Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sunday Dinner, May 4, 2008

Once again, in spite of all my good intentions, another week has passed and I haven't posted since my last Sunday Dinner entry. I have some pictures and some news to catch up on, but first let's get Sunday Dinner out of the way.

This week I'm falling back on one of my old standbys: pinto beans and cornbread, and I'm also making a big skillet of poke salad scrambled with eggs and either corn or green beans according to who's here tomorrow and their tastes.

I made a double batch of poppyseed bread today and there's plenty of that left for dessert if anybody's craving something sweet after the meal.

What's for dinner for your family? Share your menu/plans in the comments if you want to participate this week.My sister DONNA, her granddaughter Luci and I went poke salad picking this past Wednesday and got enough for a couple of messes each. Some people prefer their poke salad plain: just boiled until tender then seasoned with salt and some bacon fat or oil. I like it better with some eggs scrambled into it right before serving, along with the oil and salt, but I'll take it pretty much any way I can get it.

Once it's washed and cooked, poke greens look a lot like spinach, and taste a bit like spinach, but poke really has a unique taste all its own.

Here in the South people used to consider poke a sort of Spring tonic, and I have heard that it does have certain effects on the digestive system for some people, if you know what I mean. It's also considered a good blood restorative and like most leafy greens, has a lot of iron and other vitamins and nutrients. Aside from all that, it's just plain good eatin' in my opinion, plus it's free for the taking since it grows along roadsides, fence rows, railroads and ditches. In other words, pretty much anywhere.

Poke is a wild green leafy plant that grows all across the lower 48 states as far as I know. It may even grow in Alaska and Hawaii for all I know. If you'd like to know more about poke salad, just Goo*gle it, and if you'd like to see pictures of it, do a search in Goo*gle images.My sister Ducky submitted a killer recipe for POPPYSEED BREAD for one of our church cookbooks and it's become a family favorite for some of us, myself included. I've made it several times now, besides the many times Ducky's made it, and it's wonderful, and it's even better after it's set for a couple of days and the glaze soaks into it.

Click on the bold link to visit MY RECIPE BLOG, and you can click HERE FOR THE POPPYSEED BREAD RECIPE.Thank You to everyone who emailed to check on me and my family after hearing about the tornadoes in Arkansas this week. We are fine, praise the Lord! No damage to our towns or property of any of my family, but it got uncomfortably close to us this time. A tornado touched down less than 10 miles away from here, and many more touched down within 30 miles of my town.

I lost count of how many times our county was under a tornado warning, but it was several times. A little community called Etowah, Arkansas, about 30 miles away was nearly wiped off the map, and Earle, Arkansas, about 45 miles away was hit hard. There were many injuries and lots of property damage, but no deaths in my immediate area of Arkansas, although there were 8 deaths reported across the state due to tornadoes.

If you'd like to see some pictures and video of the tornadoes, you can go HERE to view our local TV weather man's blog, or HERE to look at our local TV station's weather page for more pictures, videos and stories about the tornadoes.

God is good and merciful, and I'm very thankful for His hand of protection over me and mine this week and always.I'm participating in a book tour on Tuesday. I'll be reviewing a book and offering a copy to give away. Check back in on Tuesday if you think you might be interested.I've got a few pictures to share now.


I took this one at Jessica's place this past Tuesday
when CECIL, Sue, Lamar and I were visiting
with Jessica and Emmy. Jason was working
and it was Jessica's day off.

I like to call this one,
"A Girl And Her Rooster".The rest of these were taken Saturday afternoon
at my church. We had a fish fry and singing outside
on the grounds. It was beautiful, as you can see
from the pictures.

Miss Emmy LOVES the great outdoors!That's my great nephew Seth in the left background
with the cool shades. He's almost 15 months old
now, and outweighs Emmy by probably 1o lbs.
or more, and he's just getting the hang of that
walking thing. He still won't walk unsupported,
but it won't be long now.

I love this picture! Sheer joy!What IS this curious green stuff? Is it edible?
Inquiring minds want to know!And last but not least, THE END! ;o)It boggles the mind, but Emmy will be a year old next Thursday, May 8th. It doesn't seem possible, truly. Jessica and Jason are having a birthday party for her next Saturday, May 10th at our church, and I'll be taking pictures so I can record it for posterity and also share them here on the blog.I've still got some things to do tonight, so I'll wish you all a blessed Sunday. May God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share.


Susie said...

Hi Diane,
It wouldn't seem the same without your Sunday Dinner posts. I know your time is limited, but I do hope you'll always find time for these!
Thanks for the lesson on poke. I've never had that, but I do enjoy spinach salad and it sounds similar.
How can it be possible that Miss Emmy will be a year old? This year has flown by.
As you said in the comment (or was it the email?) we are having dinner at C's tomorrow. She's making pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw and home fries. Sounds good to me!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Nashe* said...

NICE PICTURES. I like Emmy's rooster!

And lest I don't get the comp next week...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMSTER! (omg omg it's been a year???)

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

praise the Lord for keeping you safe

Emmy sure is growing like a bean

shes such a cutie

have a good week my friend

Mary said...


