Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday Ramblings & Pictures

***Edited below***

Hi, y'all. I'll warn everybody right up front, this post is going to be full of random bits and pieces.

I want to send out a big THANK YOU to one of my blogging buddies. Somebody who wished to remain anonymous, even to me, has given me an Ama* gift card to be used to buy a new camera. I won't reveal the amount of the gift card because that would just be tacky, but it's a generous amount, and I am so grateful!

I'd love to be able to say I wept delicately when I found the gift email in my inbox, but that would be a great big fat lie. I went into the ugly cry and bawled until my eyes were all swollen and I had to blow my nose several times.

Dear Anonymous Gift Card Bestower, whoever you are, Thank You so much! I haven't used the gift card yet, but I hope to order my new camera sometime in the next few days, so it should be here within a week or so. I am grateful for your generosity, and I know my sister Ducky will be happy to get her camera back.The main reason I haven't been blogging and commenting as much as I usually do is that I'm still not feeling my best. I went to my nutritionist Tuesday and my blood sugar is teetering on the edge of becoming full blown diabetes. It's been spiking and bottoming out, but I didn't have a meter to check it here at home.

Every time they've tested it in the lab with the 2 hour fasting test and the 6 month long term blood sugar test, I've tested exactly one point below the cut off to be considered full blown diabetic. The 2 hour fasting total was 119 and the cut off is 120, and the 6 month total was 5.9 with the cut off being 6 to be diagnosed as diabetic.

After a 12 hour fast overnight, my sugar was still 110 yesterday morning when the nurse checked it at the doctor's office. Even though I haven't been officially diagnosed with diabetes, my nutritionist (who is actually an M.D. who counsels for diabetes and weight loss) fudged a little and gave me a glucose meter kit so I can start checking my sugar and keep a log of my sugar levels.

At one point last night, my sugar was 186 and I felt like dreck. I've suspected all along that it was my sugar that's been making me feel so terrible, and this confirms it. They drew blood yesterday for more tests but it will be at least a week before I receive any results from the blood work.

Until I have a confirmed blood sugar reading above the levels to diagnose diabetes my doctor won't prescribe any medication to treat my sugar, and my insurance won't pay for any of the medication or the test strips for the meter, etc. She said she'd prefer that I was on met*formin now, but until I'm officially diagnosed as diabetic she'd rather try to control my blood sugar with diet and exercise.

It's kind of a catch-22 though because I can't exercise because of my arthritis, and it's almost impossible for me to lose much weight because I can't exercise and the diabetes tends to make you pack on weight. I can't win for losing!

I haven't gained back any of the weight I'd lost but I haven't lost much either. I weighed about 2 lbs. less this time than when I was there a couple of months back. At this point I'm just glad to be holding my own and not gaining.Enough of that now.

My sister Ducky let me borrow back my old camera that I gave her when I bought my new one (are you following me here? stay with me!) so I managed to download the rest of my pictures from my rurnt (ruined) new camera. Although they're different model cameras, both my old camera and the new one that isn't working right are both Ko*dak Easy*shares so the memory cards are the same and the software is compatible.

Some of you had wondered where I got the pictures I posted last time, but I had already downloaded those before my camera died. The ones I'm posting here are from the memory card on my new camera, the last of the ones that I took before it gave up the ghost, so to speak. What I've been doing is taking pictures with my new camera, then putting the memory card in the old camera and downloading them to my computer.

This is working for the time being, but it's a royal pain. Plus I'm sure Ducky would like to have her camera back sometime in the near future. I'm working on getting a new camera but it'll be a little while yet before that happens. As I said, thanks to the generosity of an Anonymous Benefactor, I'll be ordering a new camera, but I've never ordered anything from Ama* so I'll have to create an account there and figure out all the technical details.

I know, some of you are probably shocked that I've never used Ama*zon, but I don't shop much online. I don't have any credit cards by choice, and I just prefer not to shop with my debit card. I know a lot of people shop online almost daily, but this will be a learning experience for me.

***Edited to add: I just placed the order for my new camera and got the order confirmation email from Ama*zon, so I should receive my camera in about a week or so.*** On to the pictures. These were taken on Tuesday, June 24th and were taken at the same time as the ones on my last post.

I love these pictures of Emmy with her Son*ic drink.
Cecil bought her a cherry limeade and Emmy
decided that the cherry limeades, they are good, LOL!I don't remember now what it was about,
but Jessica was amused about something here.It was hotter than blue blazes the afternoon
these pictures were taken. Emmy has her
pool, her cold drink and her admiring fans.
The only drawback to it being a perfect
Summer day might be that her pool is
infested with big people. ;-)
More of the same....And this is my absolute favorite picture
out of the whole bunch.
When you're one year old, Summertime
doesn't get much better than this.
I think that's enough rambling for today. I'm sure you're all glad to see the end of this hot mess of a post anyway. Hopefully I'll have something more exciting to blog about besides rurnt cameras and my blood sugar next time I post. I wouldn't count on it, though.

