Saturday, May 31, 2008

Me Me Me Me Meeeee!!

I've gotten this email several times lately and I have to admit that while it was interesting to read other peoples' responses, I just deleted them and didn't fill them out and forward them back to the senders.

(*Bad Diane, Bad girl!*)

However, spurred on by first BEV'S conversion of this email to a meme HERE, and BARB'S version of it HERE, combined with a dearth of blog fodder....

I give you....The Unnamed Meme!

In your entire life, have you ever...

gone on a blind date? No, but I guess you could say I squinted really hard once. I barely knew the guy, but we had met. Briefly.

skipped school? Nope, but I tried when I was in the 7th grade. I stayed in the girl's bathroom instead of going to class when the bell rang and my teacher "happened" to come looking for me there. I got over my sudden illness right quick-like.

watched someone die? More people than I want to think about, both family and friends. Most recently, my brother in law, Jerry in 1998, my Daddy in December 2004 and my Mama in April 2005. All from cancer.

been to Canada? No, but I've been close enough to the exit off the interstate in Detroit, Michigan to Windsor, Canada to spit on the sign. Does that count?

been to Mexico? Only if Mexican restaurants are considered Mexican territory.

been to Florida? Yes. Twice in the Summer of 1988. Daytona was gorgeous, Destin, not so much. Of course there was a hurricane in progress while we were in Destin so that might have been a factor.

been on a plane? NO! And the Lord be my helper, I never will! I'm not scared of flying, it's those sudden uncontrolled landings that concern me.

been lost? Literally, no. Spiritually, yes. But now I'm found, thank God.

been on the opposite side of the country?
Kind of. I've been as far North as Detroit, as far South as Florida, as far East as Pennsylvania, and as far West as Dallas and Tulsa. I live in Arkansas in the middle of the country, so what's the opposite side of the country from here??

gone to Washington, DC? Nope.

swam in the ocean? Yep, in Florida and in Gulfport/Biloxi.

had your booze taken away by the cops? Um, NO. I've never had my booze taken away by anybody that I can recall. Actually, I don't recall much booze, period.

lettered in a high school sport? Uh, no. I'm highly allergic to playing sports. But I did get a National Honor Society pin and certificates.

cried yourself to sleep? Yes, but it's been a long time. I hope it's a long time before it happens again.

played cops and robbers? I'm sure we did but I don't remember it right now.

played dolls? Yes, if cutting off all their hair, taking off their clothes, marking on them with ink pens and markers and dismembering them counts as "playing dolls". (You wouldn't think that would bode well for my kid(s) and grandkid(s) later in life, would you?)

recently colored with crayons? It's been a while, but Emmy's Great Granny just bought her a coloring book and crayons, so I'm sure I'll be coloring with Emmy soon enough. Right now she's more interested in eating the crayons. She'll be pooping rainbows if we don't watch her.

sang Karaoke? Uh, no.

paid for a meal with coins only?
Many times in my life, and fairly recently as a matter of fact.

done something you told yourself you wouldn't?
Oh, yeah. Who hasn't?

cheated on an exam? Not that I recall, but I probably blocked those memories.

made prank phone calls? Nope.

laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? Yeah, and let me tell you, Dr. Pepper will singe your nose hairs!

caught a snowflake on your tongue?
Yes, in March of this year with Emmy and Jessica, and many times before.

danced in the rain? Yep, and most anything else you can do in the rain.

written a letter to Santa Claus? Yes.

been kissed under the mistletoe? I really don't remember. And that's sad. If you've been kissed under the mistletoe it should be memorable.

watched the sunrise with someone you care about? Many, many times. Especially waiting for the school bus with Cecil and my niece and nephew, Shelly and Danny.

been arrested? Shoot, no!

blown bubbles? Oh, yeah, with plastic hair rollers and green Palm*olive dishwashing liquid for bubbles. That's some nasty stuff if you accidentally get it in your mouth. Several dozen times.

gone ice-skating. Uh, NO. Fat girl + gravity = bad ju ju.

been skinny dipping outdoors? Yep, but only topless and there was nothing skinny about it even in 1986 when I was 22. Actually, I rolled down the top of my one piece suit. I would have taken it all the way off but we were in a friend's backyard pool and I didn't want to try to get the wet suit back on. And I was with my hubby, sister and lifelong girlfriend if you're wondering. And, I was the only one who would do it after a dare.

had a nickname? Where do I start? My Daddy called me Joe. Several people call me Di or Lady Di, and one friend calls me D. My sister Sue calls me Danner and friend from church calls me Dee-I-ann. And probably more that I can't remember right now.

