Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunday Dinner, April 13, 2008

Can you believe it's Sunday Dinner time again already? This has been a busy week for me and time has flown by with wings. I had full intentions of posting several times this week but it didn't happen.

I've already made my menu choices for Sunday Dinner this week so I don't have to struggle with that decision tonight. I also chatted with Jessica on instant messenger a little while ago and she told me that she, Jason and Emmy are planning to be here for the noon meal. I figure my sisters, Ducky and Cecil, will be here as well, which means I'll have at least 7 adults here for dinner, plus any others who drop in.

I got one of the family size George*Foreman grills recently and I'm going to test it out tomorrow. I have some boneless pork chops that I'll grill, and I have the last of the garden green beans from my freezer that I'll cook with some quartered potatoes. I'm going to steam some broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini and yellow squash, and if needed I have some cabbage to fry.

Heck, I may fix the cabbage anyway whether it's really needed or not! I love fried cabbage, browned in a little oil in a hot skillet, then add a little water, put the lid on and let it steam a bit. I like it with salt and black pepper. Yummy stuff! I bought 3 small heads of cabbage when I got groceries because I've been craving fried cabbage. Tomorrow may be the day....

What are your plans for Sunday Dinner? If you'd like to participate this week just leave your plans/menu in the comments.I'm doing pretty good with my healthier eating habits. I tried on a pair of jeans today that I've had shoved back in my off-season clothes closet and I can wear them! It's the first time I've been able to wear them in several years so I was really encouraged by that.

So far I've lost about 15 lbs. as of April 1st when I visited my dietician. I'm not much of a scale watcher as I'd rather keep up with my weight loss by how my clothing fits. Here's to more success in getting the weight off and keeping it off!I tried my best to dodge him, but the Spring cleaning bug finally bit me today. I've been cleaning, sorting, tossing and decluttering here in my computer room/spare room today. It seems like this is the catch-all room now that Jessica moved out. She always kept it pretty clean, but now anything that I haven't found a place for seems to end up in here, plus anything else that I don't want to bother with at the time. I've looked at it long enough and today is reckoning day.

I went through all my Christmas and Winter clothing, putting away the things I want to keep in my off season closet and making a pile of things to give away. I also went through both closets and my dresser drawers and weeded out a lot of things that I just don't like or that I'm not going to wear anymore, for whatever reason.

Then there were the worn out and holey undergarments that have used up their usefulness. I was keeping them for desperate times, but I decided that I'd rather just do laundry a little more often than be forced to wear those disgraceful items and then, God forbid, have an accident and have every health care worker in Northeast Arkansas be gossiping about the sorry state of my underpinnings. A girl has to have some standards, you know.

***(Aside to BARB: I found some of that ombre pastel baby yarn I was looking for last Fall, but only 2 skeins of it! I STILL haven't found the lion's share of it! I just can't imagine what I might have done with it!)***

I went through all my shoes and got rid of over half of them. Most I just can't wear anymore because my feet swell so much that I can't get my fat feet into them, or they're too uncomfortable to tolerate if I DO get my feet into them.

I cracked open a Rubber*maid storage container and found 3 full cases of cassette tapes, both store bought and self-recorded. I kept 2 cassettes and gave the rest to hubby to sort through and keep or give away as he chooses. I couldn't tell you the last time I listened to a cassette. I listen to CD's mostly these days. I did have a little moment of teary-eyed nostalgia as I was saying a solemn farewell to a big chunk of my musical past. I loved my Walk*man with a pure and perfect heart.

I still have a lot to do in here, but I'm making inroads, though it might not look like it to the uninformed eye. I've moved piles of stuff from one place to another as I've sorted and tossed and in doing so I've piled up the daybed so I need to un-pile it and sort and toss some more. I also need to declutter my desktop. I'm tired of the mountain of stuff sliding off in my lap when I have to search for something on the bottom of the pile.

Lots of stuff still to do here in this one room, but I'm slowly getting it done.Jessica and I took a few pictures at church last Sunday of Emmy and some of the rest of the family. I'm going to include a few of them here.

The first three are of Emmy standing alone. She's making progress on her walking skills but she's got the standing alone down pat. They're not the best pictures in the world, but you get the idea.I also have a pic of me and CECIL...One of JESSICA and Emmy...And me and Emmy.
Sunday, April 13 marks 3 years since my Mama went on to be with her Lord. On some days it seems like it was only yesterday that she left us, but others it seems like she's been gone forever.