Happy Wednesday! Y'all have a good one.


Mam said...

Diane, I am so happy about your anonymous gift. I was wishing I could do that. Does the thought count? Because if it does, I know you have a lot of friends who wanted to do it. How great that you could download your photos with the other camera.

You know, I'm sure there are some exercises you *can* do. Ones you can do while sitting down. Tell me your limitations and I'll have my daughter make some recommendations. She has had a long career in health club work and stopped just short of getting her certification as a personal trainer. I know she could help.

Amazon is really easy. I have dealt with them numerous times and it's painless, the service was good, delivery costs reasonable and they are quick. I once bought a real nice watch for my grandson and had it sent to him. I was in Alaska and he was in Ohio. The watch didn't show up, and we think it was stolen from their mailbox. When I found out he didn't get it (about a month had gone by and I finally asked him if he got it-poor baby thought I'd forgotten him) I got in touch with Amazon and with no questions asked they sent another which arrived in 3 days. Just an example of the kind of experiences I've had with them.

I'll come back later. Don't have time to read and respond to your whole pile of "ramblin'" right now.

RennyBA said...

So you have a secret admire - well it was very sweet of him!

Emmy looks so sweet with that giant cup - thanks for sharing!

Wishing you a great week and of course Happy 4th of July in advance :-)

Lyndy said...


How wonderful and what a surprise gift indeed! I do think the “ugly” cry was quite called for under the circumstances.

Oh sweet friend, I have seen my mother deal with that rollercoaster of needing to exercise but not being able too because of the pain. Not fun times I know.

Lovely pictures of Emmy as usual and as always, I just love the way your family “loves” each other and shares and makes such sweet memories.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

Jess said...

How cute are those pictures of Em with the sonic She is pretty cute if I do say so myself. Glad you are gettin a new camera.
See you tomorrow and thank you so much for workin on my blog today.

Nancy said...

I am happy that you are getting a new camera! That really was very nice of someone! You are such a sweet, likeable person that I'm sure everyone would have loved to have done that for you!

That diabetes is a bugger until you get it under control. Maybe you can control yours with diet and a little exercise.

Oh, that photo of Emmy with the Sonic cup is adorable!!! You take some great pics!!!

Have a Happy 4th now!


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

Oh Diane Im so sori your not feeling well at the moment
praying for you sweet

Mr Wonderful had diabetes

"I don't have any credit cards by choice" neither do I and Im thankful coz Im sure Id get in trouble if I did have

bless that kind person Id be crying too

great photos


Grace Scott said...

So sorry about you being unwell - my mom suffered from diabetes for years and it is no fun so you will be in my prayers. Great news about a new camera - your
deserve it. I love your blog and would hate to stop seeing all those fun photos. Hope all you good people have a great 4th of July. We celebrated it in Las Vegas last year and have not had so much fun in years. Anyway, hope you feel better.


Betty said...

Hi Diane,

I'm glad to see you posting more often. I enjoy reading about what's going on with you.

I'm sorry your blood sugar has gotten out of hand. I sure hope they can get it under control soon.

Cute pictures as usual, especially of Emmy. She sure is enjoying that drink.

Someone gave you a gift card to buy a new camera and you don't know who it is? How sweet is that!!! Whoever gave you that will get his/her award in other ways.

Lynne said...

What a thoughtful gift from your secret pal! I love I've bought so many books and things from them - it's a good thing that Dom hasn't counted all the Amazon boxes I have sitting around here!

I hope you can get your blood sugar level under control. Diabetes is not a fun disease, but it can be controlled.

Sweet pictures of Emmy - as usual. She's a doll!

Naturegirl said...

Hello Dian remember me! I love the new look to your blog and what a wonderful portrait photo I see!Gorgeouse girl!!

Your grandbaby is so sweet and how she's grown!! I had a granson born 3 weeks ago to my daughter who was never going to have children! What a blesiing indeed!

I did read your whole post and I am sorry to hear about your health issues and diabetis. :(
I do know the journey as I walked it with my mother. We have good medical coverage in Canada for seniors on a pension but here too those strips are NOT covered!

How wonderful that someone showed kindness and shared their abundance with a happy surprise gift for you!! You know Diane I have never ordered anything off line..ever!
Have a glorious day..kiss your baby girl for me! hugs NG xo

Mim said...

Sorry to hear about your pre-diabetic situation but hopefully you can soon feel better.
And soon your camera will be there and you will be snapping away.
Thinking of you

Mary said...


