Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Hoopla, Pictures, Awards & More!

First things first. LISA@KENTUCKY WOMAN tagged me for this CHRISTMAS HOOPLA which originated at ANDREA'S BLOG.

And yes, I'm well aware that the button says "Meme", but I already had a button made up that says "meme" and I don't have time to make one that says "Christmas Hoopla" right now, so take deep breaths and we'll get through this, 'kay? Okey dokey then.

So, hear ye, yea verily and all that good stuff. Here are the rules for the Hoopla:

1. List 12 random things about yourself that have to do with Christmas.

2. Please refer to it as a ‘hoopla’ and not the dreaded ‘m’-word…

3. You have to tag specific people when you’re done. No “if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged” stuff is allowed…then nobody ends up actually doing it. The number of people who you tag is really up to you — but the more, the merrier to get this ‘hoopla’ circulating through the blogosphere.

4. Please try and do it as quickly as possible. The Christmas season will be over before we know it! Let’s involve as many people as possible! ;o)

5. Please give Andrea some link-love as the “Hoopla-Creator!”

1. ) Christmas is my favorite holiday, hands down. It has everything going for it: giving, getting, cooking, eating, friends and family, and most importantly of all, JESUS!

2. ) I'm strictly a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas colors on lights, decorations, ornaments, etc. Give me pine green, holly red, silver and gold, and snowy white. Those are my favorites. That said, to each his/her own and I'm not dissing anybody else's decorative color choices. Variety is the spice of life and all that jazz. I see lots of things I like at somebody else's house but it's just not anything I'd choose for myself.

3. ) I love to cook, bake and make candy, so Christmas is a busy time for me. And I love to share my bounty, so we all benefit from my efforts. I cook, you appreciate. Works for me. ;o)

4. ) I love snow. That said, I live in Northeast Arkansas, in the heart of the MidSouth. We don't get that much snow and most of it happens after Christmas. But when we get that rare white Christmas, it just does something wonderful and magical to this 44 year old kid's heart. It's like a special gift from God, just for me because He knows how much I adore snow anytime, but especially on Christmas.

5. ) Every time I make my Mama's Christmas cakes and candy, I cry. Because I miss her, but mostly because it floods my mind with all the bittersweet memories of happy Christmases past.

6. ) There is no home so humble, no gift so meager, no time in life so dark but that it can't be made more beautiful and wondrous by the soft glow of a lighted and decorated Christmas tree.

7. ) If I have all the things money can buy and don't have the Christ Child in my heart, I am a pauper.

8. ) As poor as we were in materialistic things as we were growing up, my family is as rich as royalty in Christmas memories and love for one another.

9. ) Of all the gifts I've ever been given, outside of Jesus' gift of Salvation, the most valuable ones can't be contained by extravagant boxes and gay ribbons and bows. I don't remember most of the toys and gifts I've received over the years, but I remember the love. The togetherness. The loved ones that made Christmas what it was.

10.) I love Christmas carols and hymns!

11.) Christmas is even more magical and wondrous when viewed through a child's eyes. This Grandma can hardly wait for Emmy to open her gifts on Christmas morning, and it will only get better as she gets older.

12.) Christmas just isn't Christmas unless you spend it with people you love. The End.

And as instructed, I'm tagging CECIL, GREENEYES, MIGHTY MOM, PEA and ZZTOP.

Have at it, ladies.KAREN has been a busy girl, handing out awards left and right while I was too sick to even turn on my computer. Praise the Lord I'm much, much better and now to acknowledge the awards Karen has given me.

Thanks, Karen!

Just a note, I'm working on making a separate page to display my awards. I've noticed, and several people have told me that my blog takes a long time to load. I know it's all the awards on my sidebar, and I've already put some of them away for safekeeping until I have my page ready, then I'll put a link in my sidebar to the awards page. So if you don't see an award that you know you've given me, chances are that it's put away until I have my page ready. It's not because I don't appreciate each and every award, because I do. I just need to do some blog-keeping.
As promised several posts back, I have some Emmy pictures and some others to post. First, Emmy's first picture with Santa, taken December 9, 2007. Remember that date, there'll be a quiz later....Emmy is 7 months old here.

And for comparison, Jessica's first Christmas, December 11, 1987. Notice the dates? Twenty years apart, almost exactly. Only 2 days difference. Now what are the odds of that happening???

Jessica is 5 weeks old in this picture. I know you really can't tell a lot from these pictures, but it's amazing how much Emmy looks like Jessica when she was the same age. Not all the time, but when she has certain expressions on her face or wears particular colors and such.And as promised, some of my candy I've made. Here we have coconut bon bons, butter pecan toffee and chocolate glazed butter pecan toffee. The plain toffee WAS mine. As in, it's gone to that Great Candy Store In The Sky.

Don't hate on me, but I don't care much for chocolate. I'll eat some every now and then, but I much prefer white chocolate or pastries or fruit, or my favorite, cheesecake.

And a couple of pictures from our Christmas supper with Lamar's Mom and StepDad. Lamar's Mom made turkey and dressing for supper and then we exchanged our gifts. Here's Jessica, Jason and Emmy, then me and Emmy. Before both of us were sick, fortunately.

And I think that's quite enough for one post. Actually, it's more than enough but I wanted to get all this done before I forgot to do it.

Y'all have a happy, blessed and joyous Christmas season, y'hear?


Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

I saw the resemblance between the two baby photos too, Diane. I think it's really striking how much they look alike.

I was up all night, upchucking. Lovely. So I hope you're feeling better because boy, I sure understand. Hopefully, this will pass soon.