been to Africa? Um, no. I don't fly, remember? Also, I don't do big boats or ships if you can't swim to the shore. Ships and boats have this bad habit of sinking, and the ocean, it is deeeep. And also, wiiiide.

eaten cookies for dinner? I'm sure I have, but I don't remember doing it recently.

been on TV? Not that I recall.

stolen any traffic signs? No, but I did steal one of those big orange safety cones on a dare when I was 17. That lifelong girlfriend I mentioned above was the one who dared me.

been in a car accident? No, and thank you, Lord. But I'm sure sooner or later the law of averages will catch up with me.

What is your....

mother's name? Jessie Lurene

favorite drink? Coke Zero

favorite alcohol? Shhh.....I almost never indulge, but when I do, I love Bail*ey's Irish*Cream liqeur. I'm talking maybe once every 10 years. Or so.

birthplace? Trumann, Arkansas, population less than 7000 as of the 2000 census.

favorite vacation spot? Gunner Pool in The Ozark Mountains.

favorite salad dressing?
Ranch, good Caesar, or just plain salt.

favorite pie? Custard

favorite number? 5

favorite movie? The Dirty Dozen or Top Gun. It's a tie.

favorite holiday? Christmas, of course.

favorite food? Have you looked at my pictures? Almost anything! But if I have to choose, shrimp and cheesecake. Not at the same time.

favorite day of the week? Any day that I wake up able to get up and go.

favorite brand of body wash?
Soft*soap For*Men, Ocean Fresh. Yes, I know it says "For Men", but I like fresh scents better than florals, and I despise fruit scents or vanilla for shampoo, soap or body wash. I don't want to smell like a fruit salad or pudding. Blecch.

favorite toothpaste? Colgate Complete, peppermint.

favorite smell? I have so many...Fol*gers Columbian and the whole Star*bucks lineup, wild honeysuckle, and sweet clean baby, just to name a few.

Do you have any...

tattoos? Um, that would be NO.

body piercings? Ears, twice.

Do you drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? Don't own a vehicle.

What do you do to relax? Crochet or read.

How do you see yourself in 10 years? I'll be 55 and watching Emmy grow up, I hope.I'm going to tag my daughter JESSICA for this one, and anybody else who'd like to do it. I won't tag anybody else in particular because I know most everyone is really busy right now and some people just don't care for memes. I've been tagged for another meme and I plan to do that one maybe Monday or Tuesday.

JESSICA and anybody else who decides to do this meme, feel free to snag the meme button I made for this. It can be used for any meme.

I'll be back later this evening to do my Sunday Dinner post. I already have a good idea what's going to be on the menu.In the meantime, y'all have a great Saturday!


Barb said...
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Barb said...

Almost all your answers just cracked me up. I did the same thing to baby dolls. I remember writing something in blue ballpoint ink on Bev's favorite baby doll's forehead and she was so upset, my folks said if I didn't get it off, they'd kill me. Well of course it wouldn't come off, so I found a knife and carved it out. Oh my word, I was in such huge trouble and you know, I don't think Bev's gotten over it yet.

It just hit me. You know how to make buttons! Ha! We need to talk. I have this little shop, and I'm not all that thrilled with its little button, and.....

Great, fun answers. And here's hoping your car wreck history holds out. No fun, even when no one's hurt, they scare the beejeebs out of you.

Oh! And I'll give you three guesses who made so many typos in her first comment attempt, she deleted it and started over. LOL

This one's probably full of typos too but I don't care - I need more coffee. :-)

Hootin' Anni said...

What a great meme!!! I love your answers. So, so honest too I believe, that is what makes these so fantastic. We get to know the person behind the keyboard much better.

I may do this one too sometime, I'll let you know when I do, okay?

You've inspired me!

SaoirseDaily2 said...

I found your blog from Betty's This and That. Just wanted to say nice new picture of yourself, very flattering. I want to play along with meme, if that's okay. Have a wonderful weekend.

Rachel said...

Great meme Diane!! I really enjoyed reading your answers!!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Michael Manning said...

Diane: You are so funny! If we were having dinner at your famous kitchen, we'd all be in tears from laughter. I'll focus on just two of the meme's. Prank phone calls? OH, YEAH! ARE YOU KIDDING? What I can see myself doing at 55? WHAT MICK JAGGER IS DOING TODAY AT 65! WOO HOO! :D))

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

You are a hoot!