I enjoyed hearing your plans for Sunday dinner. I haven't made any yet. I like to keep it simple on Sunday unless someone is going to be visiting.

Love the photos of Miss Emmy. She is adorable.

Thank goodness you are all safe. We heard the news about the Arkansas and Missouri tornadoes on the news. I'm concerned for my friend who lives near Paris, Arkansas. I haven't heard from her since the tornadoes.

Take care, Diane. I always enjoy visiting with you and also reading your comments when you stop by my blog.


Lynne said...

Glad to hear that you are safe from the tornadoes. 10 miles away is too close!

Love the pictures of Miss Emmy. It's hard to believe she's almost a year old now. She looks so proud of herself standing up there! Love her little jeans.

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, I am really glad that everyone from your family were not injured from the tornados. Ten miles away is NOT that far away, I bet you were a bit nervous about that storm......

Miss Emily is growing up before our eyes, she sort of feels like one of mine now. She looks like a very happy little gir.

Dinner tonight - broiled chicken, yellow squash, rice, tossed salad and maybe some pie for dessert....

Dick said...

I posted our Sunday dinner plans yesterday without even noticing the date of your post- it was last weeks! Anyway, we are leaving the campground in Chelan, WA today to drive to one at Winthrop, WA. We will just spend one night there, then head over the now open (it closes every winter due to too much snow, but opened May 1st) N Cascades Hwy that drops us right in our town. We were told to try eating at the Road Kill Restaurant in Winthrop and plan to do that today, if we can find the restaurant. And Winthrop is a very small town, so if it has re-opened after the winter, we should be able to find it.

Barb said...

Every time I see tornados on the news I think of you and wonder how close it's getting to where you live. Thank goodness you all escaped this last batch. Ten miles away is way, way too close and my heart goes out to the people who fell victim this time.

I can't get over seeing Emmy standing up like that. It's hard to believe she's already turning one. Reminds me how fast the time speeds by.

Hope you have a nice, quiet, calm good-weather Sunday. I'm still up to my eyeballs in monkeys. Gag.


Linda said...

Hi Diane,
Yes God is so very good, and I'm thankful all of you are safe and well. Those storms are so devastating.
What sweet, sweet pictures. It does seem impossible that she is nearly a year old already. How I wish I could slow time down just a bit.
Have a blessed sunday dear friend.

Lesa said...

I wondered about you the night the storms came through. Glad all is well with you!

Emmy is so cute! I'm sure she will have a Happy Birthday with lots love and presents!

Tonight we will be having leftovers from yesterday. I fixed a pork roast in the oven, boiled cabbage, sliced cucumbers and onions, baked beans, and of course - a skillet of cornbread.

Hope you have a great week!

Paulette said...

Hey Diane,
Happy Sunday. Today is my sweet girls Birthday so we went to Abuello's here in the lone star State! Our church was hosting a Cinco Day Mayo Mexican luncheon which I would have stayed for if it had not been a Birthday today. You would not believe the Mexican food there. Allot of our memebers are Hispanic and the Pastor had to announce that there would be authentic mexican food so be careful what you bite into LOL!!
What a spread.
I love the pics of Emmy, I cannot believe she is walking nor turning a year old!!! Just crazy. Tell Jessica we need a new sister or brother soon lol.
Blessings friend.

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Diane,
Oh my gosh, I sure wish I had some of your Sunday Dinner. I haven't had Poke Salad in years. I'm like you, I like mine with the scrambled eggs better. When I was married the first time, me and my then MIL would go out in the Spring and pick poke salad. I could make a meal just out of the poke salad and cornbread. The poppy seed bread sounds delicious and I've never had any that I'm aware of. I may have to check our your recipe site and get the recipe for it. I've got a footlong chicken terryaki sandwich from Subway in the fridge for my supper tonight. I just got thru having some chicken gizzards that I brought home from Jonesboro last night. I had a craving for some of KFC's chicken gizzards and livers, so I bought me a pint of both. LOL. Should last me a couple of days. No one else in our Family likes them, so I have plenty for me. LOL. The girls ate some Ramen Noodles ealier. There is a few cheeseburgers left from Friday night that I cooked, so if they get hungry, they can heat them up one. I have had a toothache since last Monday night, and I have been taking some antibiotics and Ibuprofen pills for it. It's still not better, but hopefully it will be all better by sometime this week. Friday was a bad day wasn't it? It never got bad here, but the girls had to go to the Tornado Safe Shelter at School a couple of times tho. The School even held them a little past time of when School was to get out. Usually the girls get home from the bus around 3:45p.m., but it was 4:00p.m. when they got home on Friday. I have an Aunt that lives in Etowah and her and her husband and their property are okay. My Sister drove out there on Friday afternoon and seen all of the damage. She said it wasn't pretty. I also seen pictures and video's of the one from outside of my hometown of Lepanto. My Dad said they sounded the sirens there on Friday. They never sounded the sirens here on Friday tho. I think one went North of us up around Monette as well but didn't touch down that I'm aware of. Earle did get hit hard. I think they said it was an EF-3 tornado that hit Earle. I used to have some Ex relatives that lived in Earle, but I don't know if they still do or not. Been a long time since I've been to Earle. Ryan, Sarah, and Chris all did a great job in covering the severe weather on Friday. I know they were exhaused by the afternoon tho. I do appreciate them so very much. It doesn't seem like Miss Emmy will be a year old on Thursday. She looks like she has grown some since I last saw her. I know yall are excited about her first birthday party. I remember when our girls had their first birthday party. It was like a big celebration. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures you take of the birthday party. I posted last Sunday about our oldest daughter's birthday party and then I posted this morning as well. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours. Please eat plenty of that poke salad for me. LOL.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Well...I'm sitting here with the smell of beef roast wafting from my crock pot. I'll be shredding it soon and serving it on hoagies with provolone cheese and will dip 'em in the juice...I think I'll do some fries too. I've been mothers day shopping and I'm tired!

