Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sunday Dinner, September 14, 2008 & Other Stuff

This has been a long busy week, but it's now time to make my Sunday Dinner decisions, and this week I've already got my game plan in order and in progress as I type this.

I have a huge beef roast thawing in the microwave to start roasting later. I'll use my recipe for DIANE'S BEEF ROAST, POTATOES & GRAVY of course, which you can find by clicking HERE. That link will take you to MY RECIPE BLOG.

I'll cook the roast until almost fork tender, then take it out to cool before refrigerating it overnight. I do not like reheated potatoes, so I'll peel, quarter and add the potatoes after I get home from church tomorrow afternoon.

A good friend and neighbor just gave us some new crop sweet potatoes from their garden and for a change, I think I'll peel a couple of sweet potatoes to add in with my russets. If we don't like them I won't do it again, but I think they'll make a nice change and add some color and flavor to the meal. Can't be much different from carrots, right? And I don't have any carrots right now.

Also, Emmy loves sweet potatoes so I know I'll have at least one satisfied diner, assuming she and her Mama and Daddy are here for Sunday Dinner.

When the roast and potatoes are done I'll make my gravy. I may make a pan of MY MAMA'S HOMEMADE BUTTERMILK BISCUITS, which you can also find HERE on MY RECIPE BLOG. I just posted that recipe this afternoon so it's a new one.

I'm also going to make another APPLE CRISP which can be found HERE on MY RECIPE BLOG. I made the apple crisp last Saturday and it was GREAT! I highly recommend this recipe.

My menu: Beef roast, roast russet and sweet potatoes, gravy, possibly homemade buttermilk biscuits and apple crisp for dessert.

Now, what are your plans for Sunday Dinner? If you're cooking, share your menu in the comments. If you're eating out or going to Grandma's, feel free to share your plans/menu as well.After posting my menu last week and getting everything ready to cook, we ended up going out to eat Mexican food at a local Tex/Mex chain called Ta*Molly's. It's my favorite Mexican place in Jonesboro and it was really good.

As I said earlier, I did make the apple crisp and it really was good, but I felt like such a fraud after posting my menu then ending up changing plans and eating out. The meatloaf and green beans that I didn't serve are in the freezer for another meal later on, probably another Sunday Dinner somewhere down the road.

I think my dislike of most leftovers and reheated food is probably well documented here on the blog, but tonight I'm breaking my own rule. I made some soup Wednesday night that was delicious! So much so that I'm going to reheat it again for our supper tonight.

I know! I'm such a rebel. I live on the edge, don't you think? And I feel so devil-may-care-ish!

But the real issue here is that I'm already going to be cooking a pot roast so I don't really want to be cooking 2 meals tonight.

Also, did I mention that the soup, it was really good?

I started out with some pinto beans, added some leftover white beans (Great Northern beans to the uninitiated) some chopped onion, red and green bell peppers, sliced okra, cabbage, some cubed sweet potato, and finally, some sliced polska kielbasa sausage.

I based my soup very loosely on THIS RECIPE FOR PORTUGUESE BEAN SOUP, but I added several more things as you can see. I'll definitely make this soup again. Assuming I can remember what I put in it, that is.Now, news regarding my diabetes.

I've officially been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes after my last 3 hour fasting glucose test.

This past Monday, September 8th I got the call from my drs. office that my test came back with elevated blood sugar levels and that my insurance had been informed of my diagnosis. My doctor's nurse told me that a prescription for a glucose meter, test strips and lancets had been faxed to my pharmacy, which is Wal*mart pharmacy in Jonesboro.

My instructions were to test my blood sugar 2 hours after dinner and supper every day for 2 weeks, then I have an appointment with my dietician/diabetic counselor on September 26th, when she will assess my blood sugar levels and prescribe medication. Whether I'm on oral meds and/or insulin will depend on my diabetes counselor's assessment after the next 2 weeks.

By the time I got the phone call it was late in the afternoon and we'd already had a full day, which is a post I'll write for next week, complete with photos. But on Tuesday Jessica took me to Wal*mart and I went to the pharmacy to get my prescriptions.

When I arrived at the pharmacy, they informed me that they didn't accept my insurance for diabetes supplies at their pharmacy. I asked about other pharmacies in the city that DID accept my insurance for diabetes supplies and was told very few did, to their knowledge. They faxed my prescription to another pharmacy and Jessica took me over there, but that pharmacy wouldn't fill my prescriptions because I'm not a regular customer.