Well, until you get that official diagnosis, you will have to wait, which is a shame because diabetic meds work beautifully. Be aware that Met*formin can make your bowels go crazy. I took it and can't tolerate it. About 50% of people can, so you have a good chance. It works great but I couldn't deal with the other problems it handed out. Not to scare you, but just a word of caution in case it affects you the same. It took me the longest time to figure out what was causing my discomfort. However, my x BIL takes it and it works great for him.

Lovely photos. I always enjoy your family pictures.

By the way, you are the closest of the contest participants right now. I've left a hint if you'd like to try again.


Dawn said...

Well, what a wonderful cyber friend you have! But then, you know that, don't you??

So sorry about the pre-diabetes. It is a nasty thing to deal with, but at least it can be dealt with.

I just love the pix of the big people taking over Emmy's little pool - too cute!

Have a wonderful day and stay way from sugar!

Sammy said...

Hi Diane,

I've definitely been thinking of you a lot recently and hoping that you've been feeling better. I'm really sorry to hear you haven't. I hope this all gets sorted out soon and that you're able to feel good again.

I just love the last picture of Emmy with the cold drink! She's such a little cutie-pie!

Take care, my friend. Praying for you, as always!


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your sugar issues - I had gestational diabetes during 2 of my 3 pregnancies. And it is no fun. One I was able to control with my diet. The other I ended up with insulin shots straight into the belly! I'd check with your dr. about some exercises though.

Enjoy your new camera! You've got a great little subject to practice on!

Jo said...

Ohhh Diane I am doing that "happy Happy Joy Joy Dance" here for you. Thank God for those generous kind bloggers out there. I am just so happy for you and so grateful to the anonymous donner.

I love that picture of Miss Emmy and her Sonic Drink... She is a peach.

I knew those symtoms sounded so familiar to the way I feel when my blood sugar spikes on me. When they decide to label you as Type 2 let me know and I will put you in touch with AmMed... You should be able to get your test strips free as well as a meter and lancets. We will hook you up Sweety.

PEA said...

Dearest Diane,

I'm so sorry to hear that you're still not feeling certainly does sound like the culprit is your blood sugar levels. My next door neighbour is border line diabetic as well and when her levels start playing tricks with her, she literally feels like "crap"!! Hopefully the doctor can do something to help you!

Wow, you lucky gal, to have such a generous benefactor! I can well imagine how touched you were by this gift...there are awesome people out there, aren't there!! Can't wait until you get your new camera and show us more pictures:-)

Love all the pictures you posted on this post...Emmy is so precious and that last one of her with her drink had me giggling. The cup is almost as big as she is! lol xoxo

kansasrose said...

Oh hon I am sorry ya have this blood sugar woes to deal with. I'll be praying for you! THat can be so dang tough on a person when those levels go wonky. Sounds like you have an excellent Dr. to work with you.

What a beautiful gesture of friendship and love the new camera is, from your secret buddy. YOu deserve every good thing that comes along honey. You will regaile us with fabulous photos as always! Take care of yourself and know you are prayed for and loved.
HUGS Jen xxxooo

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
So sorry to hear about your blood sugar problems. My mom, dad and brothers are all (were) diabetic. Somehow I avoided it.
What a kind gift you rec'd for the camera. I can only imagine how it touched your heart.
Your are a blessing to the world of blogging and I'm sure that's exactly what prompted that sweet gesture.
Love the pictures of Emmy..
Happy 4th!

Mountain Mama said...

Someone is awfully nice to give you an Amazon gift certificate for a new camera. What a wonderful blessing!

Sorry about the blood sugar problem Diane. I pray that by being able to monitor it at home the Dr. will have a better idea how to care for you so you will be feeling better.

Yur pictures are so cute. I love those with adults in Emmy's pool. LOL
It was pretty hot here too for a wile and I know some of my girl's and me would have liked to do the same.
God bless you and yours.

Cecil said...

Got to blog a bit for the first time again tonight. Did a short one so I could visit everybody. I loved the pics of Munch! Cute! Talk to you tomorrow. Love ya more.. Cecil

It's All Good! said...

That is so exciting, Diane! What a great anonymous friend you have there! Blessed for sure.
I love Cherry Limeades. Such cute pics of Emmy.
God bless your holiday weekend.
God bless America!

Nashe* said...

Emmy is sho sho adorable!

I'm sorry to hear about the diabetes thing, D. But it's a common illness, isn't it, so I'm sure whatever results you get or whatever, you'll be fine.

Eat healthy, okay? Lots of veggies!

Love from Nashe the Nutritionist. :)

Aunt Jenny said...

Oh how awesome..the whole camera thing...couldn't happen to a nicer gal!! That is wonderful!
I am sorry to hear about your sugar issues!
That little Emmy is just has been hot here too. I wish I had one of those kiddie pools today to put my feet in!!! Hm....I wonder if the kids are too old for one????
Have a great 4th of July!!!

