Thursday, January 31, 2008

More Questions & Answers, and Some Awards

I haven't skipped the country or been abducted by aliens, y'all. I've just been really busy doing not much of anything, if that makes sense to anybody besides me. I've been crocheting a baby afghan and doing a little house cleaning here and there, and actually, just plain enjoying the freedom of not having to cook unless or until I feel like it.

My hubby, Lamar, is gone to Fort Worth, Texas to visit his brother and attend a big fancy Super Bowl party this weekend. I hate to try to clean when somebody is underfoot, so this is a good time to get some things done. Notice, I just said it's a good time, not that I've actually done much. But hey, the opportunity is there if I suddenly get the urge to clean and mop the bathroom. Which I really should get done while Lamar is gone, but if I don't it's not like it's going anywhere.

Jessica is changing jobs again so I'll be watching Emmy occasionally, and sometimes at short notice. Lots of the details are still undecided and up in the air, but I'll share when I get the scoop.

For the moment, it's been sleeting, snowing and freezing rain off and on all day long and the temp is hovering right around the freezing mark. A messy, wet, cold day. Just my thing! But I do wish we'd gotten some snow that accumulated and stuck around for a while. Alas, not to be, at least not this time.

I'm cozy and warm in my thermal jammies, and I've got a pot of strong Earl Grey tea with wild Ozark Mountain honey to sip on as I type this. Seems like a perfect time to answer some more questions and acknowledge a few awards. Let's get started then, shall we?Prairie Farmeress (invitation only blog) asks: Oh hon, I got several but will narrow it down to this...Who in your life has been the most inspiring person? Your rock? You seem like a rock to so many people, who have you looked to or drawn from( living or deceased) for guidance and strength? Besides our Lord & Saviour.

Jenny, you have no idea how much I've mused over my answer for this. But no matter how much I ruminated over it, my answer was still the same: My Mama and my sisters. Most of the time I am pretty solid and even keeled, but even the sturdiest of ships can be rocked by the storms of life, and I'm no exception. Sometimes I feel about as solid as a Twin*kie, but no matter what life has thrown at me, my Mama and my sisters have always been there for me.

My Mama raised us girls to be strong, self sufficient women, and to lean on God first, then each other when the storms of life rage around us. That's not to say we haven't had our ups and downs with each other over the years, but when the chips are down we all know that we can depend on each other. Period.

Mama's been gone now for almost 3 years (mercy, that hardly seems possible!) but the lessons she taught us by the life she lived will continue on in her daughters, as we live our lives and teach our children.

I love you, Mama, and I miss you. I love you, sisters.
MAMMY T (NANCY) @ MORE THAN ENOUGH asks: What is your favorite piece of music of all time?

Oh, my dear Nancy, do you even realize what a can of worms you opened with that question? You see, music is a part of my heart and soul. I like at least something from nearly every style and genre of music. I only have one child, but for me, trying to narrow down one favorite piece of music would be like asking a Mama to choose which of her children she loves best. I can't even choose one style of music I like best, much less one piece of music.

How about I just list some favorites from several genres of music? That will give you an idea how eclectic my musical tastes really are.

Blue grass: I love Bill Monroe and Ricky Skaggs, among many, many others. I love traditional, OLD, authentic blue grass: "Uncle Penn", "Footprints In The Snow", "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" and on and on.

Classic country: Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton, Marty Robbins, Roger Miller, and even farther back; The Delmore Brothers, Roy Acuff, Ray Price, and more.

Classic rock: Lynyrd Skynyrd; "Gimme Three Steps", "Sweet Home Alabama", "Free Bird" and more. Bob Seger: "Her Strut", "Old Time Rock 'N Roll", "Why Don't You Stay", "Long Twin Silver Line", "Tryin' To Live My Life Without You", etc. Too many to name, seriously.

