Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sunday Dinner, January 20, 2008 & More Answers

Another Saturday night, and time to cook another Sunday Dinner. And, YES, I am cooking again. Will wonders never cease?

Everybody liked MY PORTUGUESE BEAN SOUP so much when I made it a few weeks ago that I decided to make it again. So my pinto beans and chicken are simmering away as I type this and I'll have to do the final assembly on the soup when the beans and chicken are done. The beans should be done just about the same time I finish this post if I time it right.

I'll make some cornbread when I get home from church on Sunday afternoon. While my cornbread is baking my soup will be warming. Since Saturday's high never made it above freezing, we're headed down into the lower teens tonight and tomorrow's high is only going to reach into the lower 30's, I think my hot soup and cornbread will hit the spot.

That's what's on the menu at La Casa de Jennings for Sunday Dinner. What are your plans? Just share your menu/plans in the comments.And now more questions and answers:

MARY @ MARY'S WRITING NOOK asks: I'm am going to get a little more personal and ask when you asked Jesus to be your personal Savior and how that experience changed your life. There should be a story here.

Oh, Mary, is there ever a story there. In September 2006 I participated in the Bloggy Tour of Testimonies. My testimony can be found HERE. I don't really have anything to add to it except to say, God is still faithful, even when I'm not and don't deserve His many blessings. MIGHTY MOM asks: WHAT COLOR ARE YOUR SLIPPERS?

Well now, that depends. You see, I have a thing about slippers and house shoes, as I call them. I love to go barefoot but hate to step on anything gritty. So I guess you might say I have a split slipper personality. Or not. Whatever.

But I alternate between going barefoot here at home and wearing either house shoes or fuzzy booty sock thingies. As you can imagine, I have quite a collection of slippers and socks. I have some black scuffs that my sister Ducky gave me for my birthday that are my current favorite slippers, and I bought some fuzzy purple and pink booty socks at Wal*mart back before Christmas that I really like. They're made of some really soft velour/chenille kind of stuff and are so warm and comfy.

Next question, please.BARB @ A CHELSEA MORNING asks: So let's see. My heart is telling me to ask you a personal question. So I want to know how you've borne the loss of both your parents, especially because I believe they passed away pretty close together, like within a year of each other or maybe even months? I truly want your input on this because I still have both my parents and although I've lost a brother, I cannot bear the thought of losing my parents.

Barb, you know how to ask the hard questions, don't you? Not "hard" as in emotionally painful, but "hard" as in difficult to put into words. But let's see if I can. I'll do my best.

My Daddy died at home of cancer on December 19, 2004. Less than 4 months later, on April 13, 2005, my Mama died at home of cancer, emphysema and congestive heart failure. My sisters and I and Mama and Daddy's grandchildren nursed them at home. They were never in the hospital. Just as they cared for us in our youth, we cared for them in their last days.

My Mama and Daddy were very special people. My sisters and I grew up poor but blessed, and if you'd like you can read about some of my childhood memories in MY "I AM FROM..." ESSAY, MY LETTER TO MY MAMA, ANOTHER "I AM FROM...", A TRIBUTE TO MY DADDY, WHEN WE WERE YOUNG PART 1 and 2, and many others. (Remember the LEVER ACTION METAL ICE TRAYS, Barb?)

If you've read my blog for more than a year you've probably already read all those posts of mine. If not, they'll give you a good idea of the raisin' I had and how important my family is to me. My Mama and Daddy weren't perfect, not by a long shot, but the most important thing is that they loved me, and they're MY Mama and Daddy.

As all families do, we had our ups and downs, triumphs and trials, but through all my life there's a thread of love that's stitched me and my family together. They say love is blind. I say not only blind, but plain ol' stupid at times.

But you know what? Sometimes love is all that keeps you from choking the last breath out of someone you love more than your own life. We're complicated creatures, ain't we?

All that to say this: My Mama and Daddy loved me enough to raise me knowing the truth. Knowing that as much as you may love somebody, the fact is, none of us is going to get out of this world alive. They raised us girls to stand on our own two feet, to take responsibility for ourselves and to know that one day they'd be gone and we'd have to make it on our own, without them. The raising they gave me and my sisters prepared us for their death just as it prepared us for living our lives as responsible adults.

Mama told us that we could best honor her and Daddy after their death by living our lives. By not grieving so much that we couldn't appreciate the blessings of this life. By going on to raise our kids the same way we were raised, to the best of our ability.

