Friday, August 22, 2008

Mexican Cornbread Recipe, Pics & Rambling

For those who asked for it or are interested, I finally got MY RECIPE FOR MEXICAN CORNBREAD posted on MY RECIPE BLOG.

CLICK HERE or on the picture or on the bold purple links to go to the recipe.

I hope everyone enjoys the recipe.Recently in an effort to keep Emmy occupied when she was beginning to get a little fractious, I showed her I could blow a bubble with my gum. She was fascinated with the whole bubble blowing process! Now anytime she sees me with gum in my mouth I'm supposed to blow bubbles for her, even if it's not bubble gum I'm chewing.

This picture was taken last Sunday after church was over. Emmy tries to "kiss" the bubbles or bite them as I blow them, and she thinks it's hilarious when I pop them, and the louder the pop the better, in her opinion. On Thursday I kept Emmy while Jessica went back to Little Rock for her post-surgery check up. Jessica's surgeon released her and Jessica only has to go back if/when she has more problems.

Praise God for answered prayers! I hope and pray that Jessica is pain-free for a long time after this surgery.

Thank You again to all of you who have joined us in praying for Jessica before, during and after her recent surgery. God is faithful. Amen.Jason is working again, praise the Lord! This has not been without some "issues", and JESSICA has written about it HERE first and then HERE much better than I can explain it.

He really likes his new job driving a forklift, and hopefully he'll be working there for a good long time.

Thank you for your prayers over Jason's job situation as well.I took this next series of pictures yesterday while Emmy was eating her dinner. I gave her a plate full of pinto beans and I guess you could say that Emmy REALLY enjoys her food. You might even say that she really gets "into" her food.

Sometimes she gets more ON her than IN her, but this little girl is a good eater, and I'm really thankful that she's not a picky eater.

I love these pictures! Notice the bean soup hand print on her forehead?And here's Emmy, post-dinner and all cleaned up!

Notice all the teeth in those last several pictures? Emmy's only 15½ months old and she already has almost all her teeth! Her eye teeth and stomach teeth are trying to come in now and they've been causing her a little grief now and then. She's run some fever and had some pain with them, and she's had some digestive issues, shall we say. We've gone through a lot of diapers, wipes and diaper rash ointment lately!The weather here is still unseasonably cool and we've gotten some much needed rain over the last several days. It's 86F right now and I think this is the hottest it's been in over a week. I'll still take 86F over 103F any old time!

As a matter of fact it's rumbling thunder right now and it looks like we're going to get a little thunderstorm. I like Summer thunderstorms if they don't get too severe.

Some of the forecasts have Tropical Storm Fay coming through our area over the next week. If so we may have more rain than we know what to do with!

Corn, milo and rice are getting close to being ready for harvest, and soybeans and cotton aren't far behind them. If we do get rains from Tropical Storm Fay I hope and pray that they don't destroy any of the crops or hinder the harvest.I have a couple of book reviews and a meme that I want to do sometime over the next week. I'll probably have some more aimless rambling as well.

Lord willing I'll be back Saturday evening with my Sunday Dinner post.

In the meantime, y'all have a great Friday and weekend.

God's richest blessings upon you all!


zzop357 said...

A little bean soup goes a long way doesn't it?
I'm glad everything is ok with Jessica.Glad Jason got everything going his way too.
Gotta get ready for work.Love you Sister. Donna

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

LOL I think its hilarious that photo of you and Emmy with the bumble gum so cute :)

Ive never been able to blow bubbles and in fact these days the taste of bumble gum makes me gag dont know why

wow Emmy looks like shed need a bath after every meal :)

have a nice weekend my friend

kkryno said...

Emmy says, "Gum is best when shared!" :) Have a great weekend!
Love Vikki

kkryno said...

I forgot to say that I'm so glad to hear Jason got transfered to a different job site, and Jessica is doing well.

Jess said...

I bet grandma helped her to smear the bean soup! She does follow directions just kidding.. love you and enjoyed the post.

Aunt Jenny said...

The new Emmy pictures are priceless!! And I saw Jess and Jason's good news on her blog..wonderful news!!
I hope Fay goes around you all!!!
I wish we would get a little rain!!! Not that we need a hurricane or tropical storm in Utah...but just a few thunderstorms would be welcome. It has been a dry summer!!
Have a Fun Saturday..and thanks for posting the mex. cornbread recipe..I will be trying that for sure. Cornbread is my favorite food group!!

Betty said...

Emmy is really enjoying those pinto beans - so cute.

It's still been in the 90's this week, and we need rain bad. Wish I could hear thunder, lol.

I am thankful Jessica is doing much better. I hope she continues to be pain free. Also, glad to hear Jason has a job. That's a blessing, too.

Take care, Diane, and have a good weekend.

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
Loved seeing all the pictures of Emmy and how much she enjoys Grandma's cooking! How fun that she's so tickled with you blowing bubbles!
Wonderful news about Jess and Jason both. I know you must be relieved for both of them.

It's All Good! said...

Those are such cute pics of Emmy. I know I keep saying it, but she's adorable! Glad Jason is doing alright with his job. I'll head over to Jess' now and get the update.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Brenda :)

Michael Manning said...

Prayers have gone out from my place for Jessica and Jason, Diane. Thanks for making us aware so we CAN pray! I'm headed over for the update now. lol and (((HUGS))). Little Emmy! Growing pains and bubble gum from young Grandma! :D)

Barb said...

That bubble picture is adorable Diane. That's the cutest photo ever.

Yeah, I'd say she definitely gets into her food! Kind of makes you want to spread a big tarp under her when she's eating, huh.

I hope that tropical storm skips you all. What I've been seeing on Fox News is just way, way too much rain.

Hope you have a nice weekend. Mine's off to a riproaring start with a special order I have to hustle to make and get shipped in time for a baby shower.

Talk to you again on Sunday! xoxo

Dick said...

Little kids really do get "into" their meals!

Jason's job sounds good and I hope it will last a lot longer than that last one.

Your temps sound pretty hot to me. We had cooler temps for about a week but today is supposed to get up close to 80 in Seattle. We should be 2 or 3 degrees cooler. We're farther north, you know.

momteacherfriend said...

How is it that kids get so messy when they eat? I am amazed at how clean she was in the post pic.
Cute pics

Nancy said...

I loved the pics of Emmy eating!!! How funny...the bean soup handprint on her little forehead!!! And the bubble blowing is a hoot! Doesn't take much to entertain a little one, does it? LOL

I am trying to get caught up on reading. I have read all of your posts that I missed but will just comment on this one and the most previous one. I haven't read since your Aug. 16th post!

I have my hands full with my son's 2 cats. They require almost constant care as I have to hand feed them. They are on a prescription appetite stimulant, but it doesn't do much good. They are weak and so thin. They need to be put to sleep, and we are trying to get him to let me do this. He is still in denial, and I told him if he loves them that much, then let them go. I am just worn out! No one can even imagine what it's like around here....

Anyhow, I am going to do my best to try and keep up from now on...I hate that I have missed so much!

Love ya! and (((((( HUGS ))))))