My only regret is that Mama didn't get to see Emmy before she died. Mama died in 2005 and Emmy was born May 8, 2007 so I suppose it just wasn't in God's plan.

Jessie Lue Cook
June 28, 1929-April 13, 2005
In Loving Memory.

We love you and miss you, Mama.I have a book giveaway planned soon and possibly another CD giveaway. I'll be back in a few days to review the book and launch the giveaway. In the meantime, y'all have a blessed Sunday. May God supply all your need and may you have enough to share.


MammyT said...

Hey, I'm first in line. You've been pretty much a once-a-week poster ever since *I've* known you, so I usually come by on Saurday night. Gotcha. You're actually a little early.
What a great post.
And, girl, I can see it coming off! You do look good. Keep at it and you're gonna make it. Here's a 'high-5' on those jeans. Hallelujah!
Your menu for Sunday sounds real healthy. All those vegetables. I love them. Fried cabbage does sound good to me too.
I'm afraid to actually put clothes away for the season. We're still gonna have a few cold snaps, I think. Though we have had some real warm Spring-y days.
We are doing spring 'organizing' I guess. We've been doing an overhaul of our craft supplies. we've made a dent in them anyway. Did you see the ATC's the kids and I made? I posted it Friday.I'm working on a little quilt for one of my neices to be from China. God willing, we will get them before our relations with China get too difficult!
Those are precious pictures of Emmy. I'm glad you got the sequence of events there from crawling to standing up. I don't think we have any like that of our gang.
I'll pray for you tonight and tomorrow. I know how you must miss your mother. Jessica looks like her, doesn't she?
Those days are hard, those anniversaries. We are coming up in late May on the anniversary of the day our daughter died. I always start getting unsettled as the day approaches, even when I haven't consciously thought about it. Fortunately, a couple of years after her death, my grandson was born on the same day, so we are always celebrating him.
Thanks for coming by my site. It's always good to hear from you and know you're around. God bless you, my friend.

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

well done Diane
for having that clean up

hugs to you Diane
I bet your mama is looking down at Emmy and smiling

have a good week my friend

Rachel said...

Hi Diane! Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate them!!

Congrats on losing 15 lbs. I sure need to lose some. Somehow my heart ain't in it right now. Sigh. Maybe I'll get motivated soon!

Your Sunday dinner sounds mighty fine indeed!!! You have flung a craving on me for cabbage!! I wish I could drop in tomorrow with the rest of the gang!!

As usual I have no idea what I'll have for dinner tomorrow. I'm never prepared!

I love the pictures!! Little Emmy is so cute with those 2 bottom teeth showing!!

I know how you miss your Mom. She was a beautiful lady!!! She would be thrilled with little Emmy!!

Love and hugs,

Betty said...

Hi Diane,

My you have had a busy week haven't you? You have been doing what I need to be doing. I have so many clothes I need to go through and divide up into what I want to keep and what I give away. It's a job.

Your fried cabbage sounds good. I've never cooked it like that. I always cut it up and put water in the pan just enough to cover the cabbage, add a little oil, salt and pepper and cook until tender. The way you cook it sounds better. I'll have to try that.

Nice pictures of your family. It was nice to see a picture of your Mom. I'm sure you still miss her a lot.

Have a good day tomorrow. Enjoy your meal and all your family.

Love and Hugs,

Mary said...


I'm not sure what we're having for Sunday dinner, but it's going to be simple. I just bought a cabbage today and your friend cabbage sounds great. Grandma used to make that and I think it's about 10 years or so since I did, so it will be a treat. Not sure what else we'll have, but that is a start. LOL

Emmy is adorable and like Griffyn, she is going to be walking and running before long. It's awesome watching a baby take its first steps.

I have been working on my kitchen some but really need to clean up this computer room. It has so much clutter and like your desktop, mine needs a good spring cleaning. We do seem to accumulate things, don't we?

Take care, my friend and have a wonderful Sunday.

Michael Manning said...

Diane: I feel certain your Mom is so proud of you and is watching over you and Emmy from Heaven. I still think of my Dad every single day!

What cute photos! One of these days I'll have a helicopter pilot land me in your yard, and you'll need to add another place setting for these great Sunday meals!


Granny said...

Your dinner sounds good to me. I may try your cabbage one of these days. I usually just steam it.

You've been busy with the sorting. We've been going through storing some of the winter things and bring out spring and summer a little at a time.

Warm here and expected to go higher but it's still to early to expect any consistency.