Have you ever heard of such a mess?

I ended up going to Wal*green's Wednesday morning on the senior citizen's van to get my prescriptions.

But wait - the pharmacy fiasco isn't over yet!

After I got to Wal*green's, they informed me that they had only received a prescription for the glucose meter, no scrips for the test strips or lancets. The meter kit had 10 test strips and lancets included with it, but that would only last 5 days, testing twice a day.

It's just a teensy bit difficult to test your blood sugar without test strips and lancets. As my sister asked, did my doctor expect me to hack into my finger with a butcher knife or what???

I called my dr's office and talked to the receptionist who said she would leave an urgent message for my nurse but not to expect too much.

She was right.

I waited at Wal*green's for the dr's office to call back, but after an hour I had to leave without the test strips and lancets.

Thirty minutes after I arrived back home on the senior citizen's van (naturally!) my nurse called back and apologized for not faxing the prescriptions for the test strips and lancets along with the scrip for the meter. She said that Wal*green's pharmacy had the correct scrips and I could pick them up anytime.

Only problem was, I had no way to pick them up.

Jessica took me to get them on Friday and lo and behold, I finally got my strips and lancets!

Now I test my blood sugar twice a day and try to watch my carbs. In a couple of weeks I should know what meds I'll start with, knowing that they'll have to be adjusted and possibly changed as we search to see what works for me.Uppermost in our minds for most of us in the South and Midwest is Hurricane Ike. I'm very concerned about some of my blogging buddies who live in Houston, Corpus Christie and in other areas in the path of the storm.

Here in Arkansas we're under a high wind advisory and a tornado watch. There have already been several tornado warnings in central Arkansas around Hot Springs and Little Rock just in the last hour and the warnings are getting closer all the time. The torrential rains are already affecting some Arkansas cities and it's starting to rain here as I type this at 7 pm local time.

I hope and pray that all my friends are safe from the storm, and that all of us will continue to be safe as the remnants from Hurricane Ike head inland. My heart goes out to all those who have lost homes and possessions in the storm, have evacuated to shelters and motels with no idea of when they may be able to return to assess the damages, and especially to the families of those who have lost their lives. The death toll will surely rise as the days go on.I still need to make an apple crisp, so I'll wind this up and get it posted.

May God richly bless you all, and may you have enough to share is my prayer for all my dear friends and family, and for any who may be visiting for the first time. I hope it's not your last visit here to my homey little corner of the world wide web.


kkryno said...

Hi, Diane. I'm so sorry that you had to endure that ridiculous turn of events concerning phramacies and insurance. They're counting on us to get so frustrated so that we will give up and pay out of pocket for stuff that is covered by the coverage we already pay for. I feel this criminal. I hope your row to hoe in this instance gets easier, because it truly is a matter of life and death. That's what those guys don't care about: just their bottom line.

On another, happier subject: can I come over for Sunday dinner?! I love pot roast! ;)
Trust me; they'll love sweet potatoes. Just tell them to mash them with their fork, smear a little butter on them, salt and pepper and eat 'em up! I was surprised by these little gems when I was cooking for K.'s Mom.
She is diabetic also and yams have way less effect on blood sugar, so enjoy!
Have a great week-end!
Love, Vikki

Mountain Mama said...

My Gosh, what a run around!!! Thank goodness you finally got it all settled. I hate it when they do that to me. Just want to go and crack some heads toether!

I usually don't have a dinner plan but I am learning to use my George Foreman Grill I got at a yard sale and OH BOY, do I love the food!!
I am planning to grill a little steak and some mushrooms. Also I'll grill potatoes from the garden and boil some fresh green beans and bacon. Doesn't that sound yummy?

Aunt Jenny said...

How Funny!!! I got a pot roast out of the freezer to make for sunday dinner tomorrow too! A big honkin one so I will have leftovers. Roast beef sandwiches are a big hit here...and I want to make burritos with some of the beef for one night I think. Mine will go in the crock pot first thing in the morning with dry onion soup mix powder and potatoes and carrots and celery. I will make bisquits (and of course a big pan of gravy) when I get home from church. I think I will make a peach cobbler for dessert..we will see how sugared up the kids still are from the coffee cake I am making tonight.
What a mess you had to deal with just to get your diabetic supplies!! I hate insurance and pharmacy stuff...I never can figure it out. I am sure glad you got the diagosis so you can get things under control though!!
Well...I am off to bake that cake..I think it should have risen enough by now....I will have to let you know how it comes out!
Have a nice day tomorrow!!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

praying for you
what a muck around
hope you start feeling better soon


Lesa said...

