Friday, September 5, 2008

Are You Ready To Ramble Some More?

Let's recap my week, shall we? I know it's difficult for you to contain your excitement, but try, please.

Of course I went to church Sunday morning and Sunday night. As I mentioned in my last post, instead of me cooking, my Sunday Dinner was cooked for me for a change. My sisters Ducky and Cecil and Lamar and I went to our local mall and ate at Shorty*Small's, a sort of high end diner.

If you haven't been reading my blog long enough to pick up on some of my quirks, I have a real thing about my food running together and mixing or even touching on my plate. I often use several plates/bowls/etc. for my food so that I can keep everything separated.

I ordered a small steak with fried catfish strips on the side. It came with fries and a salad. What I didn't realize was that the fries were heaped with cheese sauce, bacon bits and chopped green onion.


Now I realize that some people love that kind of thing, but no way would I ever eat that! Fortunately, Ducky got regular fries with her sandwich and she swapped her plain fries for my loaded fries, bless her heart.

Sisters really do come in handy at times.

The food was good other than the French fry crisis.Monday was Labor Day and Lamar and I spent the day with Jessica, Jason, Emmy and my sisters Susie and Cecil. We all met at a local steak house for dinner, or lunch to you city slickers. I got the food bar/buffet instead of a steak and it was plenty for me. Pretty good too.

From there we went to the mall and while the rest of the gang shopped and walked I did my usual: Got a cup of coffee at Star*bucks and a book and spent the entire time in Barnes&Noble, reading and drinking my coffee.

After we left the mall we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening at Jason's and Jessica's and she cooked supper for everyone. I was still full from lunch and didn't eat a thing, but everyone else said it was really good.Tuesday was my monthly shopping day. Jessica and Emmy picked me and Lamar up that morning around 9 am, but my favorite catfish place doesn't start serving until 11 am so we had some time to kill. We decided to take a little ride to Walcott just so we could watch Emmy's reaction to the curvy, hilly road.

She did not disappoint. The road between Jonesboro and Walcott is one of our favorite drives and is notorious for having the kind of hills that tickle your tummy. Emmy loved it, and I think we got as big a kick out of watching her reactions as she did from the ride.

By the time we got back into Jonesboro and stopped to get gas in the car it was time to go eat. The catfish was great, as usual, and Emmy ate like a lumberjack. She loves catfish and all the trimmings and she ain't prissy about it.

After lunch, on to Walmart to do my monthly shopping. I had to buy toilet tissue, soap, my regular prescriptions, food for us and cat food and litter, etc. You know, all that frivolous, luxurious stuff.

After shopping, back home to unload and put everything away, then Cecil and Sue dropped by to visit for a few hours before they headed back to their homes in Trumann.Wednesday I did some things here around the apartment, made TEXAS HASH and stir fried some garden green beans for supper then went to Wednesday night prayer meeting at my church in Trumann.

I also cooked some more of the fresh green beans and put them in the fridge. I'm planning on having them for Sunday Dinner this week, although right now I don't have the faintest idea what else I'm serving along with the green beans.Thursday was pretty much a carbon copy of Wednesday except that I didn't go to church. And I watched Emmy for Jessica for several hours while she ran some errands in Trumann. So I guess really it wasn't a carbon copy, huh?

But I did get some things done. I cleaned off my desk and did some sorting, tossing, cleaning and decluttering. Now I just need to get myself motivated and do a lot more in here and in the rest of the apartment.Which brings us to Friday. I finally went in to my drs. office and did the 3 hour fasting glucose test my dr. ordered. My blood sugar levels were above normal, with the highest being 178 if my memory serves me correctly. The lab technician said that will probably be enough for my insurance to accept my doctor's diagnosis of diabetes, especially with the other tests I've already had done. I go to my doctor for the followup for the test next Friday morning.

After I got done with my testing, Lamar, Jessica, Emmy and I went to a local Chinese restaurant and ate from their lunch buffet. By the time I got my food my sugar was crashing. I had the jitters and I felt a lot better after I got some food in me.

When we finished eating we went to Wal*mart so I could do a little more food shopping. Every time I shop I'm amazed at how much prices are rising. And I was disgusted when I picked up my favorite brand of ground coffee and realized they had left the price the same but reduced the amount of product and the size of the container. Although technically they didn't actually raise the price, by reducing the amount of product they effectively gave themselves a price increase.