Barb, what helped me the most, knowing my Daddy and Mama were dying, was knowing that I'd done everything I could for them. I'd done my best. I'd said everything I needed to say to them, asked every question, left nothing undone. There were no regrets, no "I wish I'd....."

So, my advice to you and anyone whose parents are still living is this: Whatever you need to ask, ask. If you have something you need to say to them, say it. Spend time with them. Make time for them. If there are bad feelings between you, settle it now. Be the peacemaker even if you think you're right and they're wrong. You only have one Mama and Daddy. Eternity is going to last a long, long time. Love them and honor them now. Give them flowers while they live, not on a casket.

Leave nothing undone so that you'll have no regrets. That's the bottom line, Barb.

I seem to have found plenty of words after saying it was going to be difficult to put this into words, didn't I?And one more question before I hit "publish" and go finish making my soup....

TAMMY @ PINK MAGNOLIA asks: What is your favorite current TV show. is number two...what is your all time favorite TV show??

Hmm....I don't watch much TV these days since I discovered blogging almost 2 years ago. But right now it's probably a tie between the Discovery Channel's DIRTY JOBS with Mike Rowe and ANTIQUES ROADSHOW on PBS. A close second, depending on what's in reruns, is the FOOD NETWORK'S GOOD EATS with Alton Brown.

All time favorite TV show? Another tie, because I just can't choose. M*A*S*H and THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES.

All righty, ladies and gentlemen, that concludes our Q and A session for this evening. Watch your step as you exit and have a lovely evening.May God bless you with all you need, and enough to share.


Donna said...

I like you. I believe we are sisters and friends, even though I never heard of you till a couple of days ago. God bless you.

Morning Glory said...

I live in slippers all winter, too, and go barefoot all summer. About the only time I put on shoes is when I have to leave the house.

Your words about your parents were truly beautiful, Diane. They sound like they were precious people. Mine are both gone now, too, so I would echo your advice to those who still have one or both living. Treasure all the moments there are.

Mary said...


Your testimony is awesome. Grandma took me to church, but I wasn't save until I was in my 30s. I was baptised and though I don't attend church on a regular basis, I have a personal relationship with Jesus.

The reason I don't attend church is that I've been hurt by too many people who profess to be Christians. I have forgiven them but do not want to be hurt again, so I worship the Lord in my home and in my own way.

Thanks so much for answering my question and all the others. I dislike slippers, but must wear them in the winter to keep my feet from freezing. LOL In the summer, I pretty much go barefoot in the house.

Thanks for your comments on my Sea World post. The boys loved this part of the trip and had some awesome experiences there.

Love and blessings,

Greeneyes said...

you made me cry , sniff sniff !
the parents question thingy !
I miss you , hope to catch up to you , love you sister friend

Hugs and Sugar for Emmy and YOU , UHHHHH where are all the new pics ???????I need a fix
Love ya
Miss G

Sister said...

So I don't visit for a week and you go and have a "confession party" without me? :)

As I suspected, you're true to your word - just like you told BooMama and me in the beginning: "No pretensions; what you see is what you get."

And that's what we love about you.


Susie said...

I've loved reading through the answers you've posted here. Your tender words about your parents are so heartwarming.
Our Sunday dinner will be at our daughter's tomorrow.
Thanks once again for your love and prayers...

Granny said...

I couldn't think of a question but love reading your answers. The section about your parents was lovely.

I keep slipper socks on all the time and when it's really chilly, I warm my big fuzzy slippers in the dryer and add them to the socks already on my feet.

It's the layered look.

Dinner? I have leftover roast and potatoes and we both love homemade hash so that will be it for tonight. I was going to do it yesterday but we went out for a huge lunch and neither of us were very hungry later.

A Chelsea Morning said...

I felt kind of bad after I posted that question Diane, but now I'm really glad I did because your answer is just wonderful. I will heed your advice my friend.

And yes. I remember those horrid aluminum lever-action ice trays. Sure makes me appreciate my ice maker!

Thank you for answering my question. I hope a lot of people read what you've written - very sage advice for those of us fortunate to still have our parents.

BigDadGib said...

I stop in to see what's for Sunday Eats and not only do I get hungry, but I get my heart filled with a blessing. Now, that is great.

Love and hugs...mushy, mushy..(and all that girl stuff... lol )

I do love ya, and thanks. Gib

Bev said...

I'm enjoying reading your answers, loved your favorite show - I've heard it's good, fun TV watching.

