believe your Wal Mart is closing down the fabric and yarn dept - that is so wrong!! It's about the only place to buy fabric any more that is affordable.

I remember your Homecoming a year ago and it doesn't seem possible that it has been that long already. Do lots of people come back who have moved away? If we had a true homecoming, we couldn't fit all the people who have been in our church family and have moved on to be missionaries somewhere else!

I have done that with peppers too - not fun!!

Toia said...

I'm surprise you have enough time to blog...:)

My Sunday dinner today consists of
Homemade Mac-n-Cheese, Hoppin' John, Barbecue Ribs and for dessert....drumroll please.....peach cobbler. Yummy!

Well, I think I might have to spend an extra 15 minutes working out to my Walk Away The Pounds DVD...LOL!

Have a bless Sunday!!

Mountain Mama said...

Hi Diane. I pray the medication will adjust quickly for you and you will be feeling like a teenager again!
You have sure been busy with all the cooking and baking. My goodness that would wear me out.
I hope you'll show us some pictures of your afghans. I haven't made many but I do enjoy seeing what other make.
I've been crocheting baby blankets for a local pro-life organization. I just started the seventh last night. It's something to do in the evening when I watch TV and am too tired to do anything else. As I crochet I pray for the little one the blanket will keep warm and thank God it was not aborted.
You wrote about making blueberry cobler and it reminded me that I need to get out and pick come blackberries. They are hanging like grapes around here.
I hope your Church dinner was nice. It sounds like the food you made would be delicious!
Love you dear

fazzey said...

hope you chicken and dressing recipe is on your other blog :)

Mam said...

Howdy, dear girl! I've been away and am back now so I had to stop in and see how you were doing. With the combination of the power blackout and being away, I really am NOT caught up with things. Yum, chicken and dressing. We had it today too, but my husband cooked it. (He really is a good cook). Kentucky was beautiful.
I don't understand why you have to keep increasing the meds. Is that so they can take them away a little at a time til they know just what you need? Did they change your diet much? Hope the drugs kick in and make you feel really good very quickly.

Barb said...

Lily Tomlin doesn't look like she's aged a day, in twenty years. For heaven's sake...what is their secret!

I invented dinner tonight. I was craving a simple salad dinner but I knew Rob would want some "meat," so I invented a chicken Caesar salad. Simple Romaine greens, with fresh mushrooms, croutons and sliced black olives. And I toyed with what kind of dressing but when I was in the salad dressing aisle at Wal-mart this morning, I was so drawn to Paul Newman's dressings, I caved in and bought his Caesar dressing. We cooked the boneless, skinless chicken breasts on the grill, sliced them thin, laid them on top of the salad and and I tell you, it was delicious.

I just felt really drawn to Paul's dressing, I'm so sorry that he passed away this week.

It worries me that your Wal-Mart is doing away with it's fabric department. I heard last year this was going to happen. Boy, I hate to think if this happens here, I'll have to shop at the ridiculously overpriced fabric stores.

Good grief. This economy is making me nuts, between gas and food prices and now, possibly, overpriced fabric stores.

But in the meantime, if you need yarn, send me the brand and color codes and I'll help you out, until my two Wal-Mart superstores do away with their fabric and crafts department.


MightyMom said...

you keep on about this homecoming thing and I'm gonna crash it one of these years!!

Anonymous said...

dinner sounds yummy! wish we went to your church for dinner *grin*

Jo said...

They redid our wal mart too and I can't find anything any more. It takes me three times as long to get through that store now. They redid all of the stores I think as a way to get rid of all of the USA made products and replace them with 'Made in China' merchandise. I imagine that Sam has rolled over in his grave with all of the changes they have made to his company. They don't hire full time anymore. Only part time. Where Sam promoted USA products now you are hard pressed to be able to find anything that is made here. And time marches on....!!

Thank you for posting the Prayers for Baby Gracie button.

Have a wonderful week Diane.

Betty said...

Hi Diane,

I'm late visiting you, sorry. Chicken and dressing sounds good. I always think of dressing for holidays, but I love it any time of the year.

About your diabetes, I am glad you are starting to feel a little better from the meds. I just hope and pray that you won't have to go on shots for it.

Brian was lucky to have been able to go see and visit with Lily Tomlin. I always liked her, too. Good pictures.

Aunt Jenny said...

Oh Chicken and dressing sounds REAL good!! I bet the church supper was fun.
We had chicken taco salads for supper...with homemade bisquits..can't be TOO mexican..have to throw in a little down home, right?
Tonight will be tamales and green salad. I guess we eat alot of mexican food. I do like it myself.
I have done the same thing with hot peppers..ow!! I hope it feels better soon!!
I am off to do laundry too...I have a mountain of it today..didn't get a bit done on Saturday since I was feeling draggy and slow...and has taken over the laundry room. Guess I should just be thankful that I HAVE a laundry room...with a door tht closes!!!
have a great week~!~

Anonymous said...