Gospel: The Hemphills, The Hinsons, The Hee Haw Gospel Quartet (preferably with Kenny Price, Grandpa Jones, Buck Owens and Roy Clark), Ray Boltz, Gold City, Jeff and Sherry Easter, The Cathedrals, etc. etc.

Hymns: "Mansion Over The Hilltop", "How Great Thou Art", and "Amazing Grace" among many, many others.

I also love rock 'n roll, all decades, but especially the 50's and the 80's. I like some stuff that's out right now, from country, to rock, to pop, to even some rap and hip hop. You just never know what's going to strike my fancy, musically speaking.

CAROLE @ PEA'S CORNER asks: What's the most embarrassing situation you've ever gotten yourself into??

This one is pretty easy to answer, Carole, and I blogged about it way back in 2006. You can read about it HERE. I'll just tell you that it involves falling. In a dress. At CHURCH! More than once. And my middle name is NOT Grace. ;o)MER @ LIFE AT 7000 FEET asks: What is your most favorite place you've ever traveled to? And since you're the cooking queen, what products/brands are you most loyal to?

I'm going to answer the second question first. My reasons will become clear in just a moment, Grahs-hoppah.

First, I'm the "cooking queen"? Really?? When did that happen, LOL! But thank you for that, Mer. ;o)

I'm pretty flexible on brands since there are some good bargains to be found without sacrificing quality if you're willing to try some off brands. But, that said, there are a few things that I prefer over other brands.

I like Land*O*Lakes butter best, but will buy another brand if it's on sale at a much better price. If it's only going to save me a few cents, I go ahead and buy the name brand.

I will not waste my money on inferior vanilla flavoring, no matter how much money I might save. It's not worth it to make something good to eat and then ruin it with cheap but awful tasting vanilla flavoring. My favorite brand is Kro*ger brand imitation clear vanilla, or their premium real vanilla.

I like real, honest to goodness diet Coke and Dr. Pepper, not off brands.

I like A1 Steak*Sauce and no other.

I prefer Heinz Ketchup, but hubby will eat any brand.

I prefer Bryan baloney and hot dogs, hubby couldn't care less.

This answer for my favorite place may seem flippant at first, but I've honestly put a lot of thought into it:

Home is my favorite place. Camping in my beloved Ozark Mountains is second, and fishing almost anywhere is third. And I can reach the second two favorite things in 3 hours or less, so that works for me.

I've traveled as far north as Michigan, as far East as New Jersey, as far South as Louisiana and Florida, and as far West as Dallas and Tulsa. As pretty as some of those places are, they don't have my family, my memories or just the essence of those two things together: HOME.Which leads me to this question, from LUCY@LUCY'S FRUGAL LIVING: Diane, How many of your family members live in the same town you do? It seems like you are always having family over for Sunday dinner.

Lucy, actually, I'm the only one who lives here in my little town of less than 2,000 people. I was born and raised in Trumann, Arkansas. When I got married in 1985 I moved 5 miles up the road to Bay, where I live now. The other 4 sisters are evenly spaced between our hometown of Trumann and Harrisburg, Arkansas, which is about 15 miles from Trumann. Cecil and Sue both live in Trumann, and Donna and Ducky both live in Harrisburg but work in Trumann.

All the sisters except Donna attend church together on Wednesday nights and Sundays. Donna's been visiting a church in Harrisburg and I have great hopes that she's going to make it her church home and be very happy and fulfilled there. I love that my sisters are my church family as well as my blood family. It doesn't get much better than that. Now if Donna decided to make the drive to Trumann to attend church with the rest of us girls..... ;o)

My daughter lives 5 miles on up the road in Jonesboro and the other nieces and nephews are scattered around us, but all within a 25 mile radius, with the exception of one niece who lives at Mountain View in the Ozarks. One of Sue's daughters and her family lives here in Bay as well.