Lil' Emmy is as cute as always...glad ya'll were safe during the bad weather!♥

It's All Good! said...

Hi Diane, I'm so glad you and your's are all right!

We did leftovers after church cuz we're going to friend's home this evening for dinner. I've made choc. chip cookie bars to take over.

I've enjoyed reading Jessica's blog and so glad she received the good news about getting in to the dr. We'll keep praying for her.

Well, have a wonderful week and be safe!

God bless,

Dawn said...

We had dinner at church today - our small group ministry had lunch for all the leaders and their families. It ws a good meal, catered by one of our very talented ladies.

I thought of you last night when I head the weather news. Tornadoes are very scarey things! A year ago one leveled the little town of Holly, Colorado, and they're rebuilding.

Jess said...

Hey...lunch was good...thanks! But I do have a small bone to pick... just picking that come everybody else's name is linked to their blog but mine? I'm hurt! lol...just kidding...I know that was a long blog and you probably didn't even think about it...anyways I guess I will see you tomorrow...Love you, Jess

Granny said...

I hope by now the storms have passed.

Wish we could get poke out here but no such luck. I remember it growing wild. I found the canned but it's truly awful.

Early birthday wishes to Emmy. The year has gone by quickly.

A Glass-Half Empty said...

I still say she looks just like her Grammy. ;o)

PEA said...

Dearest Diane,

I always find your dinners so interesting because it's usually foods that I don't hear of anyone making around here! lol I need to get down south and taste me some of that southern cooking! hehe I grilled some pork chops, baked potatoes and brussel sprouts.

Poke salad...the only time I've ever heard of that is when Elvis sang the song "Poke Salad Annie"! lol I just googled poke salad and the first 3 sites said never to eat it, it's poisonous! Hard to believe since so many of you in the south eat it! lol I finally found a picture of I know what poke salad is:-)

I've printed out Ducky's Poppyseed Bread recipe...I love poppyseed muffins so I know I'd love that bread!!

I heard on the news about the terrible storms that were hitting your part of the world and thought of you and Karen right away. So glad to hear that you stayed safe...those tornadoes touched down close to home though, yikes!

Yes, it is hard to believe that Emmy will be 1 year old already...I so love these pictures and that last one cracked me up! lol Give her a gunbelt and she looks like a cowboy ready to draw! hehe Love it!! xoxo

Diane said...

those pictures of Emmy are pure joy!!!!! JOY!!!!

What fun!

I can't believe how tall she is getting--how old she is getting! And yet, we just stay the same!


Maybe she'll take this joy to about, "Emmy get your gun!" Or is that already taken!


Sioux said...

Praise God that you all are ok. We are having our roof finished tomorrow. It will take 6 weeks to get the new windows, however.

Love those precious photos. And poke it!!

Pearl said...

Well I can't wait to ask my dad about poke salad. This is really new for me...I feel so in the dark. Sounds like it might be something really good.

That little grandbaby is just an adorable little girl. Her smile is so contagious.


MightyMom said...

tooo sweet!!!

MammyT said...

Hi Diane. Happy Birthday to Emmy. She is so beautiful. The "joy" photo is a definite keeper.
There is no Pokeweed in Alaska. I lived there many years and studied the flora of the state. No. Poke. Salad.
I was disappointed. When my kids were little and we lived in the midwest and South, we always gathered and ate poke. Now that I'm back here in Ohio, I'm afraid to eat things from the roadsides because so many counties are spraying! If I could find some land I knew was not contaminated, bet your boots I'd be out there. I never tried any with the eggs. I love it just the way it comes out, boiled with some ham or bacon. We always boiled off 2 or 3 waters. Do you do that? boy it sounds good.
We had Pinto Beans for supper on Sunday, too. I had the tail end of a Black Forest ham I cooked them with. We just had bread and salad with it. Love them beans!
Have you been to see my Mother's day series. I'm doing several articles about mothers and motherhood for May. Come see me.
Glad, so glad God is protecting you and your family from this wild weather.

Jan/ said...

My husband loves poke salad with scrambled eggs. We have gathered it by the trash bag full to put in the freezer so we can have that "taste of spring" year 'round. Emmy is growing so fast!