I buy Folger's*Columbian ground coffee in the large plastic canister. It started out as a 3 lb. can and over the years they keep whittling down the amount in the container. Check it out next time you buy groceries. It's not just the Columbian variety, it's all their coffee selections.

Jessica brought me and Lamar home and unloaded my groceries along with Emmy. I watched Emmy Friday evening so Jessica and Jason could have an evening to themselves. I fed Emmy some of Wednesday night's leftover TEXAS HASH (Emmy LOVES Texas hash!) for her supper, gave her a bath in the kitchen sink and by 8:30 she was already asleep. She was about wiped out, and I am too.

Emmy's Mama and Daddy picked her up about 9:45 pm and Jessica said they had a really good time. They drove to Memphis to eat at Olive*Garden. Well, really it's Southaven, Mississippi, but it's a suburb of Memphis and other than the highway signs you don't even notice when you cross from Memphis, Tennessee into Southaven, Miss. I should mention that the remnants of Hurricane Gustave arrived here on Monday. The rains started on Monday night and it's been gloomy, rainy, windy, gusty and blustery all week. We were very blessed that we didn't get any of the very heavy rains here, only about 3 inches total over the whole week, and it came pretty steadily with no flooding.

It's been blessedly cool this week, almost Fall like. I really think the torrid heat of Summer is behind us now and I can't wait until Fall is truly here. I love the crisp mornings and evenings, and the softer warmth of Fall afternoons.Friday has been a full day. Diane is TARD tonight and my bed is calling me.

Lord willing, I'll be back Saturday evening with my Sunday Dinner post.

In the meantime, y'all have a blessed Saturday.


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

have a nice weekend my friend

thislittlepiggy said...

LOVE the comment about Emmy and catfish. Sweetums isn't prissy about her food either! LOL

Sending lots of hugs! :o)

Lib said...

HI Diane,
Hope you are rested up from being so TARD!
Love the Emmy updates! I am so Proud of Jess, You did a wonderful job raising her!:o)
You sure had a busy wk.
I too am trying to do declutter in amajor way. Less is BEst at this season in life.
Hope you have a great Wk.end.

Mary said...


It sure sounds like you had a full week and I'm sure that you are not only tired, but exhausted.

I have noticed not only coffee, but other products being diminished in size while the price remains the same. Makes me darn mad! Do they think consumers are dumb? LOL Maybe they're trying to pass it off as the price remaining the same and don't think we'll notice that we are getting far less. This started in Canada when we went metric. I rue the day. Good old pounds and gallons worked much better, as did quarts and pints.

Take care, my friend. Enjoyed catching up on your week.


Sammy said...

Hi Diane!

I'm so glad the French Fry Crisis early in your week worked out! That could have been close! :-)
Although, I'd definitely have eaten them for you, had I been there!

Sounds like you had a really busy week! I loved your last comment on my blog. Made me laugh out loud!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Linda said...

You've had a full week Diane.
I'm glad you'll be able to get things going with your insurance. I just know you'll feel much better when you get your sugar under control.
Get a good rest and have a blessed weekend!

kkryno said...

I'm so glad you finally got your diagnosis confirmed. Amazing how the insurance companies know more about a person's situation than their own doctor. Now you'll be thrilled how much better you'll feel. Thank goodness! I had a surprise root canal on Friday, so I'm making a big pot of homade soup to nibble and sip for a few
days. It should be real good for Sunday(you know what they say about day-old soup!)
Have a great week-end.
Love, Vikki ;o)

MightyMom said...

loved that ramble through Arkansas!

there was a road when I was little that had hills and turns....we called it "The Weeeeee Road!"

it was fun!

MightyMom said...

OH and I meant to add....

friend, if you have a FASTING BS of 178 there ain't no doubt on this planet you have DM. None at all. Lordy mammma

several small high protein meals a day...keep a tight reign on that sugar friend it will make a huge difference in how your life looks 20 years from now.

Barb said...

What a nice post, Diane. It's nice to hear what you did day to day for the past week.

I'm sorry about the diabetes diagnosis, but so hope the insurance company finally accepts it and you start getting some help. You'd lay down in shock if I told you what Krissy spends on Andy and Cameron's diabetic testing supplies and insulin in one month. Much, much more than I spend on groceries for a month.

And groceries - I swear, it's shocking how much the cost has risen and how quickly. I'm sure it's because of the way gas prices went beserk recently, but really, with gas coming down, you'd hope food prices would come down too.

Nice to catch up with you and I wish you'd stop talking about catfish. I love Colorado, but they do NOT know how to fry a catfish in this state. LOL