All of us sisters feel very strong ties to the land here where we were born and raised. It's home, and more than that, our family is home. It seems like the third and forth generations feel the same way, because as I said, none of us live more than 100 miles from where we were born and raised, and most much closer.I hope I answered these questions to your satisfaction, ladies. I've still got a couple more to answer. MYRNA and BEV, I haven't forgotten your questions. I've been answering them as they came to my comments and your questions are next.

Now to thank a few people for some awards. And If I forget somebody, please extend some grace and forgive me. It's strictly an oversight, not a deliberate slight. I've added the awards to MY AWARDS PAGE WHICH YOU CAN SEE BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

Thank you, JEN & MARY!
Assuming the roads are clear Friday morning, Jessica and I have a date to go out for lunch and then do some shopping, then I may watch Emmy this afternoon/evening while Jessica works, then Jason will pick up Emmy when he gets off work. I'd better put the blog to bed and then hit the sheets myself!

Y'all have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.


Donna said...

I was disappointed we didn't get much snow; if it's going to be cold, I'd just as soon have pretty snow along with it.

This was interesting!

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Diane,
I am so disappointed that we didn't get any of that Snow. It just breaks my heart. I did see some flakes yesterday when I went to pick the girls up from School. It wasn't sticking tho because it was mixed in with the sleet and rain. I don't even know why they even let School out early here. It never got really bad or anything. I enjoyed reading your answers to the questions that was asked. "CONGRATULATION'S" again on some very well deserved Awards. I hope Jessica's new job is going well for her. I know you enjoy watching Miss Emmy. I do hope that Miss Emmy is feeling lots better now. I don't think the roads will be bad today. The bridges and overpasses may be a little slick early this morning, but since we didn't get anything to speak of, I think they will be okay. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

mombo said...

When I think of you, I think "safe." Those who love you know their hearts are safe with you. God bless you today.

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, your family did stay close to home, how nice. My mom and dad are both dead now and my two sisters and brother live here in Houston too. Of course Houston is a bigggg city and they live on the other side of town. Barbara lives about 20 miles away, Pat lives about 15 miles away and Donny lives the closest, which is about 7 miles away. We don't see each other as often as you see you sisters but we are a very close family, which I am grateful for. Besides the Lord, family is everything to me. All three of my children live very close to me and I would go crazy if I lived too far away from my grandchildren. JJ is 6 yrs. old and Jocelyne is 2 and a half. Thanks for answering the question.

My parents were my "rock" growing up and now my husband is my rock. I am pretty strong, but you are right when you say we all need someone in times of trial. The Lord give in hope and a shoulder to lean on also.

Have fun while Lamar is gone and just do what you want. I can't seem to get much work done when TF is home. When he is gone for a few days, I can clean, eat what I want, visit friends and just "chill".

Stay out of the cold and have fun.

mer said...

Hi Diane,

I heard about your wintry precipitation yesterday...sorry it wasn't more!

Thanks for answering my question and all the others. I enjoyed reading your answers very much! I'm with you on the Heinz ketchup and Land O Lakes butter!

Enjoy your weekend.

Hope said...

Hi Diane,
I love the "questions and answers" post. Very interesting and a good way to get to know you better.

My siblings, what's left of them, are all close by. I have 3 sisters but my 2 brothers passed away. My children and grandchildren are close so I get to see them often.

Just like you, I enjoyed being home and near all my family. My roots here are deep and I'm content with that.

Thanks for sharing about yourself.

Love and Hugs,

The Trier and Jen said...

your welcome my dear

Praying that Lamar has a great time and safe travels

have a good weekend :)


PEA said...

I guess you'll just have to come over here to have your fill of snow!! You should see it out there right now, it's snowing big fat snowflakes and looks so pretty.

I'm sure you're missing Lamar but isn't it a great feeling being able to cook or clean only when you feel like it? hehe Hope he has a great time at his brother's.

I've enjoyed your answers to the questions...omigosh, I sure do remember that episode of tripping at church! hehe

Congratulations on the well deserved awards my friend. You are so loved:-)

Best of luck to Jessica with her new job. Take care and stay warm. xoxo

Tammy said...