I enjoyed reading all of your answers!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!☺

mer said...

This is such a fun meme. I loved reading more about you, and I want to do this one myself soon!

Lib said...

You're a Hoot :o)Enjoyed your meme!
I will check back for whats for Sun. Dinner.

RennyBA said...

What a great Meme - always good to know a real blog friend even better. I loved your straight answers.

Wishing you and the family a great Saturday too!

Love & Hugs

Susie said...

What a fun meme this is. Maybe if life slows down a bit, I'll try it.
Your cat on the button looks somewhat like Vincent when he's had just a bit too much catnip (I think it's darling though!!)

Jess said...

Umm another one of your nicknames was "Nurse Goodbody" wasn't it? or was that just a cb handle?

Linda aka yellowroseli said...

Nice post. I enjoyed reading about you. So what's for Dinner?
have a Blessed Sunday

Dawn said...

This was fun to do and to read!

Lucy Stern said...

You don't have a car? How do you get around? I suppose that is a dumb question, with all of the family that you

Learned a lot about Diane, thanks!

bigdadgib said...


I loved the...

"Fat Girl + Gravity = Bad Ju Ju...


I have the same problem...ROFL...

Being 6'6" makes for a long drop when gravity takes effect... lol

Great post!

Mary said...


I loved your meme. It's always nice to learn more about you. I did one very similar a while back and it was fun.

Your Sunday dinner sounds delicious. Seems like many are having chicken this weekend. I'm not sure what we're having except salad and deviled eggs. I guess I should start thinking about it as dinner time is approaching rather quickly. We eat lighter on Sunday than any other day of the week unless we are having company.

Take care, my friend. Love the picture of Emmy on your sidebar.


Diane said...

the question is
Have you ever been kissed under the mistletoe?

Well, yes, I have, twice that I remember.

The first time was in high school and somebody had hung a clutch of mistletoe just inside the door of the classroom where we worked on the school newspaper. I was a reporter cum typist, and maybe 6 of us (2 girls and 4 guys) were working late, trying to meet the deadline to get it to the printer.

I had gone out to the rest room, come back and was standing just inside the door answering a question. I hadn't even thought about what was over my head, since usually people don't linger so near the doorway of a classroom.
During the school day, the bell is about to ring, so everybody better get in a seat.

This was after hours, and the editor got up to take his turn going to the rest room. Yet there I was standing, right under the green.
Just as I was going to step aside so he could leave, he reached out a couple fingers and tilted my chin a bit, turning his own chin in the direction indicating I should notice what was above me.

He's a real nice guy I have known since we were little kids in the church nursery, and we were co-workers on the newspaper. But being teenagers and the staff advisor was away for awhile, so he leaned in and gave me a friendly peck on my very surprised lips.
With a wink at me, and another glance at the mistletoe, he went on out into the hall.

I went back over to my typewriter, thinking nothing much of it. He would never have thought to kiss me if the tradition didn't exist.
Like I said, we were pals.

The other girl got up from her typewriter, went over to get the stepstool from the back of the room, and proceeded to take down the mistletoe.

I'm not sure if she was afraid he might try to kiss her, or upset if he wouldn't.

The other time I remember mistletoe was at a New Year's Eve party at a house in the neighborhood. I suppose the holiday decorations were doing double duty awhile.
I was in my late 20s, pregnant with third baby. My husband and older sons were also at the party, but not in the same room with the mistletoe.

A guy who lived a few houses over, whom I barely knew, was hovering near the cluster and grabbing unsuspecting females round the shoulders, then planting sloppy drunken kisses on the cheek of everybody he captured.
Not nearly so nice to remember as the first time.

This thinking about kisses also reminds me of a fella at the church I currently attend.
He's a real nice guy, mid-50s, married about 30 years to a great wife.

During Fellowship time, he likes to go around kissing females on the forehead.
Little girls and old ladies especially.
He's always in plain sight, often with parents or spouse nearby, and it's not dirty or anything like that, really.

During the memorial service for my friend Martha who passed away in February, at age 98, her daughter read aloud a letter to the mourners. She mentioned how much the people of the church family meant to her, seeing that she had buried two husbands and many of her relatives live in faraway places.
The special name mentioned was the guy who always gave her a kiss on the forehead.

And now that I have practically written an essay and highjacked your comments, I will be on my way to the next interesting read.

~~love and Huggs, Diane aka MrsDoF

Pearl said...

This was a very fun meme. I think I am going to do it for my very next post.
Enjoyed your answers very much.
Hope you are doing well.