Oh my - what an ordeal to go through at the pharmacy just to get what you need! I'm glad you finally got it all worked out! I was ready to send you my extra meter and supplies. I have one I carry in my purse for work and one at home. So far I have been able to get my meters free. I just have to pay an arm and a leg for the strips that go with them!

I'm hoping that we go out to eat tomorrow after church with my sister and her family. I haven't seen Winnie all week and I'm having sweet baby withdrawal!

The wind has blowing hard here all day. We have already had several limbs fall out of the trees in our yard. There are also severe weather alerts here until tomorrow night. It is so dry here and we need rain really bad! I just hope there are no fires with the wind blowing like it is now. My husband is a volunteer firefighter and I dread this time of year!

Take care and I hope you enjoy a restful Sunday with of your loved ones!

Mam said...

Visiting you as usual on a Saturday night. Praying for your safety - you and all your family there. Been thinking about you today, as I know Ike will spawn some nasty tornadoes. We could get them here in Ohio too, but rather later than you do. We'll see. God is good! His mercy is everlasting.
I've so much enjoyed getting to know your daughter a little bit. What a very special person she is. So spiritually mature for such a young woman.
God bless you.

Yellow Mama said...

Quite a lot of effort at the pharmacies! Your menu looks yummy. My fridge went out and the new one will be delivered tomorrow afternoon, so dinner will be take out of some kind...but family will be here and that is great!

Rachel said...

Once again....if I leave now and drive all night I might get there in time for Sunday dinner!! Good thing I didn't come last week or you all would have been at the restaurant. Now how disappointed I would have been!! hehe Well maybe someday I can actually make it! That would be great fun for me!

I'm sorry that you have diabetes and also for the crazy way things went with the pharmacy. What a royal pain. I'm glad you finally got all the things you need. It won't be fun sticking your finger so much though.

I hope you don't get bad storms from what's leftover of IKE. We may get some rain tomorrow and it's needed again. Take care and have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs!!

Nancy said...

I'm glad you finally got your testing supplies! What a hassle, huh? I hope you get your diabetes under control soon. I have to buy all that stuff for my 2 diabetic cats. I use the insulin needles to draw their blood, so no need for lancets for them. Wal-Mart's Reli-On needles are cheap but good! Those testing strips are expensive, though!!!

I don't know if I'm cooking tomorrow or not yet. My daughter arrived home safely last night from Montreal. She was there on business all week, so I am not sure if she is coming to eat Sunday or not. If she does, I am going to make spaghetti and meatballs! We haven't had spaghetti all summer.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Mim said...

What an insurance mess for you.
Thank goodness for Jess who took you back. Hope it all gets worked out for the future too.
Your meal, as always sounds delicious.
And fresh. We prefer sweet potatoes to white, so I know it will be enjoyable today for your sun meal.

Jo said...

Thought I'd pop in and see what's cooking at your house. Ohhh my but that pot roast sounds yummy. You be sure and tell miss Emmy to save some of those sweet potatoes for me.

Don't you just love how easy it is to get what you need to take care of what ails you? Is your insurance covering the total cost of your testing items? If not and it is pretty costly for you let me know and I will hook you up with the place where I get my testing items.... I don't pay anything for them. One of my meds I get from Wal-mart because it is on their cheap list. The last time I ordered it through the mail from our Insurance Pill pushers, they charged me $20 for my 3 month supply. Three months through Wal-mart would cost me $3.45. Yesterday I got a letter from the Insurance Co. that I have to order that medicine from them because it is a maintenance medicine. I am going to have to check into this and see if they can cancel my insurance if I continue to buy from Wal-mart. If not then I will keep on the way I am going.... A fool would pay $17 more for a medicine.

Sister said...

Hi Diane,

I wish I could be there for Sunday dinner!

I'm glad to know that you got your prescription, even though it was a hassle.

Take care, eat right!


Jo said...

Hello again Sunshine.

