Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sunday Dinner, October 28, 2007

Sorry this edition of Sunday Dinner is so late, but I've had a busy day. More on that coming up shortly.

Sunday Dinner here at La Casa de Jennings will consist of MEXICAN CHICKEN CASSEROLE and whatever canned vegetables I may have on hand if a crowd shows up and I find the veggies are needed to fill out the meal. You can find the recipe for the casserole by clicking on the link above which will take you to MY RECIPE BLOG.

Feel free to play along by sharing your Sunday Dinner menu or plans in the comments.Now for more on my busy day. I've had Emmy all day today while Lamar helped Jessica and Jason work on their house. They've been painting and cleaning among other things. They got a lot done but still have a long way to go from what I hear.

I signed up to bake 2 pecan pies for a bake sale that the ladies' group from my church is sponsoring, so I had to do that today. I also volunteered to cook supper for Jessica and Jason as I was cooking for me and Lamar anyway.

Normally that wouldn't be all that big a deal, but Miss Emmy was being particularly demanding today. Her Highness wanted to be held and cried if I even laid her down so I could visit the facilities. Try baking pecan pies and cooking pinto beans, cornbread and homemade chicken and dumplings while simultaneously juggling a cranky, whiny, teething baby.

Yeah. Can we say, "Grandma's wiped out, class?"

All you Moms and Grandmas that are still taking care of babies and kids every day as well as keeping a clean home and cooking every day, my hat's off to you. Bless your hearts, I don't know how you do it every day, and I don't know how I did it lo these many years ago.I need to acknowledge and pass on an award and also do a meme that I've been tagged to do, but it ain't gonna be tonight, folks. Diane is TARD, both mentally and physically. As BOOMAMA AND SISTER would say, I am plumb knocked.And so, I'm keeping it short and sweet tonight. May God richly bless you with all you need, and may you have enough to share.


Dawn said...

That's what I can't figure out - how I kept such a clean house and cooked such good meals when I had two babies. Age has a lot to do with it! I hope you got everything done, and have a good night's rest!

We are having turkey breast with all the trimmings for dinner. I made a Funfetti Halloween cake for the kiddoes.

Susie said...

You sound worn out, and I can certainly remember those teething days with the grandkids.
I am making minestrone soup for dinner. I'll have garlic bread and salad. I always make extra, so I'll send some home with our daughter for those busy weeknights..
Get some rest!

zzop357 said...

Me too sister, I'm plumb give-out.
I can't get away from my allergies and can't seem to get rested.
Hope you have a good dinner Sunday. I hope Miss fuss-pot gets to feeling better too.
Love you sister.

Sister said...


It sounds like you have every right to be knocked! I'll bet that Mexican Chicken Casserole will make you feel better...boy, do I wish I could be there tomorrow to grab a taste of it (or the pecan pies, chicken & dumplings, pinto beans and cornbread - it ALL sounds delish!). I hope you get some rest tomorrow. Have a great week!

Granny said...

Hope you're getting some rest by now.

Mary said...


The recipe sounds delicious and I can see why you're plumb tuckered out.

For Sunday dinner, I plan on making chicken stew. I've had a craving for it all week.

I watched my grandsons all summer, though they are older. I've watched them since they were babies though and have done every shift except overnight. Well, they have stayed overnight, but not on a continuous basis.

Enjoyed visiting your blog and thanks for your comments on my Green Thumb Sunday post. If you need help with the garden I should bring Brandon to see you. Next time I'm in Arkasas maybe. My hubby and I were there last July and it was HOT! We have friends who live just outside of Paris.

Take care and have a wonderful Sunday.

Dick said...

We haven't decided yet where we will eat tomorrow. Dinner tonight was at Fred's Mexican Restaurant. Tomorrow we may go to Mt. Haleakala & if so may eat in Central Maui. Or maybe go to the north side & watch the surfers while eating. So many choices.....

jen said...

bless you and Lamar helping out

have a nice nights sleep

Lynne said...

I can sure understand why you're so tired! Hope Miss Emmy is better today.

I'm having company for dinner. I made a beef stew in the oven yesterday and just need to re-heat it in the crock pot today. A nice fresh salad, homemade bread from the bread maker, and an already-made pumpkin roll for dessert. I'm all set - now just to finish the cleaning that I didn't do yesterday.

Paulette said...

HEy Diane,
I hope you have a Blessed Sunday!
I am preparing your mixican casseroe for my kids to eat on while I am out of town the next 2 days. It sounded so yummy Ashley said mom would you fix that? I said girl you are plumb capable of fixing it is so easy and she said, nothing tastes like it does when you cook it!
So I will be fixing it this afternoon and glad to do it.
I know you are tired and I feel for you but I cannot wait to be able to do that with my grandbabies one day!! It will still be awhile my daughter is 22 and just now dating for the first time ever lol but I feel it in my bones...
I am all by myself today for lunch so I will have a homemade chicken salad sandwich with celery and fruit.
You have a wonderful blessed day today Diane and smooch on emmy for me!

Paulette said...

geeesh I typed to fast and made to many typos sorry!

PEA said...

