Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Emmy Pictures

Here are some pictures as promised in my last post.
I tried to upload more of these pictures Saturday
in my Sunday Dinner post but Blogger was being a
goober and wouldn't allow it then.

My sister Ducky's son and daughter in law,
Danny and Mikki, invited some family and friends
to a birthday party for their son Seth's first
birthday this past Saturday.

This is Mikki's Mom on the left, Seth's Grandma
on Mikki's side, and holding Seth is one of his
uncles. I didn't ask permission to use their names
so I won't do so without their permission.
On the right is my sister Ducky, Seth's Grandma
on Danny's side.Here's Danny, Emmy and Ducky.Cecil squishing the stuffin' out of Emmy.Me and Emmy. Emmy looks away....Cecil and Emmy. Emmy was really excited
over the helium balloons.
See those teeth? Emmy's, not Cecil's! ;-)
She has 3 teeth on the top and 2 on bottom.....And now it's me that's looking away!
Someday maybe we'll get our act together.Danny making faces at Emmy, trying to make her
laugh. It's not hard at all to make Emmy laugh.Cecil and Emmy again.I really like this picture. Cecil is looking at
Emmy with such love in her eyes, and
Emmy is just totally oblivious.Emmy and Seth eyeball each other.
They're second cousins.Me and Emmy sharing a
Grandma/Granddaughter moment.
It's a really touching interlude. Just moments
before she'd bonked me upside the head
with that party horn.
Due to Jessica and Jason's changing work schedules I've had Emmy quite a lot lately. I finished the afghans I was crocheting and mailed them and and some other goodies to that certain Nana I mentioned. That was Friday. On Saturday, at the same time as Seth's birthday party, I was invited to a baby shower for a young couple at my church. I had to miss the shower because I was already committed to attending Seth's party, but now I'm working on yet another baby afghan, and the Mom is due the last week in March.

So yeah, I've been pretty busy, and I'm going to be busy for quite a while to come. After I finish this baby afghan, which should be within the next week barring any major hindrances, I should have a little more leisure time for blogging. My posting and commenting time has been pretty hit and miss here lately, and I apologize for that. I am reading all my blogging friends' posts though, I promise. I just don't always have time to comment, and it's even harder to find time to post.

I'll try to do better, just bear with me.

Emmy is almost standing alone. She forgets to hang on sometimes and stands unsupported for a couple of seconds, then either plops down on her bottom or grabs hold of something for support. She wants to be down on the floor, crawling, pulling up and getting into everything that's not nailed down. She's getting bored with her playpen and demands more attention all the time.

As my Mama would have said, she's like a worm in hot ashes. She's only still when she's asleep, and she doesn't sleep much during the day anymore. She's in constant motion and always looking for something new to stimulate her need to learn. In other words, she's a bright, ordinary almost-10 month-old and some days she wears this old Grandma slap out.

When she really starts walking I've already told Jessica that we're going to have to hang her on a nail just so we can go to the bathroom and not have to worry about what Emmy's getting into while we're busy! She can almost climb out of her crib and playpen now!

Hey! I've got one of those jumbo size plastic dog crates....LOL! Just kidding, but I could clean it up and...... ;-)

Emmy is a firm believer that if it's worth saying, it's worth saying it LOUD! She babbles and yells all the time, and sometimes she even says real words! She says "Ma Ma", "Da Da", "bye bye", "baby", and I've taught her the Tarzan yell and how to cluck like a chicken. Really. Her Mama and Daddy really love it when they hear the Tarzan yell in the wee hours of the morning coming over the intercom.

Nothing says "Wake up and fix me a bottle!" like the Tarzan yell at 3 in the morning. :-)

I'm happy to report that Emmy and I are feeling pretty good these days. We're both over our runny noses for the most part, although I do still have a stuffy nose from time to time. I think I'll die with that, though. Allergies, I'm thinking, and I've had those all my life.

I have plenty of Emmy sugar and snuggles to share so come and get it everybody! GREENEYES, be sure and get your fresh supply of Emmy loves. ;o)

And now it's almost 1 am and Diane is TARD once again. It's been a full day and my bed is calling me.

Y'all have a great Wednesday and rest of your week.


The Trier and Jen said...

wow its amazing seeing Seth at a year old
they grow fast dont they

MightyMom said...

you cut your hair!!

Donna said...

Lucky you, to be able to be involved in your grandbaby's life.

Lynne said...

Great pictures of all of you. I'll bet Emmy tires you out!! She's going to be a real handful for you when she starts walking - and running. Enjoy her!

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Diane,
The pictures of Seth's Birthday party are just wonderful. I know everyone had a great time. Something about that first birthday party is always so special. The pictures of Miss Emmy and you and Cecil are just awesome. She is growing like a weed. I remember the days when ours started walking. I told my DH I was going to have to get a leash to put them on. LOL. When they are quiet, oh my, you need to find them in a hurry. LOL. They will be into things then. I'm glad you and Miss Emmy are feeling better. The way this weather has been lately, I think everyone's allergies are all messed up. I am having my first cup of coffee this morning. I was up late last night. My DH made it home around 11:45p.m. and I heated up our supper that we had for him. We sat up and talked for a while and went to bed around 12:30a.m. I usually get up around 4:30a.m., but I reset my alarm to go off at 5:30a.m. this morning. I know you are busy and all, but when you have time, stop by. I have some things for you on my post today. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Barb said...