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, I hope you get your camera soon...... Take care of yourself and don't eat anything that will get your sugar up. Have you tried taking cinnamon? It is a good blood sugar regulator. Get on the Internet and start studying how to keep your insulin in check with natural means... Have a happy fourth.

BDG-admin said...
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BDG-admin said...
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SaoirseDaily2 said...

Walking! That is the most important excersise you can do to drop your sugar levels. When I walk on my treadmill I lower my sugar by 10-30 points a day. Just increase your walking each day and it should help alot.

Barb said...

Told ya. xoxoxo

thislittlepiggy said...

That baby looks just like her Grammy.

CathyJo63 said...

OMG Diane,i just typed in my search box "Lost my Kodak Easyshare in the Ocean".Little did i know i would get a result,its been almost 3 years and not 1 day goes by that i dont think of it or miss it terribly.......LoL
Girlfriend i know exactly how you feel!
I'll start with a little background so i don't sound nuttier than i am....Maybe?.....LoL
I had never owned a nice camera in my life,i think the kodak owl shot was the farthest id ever gotten,I married my husband at age 15,he was 18,we had 1 daughter,made it through 2 housefires where we lost everything but one another,i was born,adopted,married and lived in a small town in Letcher Co.Ky my entire life until 1999 when we decided to move here to TN.
My husband was actually murdered at age 43 in Oct.of 03 and the love of his life,"our grandson Dakota" was only 3 then and after his death i realized that pictures are most important to me now,well more than ever now because its moments in time we can never get back or share with people we meet,the images are always in our minds but you cant fully share them,and after menopause hits well,lets just say i am very lucky to remember my own birthday!!
And believe me now,theres not 1 piece of empty wall in my apartment that doesnt have pics.
Now,that being said ill get to the point,I bought my Kodak Easy Share in 2005,and OMG i don't have to tell you it was like winning the lotto....but i will.......LoL
The best invention since bloomers i think....LoL
Now back to the story,I met a man and OMG he was like a dream,which i found out later.....He was..And he's gone..........LoL
I had never been on a trip or a vacation in all my 25 yrs. of marriage,not once and 2 months after i met this man he took me to Florida,I saw things id never seen or knew existed really,just from things you see on TV & I Had pics to show of all of it...??????? Well,We rode his Harley to Miama,Keywest,Daytona,
the big harley bike fest and Oh Lordy Flaglers Beach where my story begins,On our way home i had promised my Grandson i would bring him a beautiful sea shell from the ocean,I'm 42 and terrified of water but i was determined and so we stopped at Flaglers Beach b/c locals told us it was best for sea shells,so i go next to the water and stand and am trying to wait for shells to wash up when i saw the biggest pretties shell ever,looked like it had diamonds all over it and i tried but the ocean is always faster than granny and my camera was strapped around my arm when my bf says,here use this bag to put them in and hand me the camera before you lose it!No sooner than he said it,i reached out to grab the bag quick and OMG,lets just say that i know the sharks are still laughing at the crazy woman who donated them a really nice camera,and ive never been the same....LoL I laugh,but it aint funny..LoL
I just have to finish telling you this and ill shut up!
I'd never rode a motorcyle in my life and didn't know there was bike "Ettiquette? I learned to never ever blow a bubble with your gum on a Harley,Never try to drink a pop,never turn your head sideways with your riding glasses on,never put anything in your jacket pockets,always strap your bags back down??? when you unstrap them???this one was his fault?..LoL.Never hand your gf the toll money to throw in?? Especially when she threw it in the wind twice before that!
Never feel bad that the rain feels like it is cutting your face all to pieces and youre sure his is worse cause he's in the front so you want to cover his forehead with your hands but you accidently cover his eyes! much for trying to help.And never ever ride behind the bike thats losing oil,Another couples bike was leaking oil and my bf said if his wife knows it she'll get off and go home so we always stayed right behind him and i still wonder why she didn't notice that we were white folk when we left and not when we finally got there. And if you look like a walking x-ray use a seat cushion for a 16 hour ride,Eveyone on that trip was pros at it except me,but they did all laugh and say,well usually it takes awhile to experience everything you have in 1 ride........LoL
So,on the way home i told myself i was going to show my bf just how much i had learned and was gonna make him proud!
We stopped to get gas and i paid and jumped back on the bike behind him,he didn't turn around as he asked,"got ye glasses on??"
I flipped out and was feeling everywhere there was to feel and finally he turns around and says,"Hey Cathy" as he "(Points to my Nose)" OMG....they were on my face.......Sorry the post turned out longer than i thought but i do regret to this day that i don't have my camera,i miss it bad,i must have lost 300.oo worth of glasses,cigs,money,saddle bag,you name it but i miss my camera the most,So Diane,i feel your loss,I'm so sorry you lost yours too,and being on a very fixed income,theres no way to replace one,
and here we sit with another moment in time and can't even take a pic of it....LoL