I have tagged you with a meme called "Current Addictions"

Hugs kiddo :o)

Betty said...

Hi Diane,

I look forward every week to dropping by your place to see what you are having for dinner. You have got to be one of the best cooks in Ark.

I am so sorry that you are a diabetic for sure, and I pray that you will not have to end up giving yourself shots every day. Ed takes 3 shots a day, poor thing.

I hope you stay safe from the effects of Ike. We didn't start getting high winds and rain until this morning. As we were leaving church the wind had blown down one of our trees.

Hope you had lots of family over for dinner today so you won't have leftovers since you don't like them very much.

Lib said...

Hi Diane,
So sorry to hear about what a wk. you had at the drug store! Glad you go tit worked out!
Your dinner sounds so yummy!We had ham, tater salad, gr.beans, slice toms. &onion cornbread,and bis. we like slice toms. on our bis.
I'm waiting to hear from aFamily member and Friend in Houston. I pray everyone is safe! Where ever they live!
I'm with Miz. Emmy on sweet taters I like them baked with br. sugar and butter.
Have a Great wk. My Friend!
Your Jess is a sweetheart and such a Blessing! Just like her Mama!;o)

Anonymous said...

Getting what you need just isn't that easy anymore, is it?

Dinner sounds yummy! I'm trying to figure out supper here now for Sunday night - I think some pork on the grill, maybe a salad, green beans for the kiddos and some fresh made bread. And there should be enough pork leftover for supper Monday night with some canned veggies.

Gigi said...

Wow - what a bunch of craziness that was, huh? Sorry you had to endure so much just to get your diabetic supplies, but thankfully you have them now and can put them to use! When my Sweet Hubby was diagnosed with Type II several years ago, I bought the South Beach Diet books and adapted our way of eating as it follows a low glycemic index principal. My Sweet Hubby was off of all diabetic medication within 3 months, had lost 80 lbs within 6-7 months and his lab work was stellar. Plus he felt so much better...and his doctor was ecstatic!

Jess said...

Sorry I didn't come on over today...I got sick again after I got home like 3 different times...and i still dont feel you know all about that. Hope lunch was sounds delicious.

Love you and see you tomorrow i guess.

RennyBA said...

Your right: I've been very busy - including travelling - lately, please don't feel neglected.

I just love to visit and read your update though, so thanks for sharing with us.

Your Beef Roast looks, sounds and is just marvellous - send some leftovers please!

We seen the tragic about Ike in Norwegian TV too - we are so sorry for those who are effected!

Btw: You always ask what was for dinner at your blog friends. By us it was our typical fall dish served: Lamb in cabbage :-)

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
Although I'd never wish diabetes on anyone, I'm so glad you have a diagnosis and the testing supplies to monitor your blood sugar. I also pray you'll begin feeling better once they prescribe your medication.
Your Sunday dinner sounds good. We just got home this afternoon, so I think we'll have sandwiches and salad.
Have a great week..
love and ((hugs))

Barb said...

Every time I read a post like this, I lose a little more faith in the health care industry Diane.

How ridiculous that they wouldn't fill your prescriptions because you're not a "regular" customer. A prescription is a prescription, for pete's sake. And hey! If they filled them for you, you might become a "regular" customer.

I'm glad you got it all worked out and I'm also glad you mentioned that you watch your carbs. Because I deal with juvenile diabetes constantly, with my little Cameron, I learned quickly that it isn't the sugar that's the problem - it's those sneaky carbs.

Your Sunday dinner sounds a LOT better than my Hamburger Helper, but it's four days til payday. LOL

Love you my friend,

Dawn said...

Sounds like a yummy dinner - we ended up going to get Runzas after church with the kiddoes, then took one home to Kristen, who stayed home today needing some rest really badly!

I am sorry about the prescription fiasco - I hope they get meds straightened out for you soon and it doesn't take such an effort to get it each time.

MightyMom said...

oh my, we need to chat about that pharmacy stuff.... will email you later this week when I geet a day off.