Your candy looks great. I don't like chocoloate either and I've made all kinds of chocolate treats for Christmas, so my kids will be taking tons of it home with them. I'll keep a little for Rob because he's not weird like you and me. LOL

I may not get back out here much between now and Monday when our family is getting together, so if I don't talk to you again, I wish you and Lamar and your family and your kids ALL a wonderful Christmas.


Susie said...

Hi Diane,
I did this today today. I worked on it off and on for a few days. Can't seem to find much uninterrupted blocks of time. Loved reading your answers! I can truly seem the resemblance between Emmy and Jessica. They are both so beautiful.
This will be such a wonderful Christmas with her sweet little presence. (and the joy will grow with each passing year)
love and ((hugs))

Karen H. said...

Good Evening Diane,
I loved reading your Christmas Hoopla. They were just great and real. I tell ya, I had to look twice at that picture of Jessica. I actually thought it was Emmy at first. They do look alot alike. Your candy looks sooooooo gooooooood. Yummy for my tummy. LOL. I don't make candy, but my Mom makes some for us. I'm glad to know you are feeling better. You are most welcome for the Awards. You are truly deserving of them. You have helped me out so much with the blogging, and I so appreciate you. Hubby got home tonight while we were at the ball game. He will be home till next Wednesday anyway. No alarms for 5 days. LOL. So, my post's may not be quite as early as they have been a being. How did your trip to Wal-Mart go? I am sure dreading it. The girls are suppose to stay all night with my parents tomorrow night. Me and hubby may go then. Oh, I know you are excited about Emmy opening presents this Christmas. Let me give you fair warning, Have the Camera and Video Camera ready. I so remember when my girls were that young. I had to help them open them up. But as they got older, it was so fun watching them. Well, take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

MightyMom said...

you tagged me?????? again???
did I ever do the last one/????

sheeesh, I just finished that soup too.

will try to get it done tomorrow..but I"m making no promises.

glad to be back!

Dawn said...

Well, Little Miss Emmy seems very contented on Santa's lap. And she and her mommy do resemble one another greatly!

Loved your answers - they were beautiful.

kansasrose said...

Great hoopla answers. Sweet pics of your"girls". I put one up of my Christmas babe today too! Hope you are feeling better. Merry Christmas my friend. Love, Jenny

Jada said...

Oh wow! Jessica and Emmy do look alike! That's really neat! And Emmy is so cute in her little dress. Awww. I have 3 nephews, my best friend has 2 boys (7 & 8) and a daughter (17), so I haven't been shopping for girl clothes in a long time!

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Knock on wood, I haven't been sick (the throwing up kind of sick) since I was in 7th grade - that was 30 years ago! I typically only get a cold every 2 or 3 years so I am blessed.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones,


Diane said...

Oh Diane, the similarity between Jessica and little striking! WOW! I thought they were both Emmy! Amazing! What a great keepsake.

And I loved your answers to the Christmas Hoopla! My heart strings pulled when I read that you cry when you make your mamma's cake...I understand. The few good connections I experienced with my alcoholic father include baking! He made the best Chicken Dumpling soup and Christmas cranberries. Each and every year when I make the cranberries....just as he instructed...during one of his rare sober moments....I cry! How I longed for more of those moments...and yet, how I appreciate the remembrances of each and every one--though few.

Enjoy this Christmas Season with all of your family--made especially bright.....because of Emmy.


Tammy said...

Oh Miz Diane,
What a wonderful Christmas Post. You have an awesome heart!
I'm just dropping in before I leave out to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Love & Hugs,

Morning Glory said...

These pictures are all so wonderful. I love the two Santa photos and boy, does Emmy look like her mommy!

mer said...

Jessica and Emmy sure do look alike. So, was that picture of Jessica with Santa made at Indian Mall?? Cause I'm sure my mom has some of me with that same Santa. LOL!

Your candy looks delicious! I haven't done much baking this year, but it's on the agenda for the next few days!

Merry Christmas!

Sandy said...

Merry Christmas Diane. I have enjoyed visiting and getting to know you & your family this year and hope that our friendships continues to last throughout the coming years.

Lynne said...

Emmy and Jessica look so much alike! Great pictures.

Hope you're feeling better. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

beachgirl said...

Merry Christmas Diane to you and your family.

Granny said...

Heard from Cecil (her blog is ahead of yours on the list) that you'd been poorly. I'm glad you're doing better. It's an awful time to be sick.

The list is lovely and thanks for the idea about the awards. I'm several behind. I have a separate page for the blogroll but never thought about it for the awards. It makes all kinds of sense.

A very joyous Christmas to you and yours.

Angela said...

Diane...I am glad that you are feeling better. We can't have you sick here at the holidays.

Emmy and Jessica do look very much alike.

Your candy looks wonderful. The only candy that I have made as a tradition is potato candy.

May your Christmas this year be a White one filled with lots of snow.

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!


Naturegirl said...

Diane may the Sprirt of Christmas leave its rich blessings in the hearts of you and and hugs NG xo..You and your grandaughter are so sweet together.

Mary said...


I'm glad you're feeling much better and just in time for Christmas too. I can't believe it is just about here. The year has passed so quickly.

I do hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Grandchildren make it so much fun. Seeing their eyes sparkle when they look at the tree or nativity makes my heart soar.

Loved all of your photos and loved learning about your traditions and favorites.

May your home be filled with much love and laughter during Christmas and the coming New Year.


Cecil said...

Hey.. glad we all got to go out today! Merry Christmas.. love, Cecil and B.