Emmy is so cute!

Now I have to come to AK! *grin*

Bev said...

That's the dressing my grandmother made, and still the best I ever had. I'm wondering, if you get low on yarn, if you could post the numbers on the skeins and bloggers out there could check their Walmarts for you. Mine still carries fabric and yarn, and I'd be more than happy to mail you yarn if you see you'll run out, and I'm sure others would be too, because you're just the best! Hope your stomach settles down and you can tolerate the medication okay.

Bev said...

Diane, after I left the comment I saw my sister's comment - see, if we both would send yarn, others will also, so that you'll have all you need! xoox

PEA said...

Hello dear Diane:-)

I hope that it all went well at the Homecoming for your church...I don't think anyone was going to starve anyway! lol I can well imagine how delicious everything was.

I do hope you start feeling much better as the medication takes effect and that you can reach the perfect dosage without having too much of the...errrrrr....gastric disturbance! hehe

Oh dear, rubbing your eye after having cut peppers would hurt! OUCH! My sister in law didn't use gloves to cut peppers a couple of years ago and she learned her lesson the hard way as well!!

How exciting that Brian got to meet Lily Tomlin! I so loved her as Ernestine the operator and also Edith Ann! hehe xoxo

Cecil said...

Hey... Sunday was a good day.. the food was really good! Didn't know you tried to put your eye out 'til I read this!! That's a big sacrifice for food! lol.. Be careful... See ya tomorrow night at church... Love, Cecil

Gigi said...

Hope you get your Metformin dose nailed down soon with minimal side effects. "Gastric disturbances" are no fun, that's for sure!

They're re-doing our WalMart too and it's making me NUTS! Nothing is where it should be. UGH! And to add insult to injury, they did away with the self-checkout lanes. There went the only upside of going to WalMart for me :(

Jeanette said...

Hi Dear Diane,
Your Sunday church Lunch sounds very appertising,, Yummy
I hope your Medication doesnt upset the tummy to much ., My friend is on very high dosage also.Oh dear Rubbing your eyes after cutting up Peppers not a nice experience...
Take great care.

Nancy said...

Hi Diane!

I am playing a little catch-up while I am supposed to be working!

As always, your dinner sounded so good! The blueberry crisp would my choice! I love sweets!!!

What a thrill to for Brian to meet Lily Tomlin! I remember her as Ruth Buzzi on Laugh-In when she would hit the men with her pocketbook! LOL She used to make my children laugh....they absolutely loved her!!!

Hope you tolerate the new medication and can soon get back to feeling well again! It a;; takes time to get the correct dose figured out, and you will, in time.

I do think of you so often....I have just been so busy working all the time!!! Somedays, I want to just run away! LOL

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Diane...
Y'know I've been meaning to email you so you could send me the photos of your afghan bedspread and others, but just keep forgetting to do that.

I'll try and get an email sent to you as soon as I click publish this comment.

Ya, I love Halloween. Always have, always will. It's just fun for me to decorate the matter what occasion. LOL

Hope you've had a super week.

So look for my email in a bit. Happy day!!!

RennyBA said...

Lucky church family as I know everything home made from you is great - wish I was there :-)

Lilly looks great - what a performance!

Since you always ask: For Sunday dinner here in Norway: Swedish meat balls.

Wishing you and family a great end to your week!

Rachel said...

Diane, I hope you are feeling better now on the Metformin. Too bad it causes side effects! My husband took it for awhile but I didn't notice any side effects. He no longer takes anything for diabetes. It's seems to have gone away. His blood sugars have been normal for a long time now.

Shame on Walmart for getting rid of their fabric and yarn! We only have 2 stores here that you can buy fabric at and Walmart is one of them. I hope you have enough to finish your projects!!

I love that picture of Emmy on your sidebar that says "Grandmas's baby girl" under it!! She is so cute there!! It looks like she is saying "Could I possibly be anything but an angel?"

Dick said...

We ate out both lunch and dinner last Sunday as we were getting ready to head out with the RV on Monday morning & didn't want to create more dirty dishes.

That is interesting on Lilly Tomlin. Somehow you just get a feeling about most of these star type people and I've always felt good about her. It sounds like that feeling is well founded.

Angela (Gran) said...

Hi Diane....I just stopped by to check on you...I hope that your health issues are improving daily. I've missed everyone and hope to be back on a regular basis real soon.

May your days be filled with lots of love, family, friends and many blessings!

Mim said...

hope as each day goes by you are feeling better on your meds.
Thinking of you.