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my gosh Diane....this fiasco, yes fiasco! with the Rx and getting all this for your blood sugar testing was horrendous! My gosh, what do these people expect of us?!! I remember one time I went in to refill my prescription drugs for my heart/and another for my blood pressure, and the Insurance wouldn't cover it...only because it was too early in the month [we were heading out for a trip the day I should have come in to have them refilled...but, ummmmm, we would be on the road, traveling!]...If I wanted to get them before I left for the trip, I would have had to pay full price. No way! So, in the middle of our travel time, I stopped in at a local drug store on the road, and it took HOURS to get it filled what with all the 'paper work' [computer sh*t] they had to go through and I proving that we HAD the insurance when indeed it was right there in front of their faces that we were a member! I was so put out, I know my BP was sky high...and I told 'em just what I thought. Of course it did no good to moan and groan...but it still irked me to no end. a pain.

Okay, enough griping from me...the apple crisp. I want some!!! Warm with ice cream please.


And thanks for stopping by and your sincere concern over Hurricane Ike. All we got in Corpus was flooding along the coast and high surge on the water...the community lost one life...a young boy of 19 who got too close to a high wave and was washed into the water. As of this morning they have yet to recover any sign of his body. But Houston, where our son lives, so many parts of the city are still without power. I'm just glad to have him on vacation. But we don't know what his home is like yet until he gets back to the states.

Have a super week. Hope your testing will show that your meds are working!!!

kansasrose said...

Hi hon,

Oh that pharmecy/meds stuff is such a pain! One hand never knows what the other is gonna do, right? So sorry you had to deal with all that...hope it all levels out now.

I do pray the meds and care will help you feel alot better hon. You are on the right track now, praise God. That diabetes is nothin' to shake a stick at. My mom is doing great on her plan and meds, she still gets a little out of whack on her diet. It can be so you know I'll be praying for you dear friend. Your pot roast and all the trimmins sounds delicious. I've been cravin' good homecooked beef and potato type foods lately, comfort foods. That hurricane sure left a mess down in Texas, those sweet souls haveso much to clean up and deal with. I pray the death toll isn't too high. Hope you all didn't get floods and twisters. nasty stuff. Take care hon, Loveya, Jen

PEA said...

Your dinners always sound so delicious!! I love roast beef, especially if cooked in gravy with potatoes and veggies...yummmm!! I had an omelet last night for's that for an exciting Sunday dinner? lol

Don't you just love pharmacies?! NOT! My mom has had the same problems with the WalMart pharmacy not wanting to give her certain prescriptions and phone calls to the doctor always ensues. I'm glad you were able to finally get them!!

I've been watching CNN the last few days to find out what damage Ike has occurred, making sure my blogging friends from those areas are ok. It's got to be so stressful having one hurricane after another!!!

Take care of YOU!! xoxo

Dick said...

We ate dinner at home yesterday but went out to a Mexican place for lunch with my oldest son & his family. Dinner was Italian.

Try to make sure that you get to take the full series of diabetes classes. When Ann took them there were 10 or 12 and they wanted me to go along also. You will learn a LOT about the problem and it's solutions.

Whenever I look at damage caused by hurricanes and tornadoes I am so glad that we do not have them here in the northwest. We complain a bit about too much rain and overcast days but that is pretty minor compared to what a lot of the country faces on a regular basis.

It's All Good! said...

Hi Diane...I'm back! Missed ya!
I'm sorry that you have to deal with Diabetes, but glad that at least you know for sure and can take it from there and begin feeling better. What a mess with your prescriptions, why stuff like that has to be so difficult, I'll never know!
Have a wonderful week. And my tomatoes were better than yummy!
God bless,
Brenda :)

Hootin' Anni said...

I'm back this morning for a request...a prayer request. You can find details on my Tuesday blog. Thanks and have a happy day today my friend.

BigDadGib said...

I made an pie once when I was in highschool. It was from a clipping I got from the newspaper. There was a typo in the clipping and what should have been 2/3 cups of shortning read like this... "2-3 cups"... oh boy. I put 2 1/2 cups of shortning in the crust and when I baked it, it bubbled out all over the oven, caught fire and filled the house full of smoke. My mom told the fireman that I would not be baking again anytime soon...LOL

Love your post, Gib

Anonymous said...

Sorry you joined the 'club.'

Sammy said...

Hi Diane,

I'm so sorry you had to go through all that to get your medical supplies! It's outrageous and unethical that they put people through things like that! But I'm glad you've gotten it all sorted out and I really hope nothing like that happens again.

But most of all, I hope this is the start of you feeling better. I'm sure it's been really hard to feel bad for so long. I'm praying for you and your good health.

Take care, Diane. And do keep us posted! We care about you!