And dinner, I'm cooking! Deer chili (I promise it's good although it'll probably sound creepy to some out there), chips and queso, cornbread and pumpkin pie for dessert. It's soooo cold today, we pulled out the comfort foods. Hugs sweet friend, Bev

Mountain Mama said...

Hello Diane. It's always fun to read your blog. I haven't tried the Portuguese Bean Soup yet but the recipe sure sounds good! As for my sunday dinner, I really haven't planned one because I have not been feeling well. I have that sinus thing that's going around. Maybe some tea and toast...ain't that just so exciting!
However if I felt better I would sure enjoy a big juicy steak and some mac and cheese the way mom made it, and maybe a nice garden salad, and how about a big fat cream puff with strawberries around it for dessert?
Gee, I think I'm feeling better already!
God bless you and yours Diane.

Betty said...

I just loved reading your post for today, Diane. I especially enjoyed reading about your relationship with your parents and how you dealt with their deaths. One thing you said made me think of something my Mom told me before she died. She told me to not cry after her - that she had led a good, long life. She was always thinking about me. She wasn't thinking about herself having to leave this earth, but she was thinking about me and how I would cope after she was gone.

I am making soup for our supper tonight. It is about 20 deg. here right now, brrrr! Soup will be good.

Dawn said...

Today we got to share in the yummy lasagna someone brought for Kristen's family. Our church is supplying her family with meals for 4 weeks, every other day, while she has to go to the hospital and feed the babies. Love the church family!

Love you testimony. Love the advice about how to treat my parents while they're still here - loved all your answers!

I do hope you can get your teeth fixed so you can give us that good old full smile you used to have!

MammyT said...

You're a blessing to me, Diane. Just reading the answer to the question about losing your mamma and daddy made me know that you are not only a good woman, but have wisdom as well. Your intelligence and humor permeate everything you 'say' and I'd love to hang out with you.
Still praying for you, believing God for healing in you and Emmy.

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Diane,
I am going to have to try your Portuguese Soup one of these days. "CONGRATULATION'S" on the Award from your previous post. You truly deserve it. I enjoyed reading your answers to the questions that people asked you. I really enjoyed reading the part about the relationship with your Parents. I'm glad you still have a close relationship with your Sister's. It was a busy weekend around here and I didn't post any. I did post this morning. It sure has been cold around here and they are saying we might get some freezing rain late tonight. Could we get so lucky? LOL. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Dawn said...

Please come back over and check my prayer request! Thanks.

Tammy said...

Wonderful post...all that you said about your parents are so true...that's why you loved so much...because you do tell it like it's go watch the Beverly Hillbilly's ya'll!

Lyndy said...


I just loved your answer to Barb’s question about your parents death. “Barb, what helped me the most, knowing my Daddy and Mama were dying, was knowing that I'd done everything I could for them. I'd done my best. I'd said everything I needed to say to them, asked every question, left nothing undone. There were no regrets; no "I wish I'd....."

This is so very true and I felt the exact same way when my Grandmother died. Death is hard enough but it is wonderful when there are no regrets and nothing left unsaid. Oh and the memories are such a blessing. I can hardly believe it has been 10 years this spring since my grandmother passed but in those years I know there has not been one day that I have not thought of her and had wonderful memories.

Love & Hugs, Lyndy

Karen H. said...

PSSST, they have us under a Winter Weather Advisory starting at Midnight tonight and going till 9:00a.m. Do you think we might get anything? I hope we get something. LOL. I will take the Ice, but just so it's not on the roads or not coating the electrical wires too bad. Hope things are going well for you and you've had a good day. I've done laundry today and cooked supper tonight. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

MightyMom said...

so, your answer gave me another that legal?

how'd you break your teeth?? bar-room brawl??? ;-)

it's been fun learning all this cool stuff!!

Rachel said...

It's Tuesday and I'm just now getting here, and since I've slept since then, I don't recall what I had for Sunday dinner! Haha!!

I loved your answers Diane! It's wonderful that you were able to take care of your parents like you did! Very touching to read about them. I'm going to go back and read about your childhood days as soon as I get the chance!

Anonymous said...

Bennie and I took Rosie to Bob Evans Sunday! MMM

I was 10 when I felt the Lord call. Isn't He amazing?

Wish I was there for some of that cornbread! :o)

Michael Manning said...

I always enjoy dropping by here and reading about what new adventures you are up to , Diane! :)

Michael Manning said...

Diane: I saw the 36' Chev you told me about and believe that I photographed this car in Milford, Ohio in 2005 at a Car Show! As the Joker used to say: "Wild!" :D

Anonymous said...

Nice one, D.