Like a worm in hot ashes. Perfect description, Diane. LOL

She's as cute as she can be. Look at those little teeth.

Everything completely changes when they get mobile, doesn't it? I'm still scratching my head. What on earth am I going to do on Fridays when I have Cameron and Avery both here. Cameron's outgrowing the portacrib anyway, but I have no idea where I'm going to put him for his nap. Sigh.

Actually, that big dog kennel doesn't sound all that bad to me. I mean, if you clean it up, well..... And don't they lock from the outside?

Oh, I'm kidding. Sort of. :-)

Barb said...

PS - That Nana you slaved away on those baby afghans for plans to share the joy with her readers in her Sunday post. :-)

Dick said...

Neat photos! You need to make up a photo CD or DVD that will play on your TV over a DVD player of Emmy's first year. That would make a neat thing to keep, for all of the family.

Hope said...

Hi Diane,
Well, it looks like Emmy is the center of attention and loving it! Great pictures of you and your family. What a loving bunch ya'll are!!

Boy, you have been one busy girl! Makes me TARD just reading it! Think I need a nap....


RennyBA said...

Thanks so much for sharing these lovely pics from all your family. So good to see all the love and care in the pics. You really have a great family atmosphere!

Love and hugs from Diane and me :-)

Betty said...


I just loved reading your post today and seeing all the great family photos. You and your sisters favor a lot. I guess you hear that all the time though. And Emmy, well, she's just a little precious doll baby. Yes, you'd better get a nail ready when she starts walking, lol. Have you decided where you are going to put that nail yet? LOL again.

I miss you when you don't post, and I miss your comments on my blog; but I totally understand why you can't get around to doing anything that doesn't absolutely have to be done. First things first, and that grandbaby comes first.

My step granddaughter is expecting her first baby, and I want to crochet her either a baby blanket or a baby afghan. Which, in your opinion, do you think is most useful?

PEA said...

Hello dear Diane,

Such wonderful pictures you're sharing with us today...glad Blogger is letting you this time! lol Emmy is just so adorable and I just love her smile, it completely lights up her whole face:-) Sounds like she truly is a typical 10 month old...if you think you're tired now from watching her...watch out when she's running! lol xoxo

Tammy said...

That last picture of you and Emmy is just beyond precious!!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

MammyT said...

I just lost my whole post! Durnit.
I'll probably email you later.

It's All Good! said...

Hi Diane, your granddaughter is adorable! I so miss that age. Funny the things you have to consider with a child that age. Hanging her up on the nail while going to the bathroom cracked me up! Have a great day.

Mountain Mama said...

Nice pictures Diane, and quite a birthday party for a one year old too. You and Emmy look so sweet together. I can just see the love! Grandbabies are a special blessing.
God Bless you and yours.

Greeneyes said...

All these wonderful pics are just what I needed and thank you sister friend I sucked up all the love and sugar HAHA , well I am not greedy I left a teaspoon or so for the others!
Emmy is certainly growing isnt she , wow , she is adorable ,seeing her certainly brightens my world up .
I love the pic of tender granmother and Granddaughter JUST before she Popped you on the head , ROTFLMBO!!! Look at her eyelashes , so long , and her hair is still really light like her Mommas.
I can hardly believe she will be one in a couple months ,God Bless her and all ye guys .
Love you Sister friend

Miss G.

Jeanette said...

Hi Dianne,Lovely photo's at Seths 1st bithday. Gees time fly's can hardly believe emma's 10 months old she will keep you on your toes when she starts walking..love the one of you and emmy looking at each other the love shows in your eyes..

Dawn said...

That little sweetie sure gets a lot of lovin'!! This is a fun time in their lives, but I know it'll keep you hopping. I can't imagine what it will be like when there are two more running around here!

Jo said...

There is nothing in this world like grandchildren. I wouldn't trade mine for all of the tea in China. Not even on a bad day.

Emmy is definately a keeper I would say.

Have a blessed day my friend.

Dawn said...

Re your comment today:

Yes, they are still really tiny and I can hold them both at the same time still. CAre Bear was 5 lbs. 8 oz. when she was born and seemed so tiny. Now that seems a good size!

I had almost forgotten there was such a thing as instant coffee! My inlaws used to drink it sometimes, and also something called Postum - ever hear of it? EWWW! And they are (and were) good Swedes!

Hope said...

Diane, you really GOT it! You CAN read backwards. Everybody had trouble with the word skeptical but you GOT it!! I'm so tickled! I did spell the words right, didn't I?? LOL

Ok, I'm ready to see what Sunday dinner is going to be. It's a long drive from here to Arkansas, you know. As much as I love food, it would probably take a back seat if we could meet and really talk! We'd probably be yacking away and forget to eat! Naw!!!

Have a great weekend!


Lucy Stern said...

Babies show pure love and happiness, it's no wonder that Jesus wants us to be like little children. I have noticed that when Emily smiles, her whole face shows it....What a delight. Good luck with that next afgan..

Mary said...


I love the photos of Emmy and the family. Thanks for posting them. I think Emmy is a little older than Griffyn and he is trying to walk too. He made it down the side of the playpen the other day by holding on and then suddenly he realized what he was doing and fell. LOL Kids are so cute.

Take care. Just dropping by to try and catch up.