Emmy is so cute - she'll be running before you know it and then it will be Katy, bar the door.

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, I think your mom did see Emily in the pre-existance. I believe that we all existed before we were born and that we come to earth to live a mortal life then we go back to heaven to live for eternity. Your mom probably gave Emily a little kiss and said, "See you later sweetie." I know that you miss her.

Sunday dinner - Oh man, I need to decide something quick or Sunday dinner won't happen. I had thought about a chicken in the crock pot, but I forgot to take it out to thaw. I do have some Salmon in the freezer that would work. Now that you have mentioned cabbage, I can do that and maybe make some brown rice and a chocolate pudding pie. I salad would be nice too. I knew I would get some ideas coming here.

I need to get into some spring cleaning too. We have a room upstairs that has turned into the "junk" room. I just need to go up there, be brave, and get rid of "stuff" too. Boy, it's hard to get rid of stuff when you were raised by Depression Era parents, they saved everything for a hard time. When dad died, my sisters and I threw away bank statements that were forty years old....I started clearing out old records last year.

Now that Emily is about to walk, get prepared to put your running shoes on, she will be getting into everything. lol

Have a good week.

Linda said...

Hey Diane!
Sunday dinner sounds good - good food and good company.
You sure have had a productive week! Now my closet is looming large in my mind after reading about how much you accomplished. I really have to get it organized. I keep tripping over the shoes! I don't know why I put it off; it's such a good feeling once it's all done.
The pictures are so sweet - especially the one of your mother. What a precious smile. I can only imagine how much you all must miss her.
Have a great sunday Diane. It's a beautiful day here - no rain, but it's hard to complain about clear sunny skies and a fresh breeze.

Susie said...

Hi Diane!
Your Sunday dinner sounds good. Way to go on losing 15#. I know that isn't always easy to do!!
Anniversaries of the loss of our loved ones can be tough. I just know that your Mom is smiling down in happiness at little Miss Emmy :)
She is just going to be running all over the place in no time!
We're having dinner with our best buddies tonight. Not sure what we'll eat, but we've missed them while they were back in Georgia!!
Have a great week :)
love and hugs

Dawn said...

Your mama looks like a very fun lady! I am so blessed to still have both of my parents!

Emmy is doing so great. What a cutie.

Hey, 15 pounds! That's awesome. I can't seem to get motivated on the 40 pounds I need to lose! I MUST though, because I do not want to buy new summer clothes.

We grilled hamburgers and ate on the patio - after having snow on Thursday! What a crazy place.

Sammy said...

Hi Diane!

Way to go with the jeans!! That must feel great! You rock!! High-Five!! :-)

Your Sunday dinner sounds wonderful--all those yummy vegetables! How did the grill work out? My sister has one of those and she really likes it.

The pictures are great. Emmy is as cute as can be, and the picture of you and Cecil is just lovely. What beautiful sisters!

Anniversaries like that are so tough. My father died several years ago so I know what that kind of loss feels like. Being pregnant right now makes me extra sad he didn't get to see me do this. I know he would have been so happy, just as your mother would have been so proud of little Emmy. My thoughts are with you, Diane.


Lucy Stern said...

Diane, the cabbage was wonderful. I sauted it with some chopped onion and 1 clove of garlic and it was great...Thanks for the idea.

Mary said...


Please drop over to my Writing Nook. I have a little something for you.

mer said...

Hi Diane,

Hmmm...I always leave your blog feeling hungry for some of the deliciousness you're cooking up. I'm not usually a big fan of cabbage, but you make it sound wonderful. :)

Hey, we use our George Foreman grill all the time...for chicken, hamburgers, etc. My favorite thing to make on it is panini sandwiches. They're tasty, and I love that it doesn't heat up my kitchen!

Hope you have a great week!