I loved reading through all of your answers and even went back and read the whole post for your embarrassing "moments"...
I'm sorry but it was hillarious!!!
We like a lot of the same name brands...kindreds I'm tellin' ya!
Take care and have a lovely day with Miz Emmy!

Jeff Weir said...

My so much going on. It was sure good to read all of that. It has been a long time but hope everything is well. Check out my blog sometime. I did have one question for you. I have been looking at your recipe blog and trying to find the recipe for biscuits. I found yours with buttermilk but ( and I prefer that) but some in my household don't want that. Do you know of a recipe for biscuits without the buttermilk? Thanks. Let me know if you need any farm fresh eggs and I can bring them to you if you want. God Bless.

RennyBA said...

You always amaze me with your long, readable and interesting post - giving so much of yourself - a great way getting to know a very good blog friend even more!

If I could ask you a question, I would say: 'What is the best Sunday dinner you've ever made - and posted about?'

Wishing you a great end to your week - hugs from Diane and Me :-)

Betty said...

Diane, I just love reading all about you and getting to know you better. I love the kind of person you are, and you have a neat and impressive way of putting your thoughts into words. Have you ever thought about writing a book?

Mary said...


I'm so glad you are having some quiet time while Lamar is away. We all need a little time to ourselves to do as we wish. Yes, the housework will be there long after we leave this earth.

I enjoyed learning more about you, my friend.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.

Michael Manning said...

Diane: Do those thermal pajamas have the feet in them? Marty Robbins is great and knows the business inside-out. I thought it was great that he and Johnny remained close even after his divorce from John's daughter. I have all but one of Johnny's American Record Label CD's.

Myrna said...

I love reading your answers! It is obvious through all of your posts how important your family is to you. What a blessing that you all live so near to each other.

My family is all in Texas, but even there thay are spread out1 But, my sister and I talk almost every day. She is SO good about checking in with me to see how we are doing. Aren't sisters just the greatest gift?!

Cecil said...

Hey Sis... I enjoyed the snow yesterday... while I was at work.. I came home early and sat in my nice, warm house... I am still having trouble breathing right.. guess I will for a while.. but anyways, talk to you soon.. Love ya more... Cecil

MammyT said...

Your answer about favorite music was great. It's about the same answer I would give myself. You must be a fine vocalist, to be leading worship. Do you still do that? Your church and carolling acrobatics had me in stitches. and I've really enjoyed learning more about you. Your are a very unique person and I'm jest crazy about ya!

MightyMom said...

well, guess I'm not the only one who's shown more drawers than intended on occasion!

Jeff Weir said...

My email address is I had to go up to 1.75 per dozen on the eggs. Just let me know.

Lisa said...

Hey, sweetie!

"They Call me the Breeze" is one of my favorite LS tunes! ;o)

Um... Exactly what are pettipants?

Jo and JD said...

Well... Happy Blogiversary to you Dear Diane! May we be blessed with many more years of your psta and your friendship.

It is nice to have things all to yourself sometimes, but not for too long. Solitude sometimes helps clear the cob webs from the grey matter.

Big Hugs,

Dawn said...

That was quite a lot of stuff! Good answers.

Come on over and see Kate's homecoming!

A Chelsea Morning said...

Before i even read your answer I knew what you'd say was your most embarrassing moment, Diane. I do remember that post and I died with you when I read it. LOL

I totally understand about your favorite place you've ever traveled.

Me too. xoxo

kansasrose said...

Wonderful answers Diane...Your mama must have some kind of marvelous and great lady to have raised such fine, loving people like you and your sisters. Enjoyed reading these dear...hope the weather has settled down in Ark. We are having snow, snow and more snow. Dang I'm tard of snow. Since Dec. 9th there has been snow on the ground. Love ya, Jen