When I was busy and the boys were cranky, I loved it when they were old enough to be put in the jolly jumper or even the bounce chair...that way they could watch me and bounce away! lol It's no wonder you were so tired, just taking care of a fussy baby is bad enough without also having all that cooking to do. Tonight for Sunday dinner I'm going out with my mom & Ross to Montana's Restaurant:-) xoxo

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

I'm making Monte Cristos and steak fries today, Diane.

I'll be cooking a lot of extra things for the freezer this week since I'll be gone most of next week. Rob will have lots of good meals while I'm gone.

When I see Cameron's mouth full of teeth it occurs to me that we didn't have a lot of problems when he was teething. But I know we were just lucky that he handled it so well.

But now we're moving on to the potty training. That may be a whole different story. LOL

Your chicken and dumplings sound so good. Have a wonderful Sunday and a great new week, my friend.

Linda said...

Oh Diane, I know just what you mean. When I look at those moms and grandmas I just marvel that they can do it all so well. You have earned your "tard" and should have a really restful day. You are such a sweet Mom and Grandma!

Mountain Mama said...

I guess I'm a little late with Sunday dinner plans but I made a big kettle of homemade veggie beef soup today and it is the perfect thing for a chilly day. With a thick slice of buttered homemade bread. Ohhhh my tummy is happy!
Sorry Princess Emmy was cranky today. I hope those teeth are all through soon and you can all get some rest.
I remember raising five kids and getting a bit tired at times but just thinking about it now that I am a great grandma 14 times, makes my bones creak!
Get some rest Diane and take care. Hugs!

Diane said...

Our first baby boy was really terrible with cutting teeth, and Yes, he did want to be held All. the. Time.
Second son during the baby time was much easier to get along with in almost every department, but wow, when he hit junior high school, I really considered sending him off to boarding school or something.

When I try to remember how I got it all done, I attribute achievement to youthful energy and dumb luck.

Bless You for helping out. I'd like to try to do the same whenever we get grandbabies. Right now, all the kids seem intent of earning college educations.


Eleanor said...

What, you're tired after that kind of day? Can't imagine why. ;)

Teething babies are a treat, aren't they? NOT! Miss Stephanie has always liked to do things the really hard way, even as a baby, and never got just one tooth at a time. Oh no, not her!

As for Sunday dinner, Stephanie was the chef and made a rather splendid casserole with chick peas, sweet potatoes, salsa, and other good stuff. She has gone vegan for health reasons, so does a lot of the cooking these days, trying to build up a repertoire of recipes. I'll happily go without meat on days when Richard's at work if it means that I don't have to cook. I'm no fool. ;)

Here's to a great week for you, my friend, with lots of rest along the way!

Karen H. said...

Mornin my dear friend,
Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I do hope Emmy gets to feeling better. I remember when my girls were teething. My oldest daughter really had a time with it, but my youngest daughter didn't. Each child does things differently. Just be sure to keep the baby Orajel on hand and cold things for them to chew on. I just finished puting up a new post. Reading about all your eating out last week really made me hungry. I got to eat me some fish and chinese food over the weekend. I do hope that Jason finds something soon also. Is there any certain thing that he does or what he is looking for? I hope Jessica and Jason get the house fixed up before it gets too cold and they can get moved in. We still don't have everything out of our old house. We have most of everything, but stuff on my walls are still there and a few more furniture items. My mom's china cabinet and buffet are still over there. A person never knows how much they have until they start moving, especially with kids. Anyway, I hope you have a great Monday. Take care my friend.

Karen H.

T*mmy said...

I posted all about what I ate this weekend today so I won't go on here about it.

I do wish I could come to your Church Bake sale...I bet your pies go fast!

Poor Miz Emmy...give her a cold wash rag to chew on

I hope you are having a rested and good day today!

Love YOU!

Lyndy said...

I have got to try that Mexican chicken casserole. It sounds yummmy.

Sorry you are so worn out.

Hope you have a great week.

Love, Lyndy

MightyMom said...

well, I don't know who told you the house was clean or any cooking got done......

but so long as no one's yelling for food and the diapers got changed a couple of was a good day!!

hey!! I made your blogroll!! yipee!!

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, that chicken cassarole sounds yummy.... I know what you mean about teething kids. I used to put Numbzit on their gums and give them a little infant tylenol and it did the trick, most of the time. I hope you are getting some good sleep tonight.....Talk to ya later.

Karen H. said...

Good Mornin My Dear Friend,
Just thought I would pop in and wish you a "HAPPY HALLOWEEN". I went to Pea's Halloween Bash earlier this morning. She is just a sweet hostess. I'm glad you got you one of them candles. (hehe) I started to get one, but I decided that I best not. (hehe) I mite come and get yours one of these days. (hehe) I have been under the weather lately. Stopped up nose and sore throat. How has your week been going? I updated my site earlier today. After I did that, I went and visited a couple of friends. I had to lay down for a while and I just woke back up a little while ago. I just wanted to stop by and wish you a "HAPPY HALLOWEEN". Thank you for sending Jenny me email address. I really do appreciate it. You are such a great friend. We are gonna have to get together and meet one of these days. You take care and have a great Halloween.
Karen H.

Rachel said...

I don't know how you did it Diane!! You can really multi-task!! I am way late, but hope you have a wonderful Halloween with nice treats and no tricks!!! :)