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Diane,
Burrr, it sure is cold this morning. It is 39 degrees right now and they are saying we will be under a Freeze Warning for tonight and in the morning. Yesterday it was just a freeze watch. I am just now having my first cup of coffee. I didn't visit any yesterday, so I have alot of catching up to do today. I guess I was just so tired from all the shopping on Saturday. LOL. It does feel good to be able to shop and not count pennies. Your Sunday Dinner sounds good. I haven't fixed cabbage since the end of last year. I think I fixed some for New Year's Day. Yeap, that's when it was. I bought me a new deep fryer Saturday and for mine and the girls supper last night, I fried some shrimp, chicken strips, french fries, tater tots, and broccoli and cheese pops. It was really good and the girls really liked it. We have enough left for our supper tonight. "CONGRATULATION'S" on losing the 15 pounds. I sure need to lose me some, but it's so hard when I don't have anyone helping me or dieting with me. Sounds like the Spring Cleaning bug has hit you pretty good. I still have some unpacked boxes to go thru myself. We got rid of alot of things last August when we moved. The pictures of you and Miss Emmy and Cecil and Jessica are just precious. Miss Emmy is such a precious little girl. I known our youngest daughter really likes her. I have several Max Lucado books that I need to get rid of. I've had them a while and read them several times. Our oldest daughter was suppose to have a game here in town tonight, but it's been cancelled. I sure am glad because it is too cold to be playing ball. She does have one here tomorrow night and I hope it's a bit warmer tho. I'm not sure yet when we will come back to Bay and play that game yet. I'm sure they will let us know and when they do, I will let you know. We had our house phone hooked back up on Friday. I have a new cell phone number as well. I will email you later on today or tomorrow and give you my numbers. My furnace has been on the blink since yesterday. I called our landlord yesterday, but he never called me back. I shut it off for a couple of hours and turned it back on and it started working. This morning it's doing the same thing, so I shut it off for now and I have turned the oven on to get the chill out of the house. Well, guess I will go for now. I need to refresh my cup of coffee back up. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Bev said...

Well, hurrah for you for 15 lbs - thats wonderful! And I swear I've never, ever heard of fried cabbage! Good luck with the spring cleaning, I'm trying to hide from that bug for a bit.

Dawn said...

The singing time sounds like such fun. We get together with two other churches in town once a quarter, taking turns hosting. The other two churches have dropped hymns from their menu, so some of the people love to get together and sing with us (who still sing the old songs in our early service). There's nothing like a whole evening of singing to lift the spirits!

We're to have two days of really nice weather in the 70s, then back to 48 on Wednesday. Who knows? PRobably more snowy junk on the horizon.

PEA said...

Dearest Diane,

Your Sunday dinner sounded yummy. Believe it or not, though, I've never had fried cabbage or even steamed! The only way I've eaten cabbage is in coleslaw! lol I fried some Haddock fish and homemade french fries. I've got one of those George Foreman grills and just love it.

I'm just sooo proud of you for losing 15 lbs already!! That's really great...keep up the good work! I need to start watching what I eat as well but the old willpower is hard to find! Sigh.

Sounds like you've certainly been busy with the Spring cleaning. It's such a good feeling though when you can declutter a room. I have a whole bunch of boxes piled downstairs with stuff that I decluttered a few months ago and want to have a yard sale in May. Hopefully get rid of all of it!!!

I so love those pictures of Emmy...look at her standing on her own! She's growing up TOO fast Diane!!!! Such a precious little girl.

I know how much you're missing your mom and my heart goes out to you, on this, the anniversary of her death. xoxo

Barb said...

Wow, Diane. 15 pounds! You should be proud of that.

This house is full of spring cleaning bugs....but they're all hiding under the tons of fabric sitting on every flat surface. This may be the first time in years I just skip spring cleaning and save it for summer.

I can't get over how big that baby is getting. It makes me realize I need to enjoy every moment with Avery while she's still tiny. And when she gets to where she cn do what Emmy's doing in those photos, I'm in BIG trouble. LOL

You look really, really pretty in pink. I think that's one of the best photos I've ever seen of you.

Have a wonderful new week, my friend.

Morning Glory said...

What a fun news-filled post! You've certainly been busy. It seems like the bug has bitten a number of us this spring. I've started some, but still have more to do.

Congratulations on the weight loss!! That's awesome, Diane.

And of course, Emmy is as cute as always!! She looks like such a happy little girl.

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

Today we were traveling in a town I had visited many times as a child, and I saw the old motor lodge where we had stayed. My first thought was to take a photo to show my mother, who has been gone for almost three years. Funny how the mind tricks. I know she is at peace.

Sounds like you had a wonderful Sunday. Good for you!

Greeneyes said...

Hey Sweet Sister friend ,
I miss you v much , I have been on here (YOURSITE) a couple times and Jessica"s just havent had alot of time to comment but I tell you , you made y day with the pics of Emmy walking. Good Golly she is growing so fast I can hardly believe my eyes!!Give her loads and loads of refined SUGAR all over that beautiful child!!!! and a spinkle for you too my friend .
Loved all the pics , your green eyes really show through in these pics , really pretty .
We seriously need to catch up , seems like one of us is always busy , ahh,,,,,, we'll catch up soon ((((BSH))))
Love you

Miss G.

Jess said...

Hey mom...lunch was very good by the way, and it was a hard day. Seems like yesterday that you, grandma, cecil, and sue would all play games at the table or even us go out on 14 to their house for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I wish soo much that she could have seen Emmy and met Jason. But who knows... she might have already . Love you and see you Thursday.

Angela (Gran) said...

Good Morning my sweet Diane!

Your lunch sounds wonderful.I love fried cabbage...brings back great memories of my grandmothers's.

Emmy is so beautiful and growing up so fast.Now comes the hard part...keeping up with her. That's the haredest thng for me.LOL.

I know that each year that the day comes of your mother going to heaven with her Lord is a very difficult day for each of you. She looks like she would have had such a loving spirit and would add extra zest to life too! A BIG Hug and soft pat on your sweet friend.

Congratulations !!!!! on loosing the 15 pounds. You are looking so good in the picture. You are doing Great!

May your day be filled with many blessings and lots of love and kaughter,

RennyBA said...

I'll tell you about my Sunday Dinner later - I had a blast of a weekend as you can see on my last post.

Awwwww, the pics of Emmy's first steps is breath taking. I so much remember those days, but now my children is out of the nest. Count your blessing - theses days never comes back you know!

Dick said...

We took my younger son to a Mexican restaurant Sunday for lunch, then had dinner at home.

Pat and I both come up on our three year marks in 2008 since loosing our original spouses. In two weeks we will celebrate our first anniversary for us. We probably won't make as many years together since we are starting at a later age (Pat & Sherm would have been 50 years next Nov) but we are going to enjoy every one of them that we get together.

Mountain Mama said...

Congratulations on the weight loss and healthier eating. I need to do the same. I thought once spring stumbled in I could be in the gardens more, get more exercise and hopefully lose some weight but unfortunately it just makes me hungrier!
Your tribute to your mom is sweet. I feel the same way about mine.

So Emmy is about to take off! My great grand babies are doing the same thing. They're so cute waddling on those chubby little legs.

I hope you are having a good week Diane.
God bless you and yours,
Love, Bev

MightyMom said...

Tag, you're it!

Anonymous said...

You might want to change your blog name to "Diane's Sunday Cooking," since that's all you write about anymore.
Love hearing about it, though! Best to you and your family.

Pearl said...

Such a lovely post!!
First of all you have made me so hungry after reading your menu. Those lucky dogs who will be attending...

Congratulations on your weight loss. It is so not easy. I am struggling to try and lose but I just can't get in the right frame of mind to be so determined.

You all look wonderful in your photos. Goodness that little girl has a beautiful smile.

Peace be with your mom. She is lovely in that photo.


Myrna said...

I love your Sunday posts--So newsy!

Look at that Emmy go--Love the picture of her with Jessica--two beauties!

I plan to be back more regularly now--I'm ready to be back with my blogging friends!

miss G said...


kansasrose said...

(((hug)))) God Bless your Mom...she is with our Lord this day. Your heart must ache for her dear Diane. What a lovely picture of her! Just know you and your family and all who love her are being thought of and prayed for.

I can't believe it's almost Emmy's 1st birthday! Where did this year go? lol. I bet you all have some special birthday doins' planned for her.

I've been running around like a chicken minus the head these past few days. Everything on DD's wedding is packed into these last few weeks it seems. June can't get here soon enough! lol

Take care hon and have a great weekend. Love, Jen

Yellow Mama said...

Thanks for the good word. I know you miss your Mom...I do too!

Amanda said...

Emmy has your nose! Maybe she'll get her mom's hair, or is curly blonde in the family? Good pictures; thanks for sharing.

Jeanette said...

Hi Diane, Ohh your Sunday meal, just sounds so delious, My kinda meal lots of fresh Vegies.. oh im off to buy a cabbage I saute' mine with a little butter and black pepper, my Daughter adds finely chopped bacon to hers...YUMMYYY..

Alex said...

I'm sure your mama was a wonderful woman. I'm fortunate enough to still have my mama alive and kicking. (and trust me, if you need kicking, she'll do it!) I can't imagine not having my mom around.

ok, happier thoughts! : That's one cute baby! She's always smiling. A happy child is a good thing.

15 lbs? Congrats! It is a hard enough battle and when you toss your obvious love of cooking that shows even more strength and conviction, keep it up. You can do it!