Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Things, September 20, 2007

I have a couple of items of interest to share today if Miss Emmy will just keep napping until I have the most of this post done.

Speaking of napping, I took these pictures earlier this afternoon of Emmy and her Grandpa.

Emmy has had a rough week, bless her heart. She got four shots Monday and they made her well and truly sick and miserable.

Emmy was here on Tuesday with me, Cecil and Sue and she was so sore that when we barely touched her she screamed in pain. Not just her thighs where they gave the shots, but her whole body was achy and sore. She ran fever all day and ate well for me, but Jessica and Jason had an awful Tuesday night with her.

She was so sick Tuesday night that she ran a high fever and vomited. Her reaction to this round of shots was much worse than her first immunizations.

Today she's felt better, but not quite back to her usual sunny self. I hope by tomorrow she's back to normal.

Especially since tomorrow will be my last regular day to have her with me. Starting Monday Jessica has enrolled Emmy in a daycare close to her workplace. Their policy is that you have to pay for 5 full days. They won't allow you to only pay for 2 or 3 days a week. Even if your child is sick and you have to keep him/her home, you don't get credit for that time. You pays your money and you takes your chances and that's it.

The daycare Jessica will be using is the same business that my sister Ducky's son and daughter in law uses, so we know it's reputable. Mikky and Danny have taken Seth there since Mikki went back to work after Seth was born. It's not far at all from Jessica's workplace which is a bonus, since one of the main reasons she and Jason chose to place Emmy in daycare was because it was taking so much gas to come from their apartment in Jonesboro to my apartment in Bay, twice a day, round trip.

They can take her to the daycare for about the same amount it was costing them to bring her to me, and without the drive to Bay and back twice a day. Jessica won't have to get up quite so early to take Emmy to daycare, which is definitely a plus to her.

I'll just be honest here. As much as I love and adore Emmy, taking care of her for almost 12 hours a day, 5 days a week is beginning to take a toll on this old Grandma's arthritic body. I only wish there was some way I could have her maybe 1 or 2 days a week and she could go to daycare the other days. That would give me a break and Jessica as well, but due to the billing rules at the daycare, as I said above, they have to pay the same if Emmy's there 1 day or 5.

I'm glad I had Emmy for the last several months. She'll be 4½ months old on Sunday and I've had her nearly every weekday since she was 7 weeks old. She's a little older now and I feel better about her going to daycare than I did when she was a newborn. I think it's been a good thing for both me and Emmy. I've loved caring for Emmy and watching her grow and learn day by day, and it was good for her to have a safe and loving place to be while Jessica and Jason worked. I'm going to miss her but I'll still be the back up plan when she's too sick to go to daycare and Jessica has to work. And I've already made it clear that since I won't be seeing Emmy, Jessica and Jason every day now that they're welcome to come visit. Often.
In other news, I've been thinking for some time that I want a new blog template. I've had this same one for about 15 months now. I love it, but I want something new. Those of you who've been around that long may remember that I won this custom template in a contest by a blog designer that's no longer in business. It didn't cost me a thing, which is always a good thing in my books.

But since the chances of me winning a new blog design again ain't lookin' too good, I've been doing some scouting and some template fiddling of my own. I want something I can change the header and colors myself to go with the seasons and holidays or just my whims. I also want to take advantage of one of the new Blogger templates that allows you to easily change your template with their widgets. I think.

So, fair warning: sometime in the near future you may click on Diane's Place and see a different look. I won't completely delete this template because I heart my hydrangeas and may bring them back from time to time. But I want a new look for Autumn, and then maybe for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Who knows?

Also, because I'm about as far from a computer html geek as they get, I'll be fiddling and fine tuning even after I get the template changed, so don't be at all surprised if Bloglines or Google Reader suddenly show 27 new posts from me. It'll be because I'm trying to get my blog in order while simultaneously hyperventilating and pulling my hair out.
I think this is about long enough, plus I've still got to cook supper. Fried pork chops, turnip greens from the garden and macaroni cooked with tomatoes. I had homemade egg salad sandwiches for dinner at noon and I'm starving.Y'all have a great Thursday evening and a wonderful Friday, where ever all my blog friends are around the world.


BooMama said...


Whenever Sister and I manage to make it over your way, I'm going to stage a sit in until I get to eat your turnip greens, your chicken and dumplins and your homemade cinnamon rolls.

Just consider yourself on notice. :-)

April said...

I could go for the chicken and dumplins, but forget the turnip greens. My daddy grows those and collards and I don't eat either one.

Good luck with the new design. I've just got one of the free blogger ones - I'm html stupid right now, so I stuck with stupid/simple.

Susie said...

I thought I'd get so much more done now that D is in school all day, but we still see him several days a week.
You'll probably see lots of Emmy as well.
Good luck on the new template. Mine doesn't allow changes, so I may do something with mine at some point.
I'll be looking for the "new Diane's Place"

Morning Glory said...

I'm sure the contribution you've made to Emmy's life has been priceless. But we grandmas just aren't made to raise a second set of children. We just get too tired. You've certainly been wonderful in all that you've done for them.

Judith said...

Your new look is just right, and the timing couldn't be better. It declares autumn, loud and clear. But I can't figure out what the fruit is. Almost looks like one that grows here, called crab apples. Anyway, it is beautiful, and good for you for learning how to do all that technical stuff.

Jen said...

So cute the napping photos

poor Emmy
sounds like an awful reaction

pleased to hear shes coming right
Im praying for her

Also praying she enjoys the day care

Maybe you could have Emmy some weekends or something

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

I'm amazed you did this yourself, Diane. This new design is wonderful. It's so much easier to read. You run html circles around me! And I'm thinking my mom's right - those are crabapples in that header, right?

You know you and I are on exactly the same page re grandchildren. It's very difficult to express it in written word, but taking care of grandbabies full time changes the dynamics of everything. It took me a while, but I finally have the perfect arrangement with Cameron, when all is well and we can stay on schedule. Daycare four days a week and then he's with me on Fridays. This way, our time together stops being a chore and becomes a pleasure.

Daycare billing has been this way since mine were in daycare. You pay for the "spot" on their license. You pay whether they're there or not. It doesn't seem right, but if they didn't do it that way, people would take advantage of the system and they'd lose money they could be making from other full time children.

It's precisely why I quit working when my girls were in daycare. By the time I paid full time daycare for two children and THEN paid someone else to watch them if they were sick and couldn't go to daycare, Rob and I realized it was costing more than I was making.

I totally understand about how having the grandbaby all the time completely wears you out. I think this new arrangement is going to work better for all of you. You get to be "Grandma" instead of the babysitter, which is as it should be.

Love, love, love this clean new look. Good job, Diane!

Granny said...

She has only one more round of shots doesn't she? At least for a few years.

Poor little thing.

kansasrose said...

Love your new look hon! The banner pic is gorgeous too..Bless you Diane for all the care and love you have given has been priceless to her and to her parents. You are my hero! Those shots can make some babies so sick and sore. But they are very necessary...hope she is on the mend. Feeling wiped out from yesterday...had some real good cries but what a blessing this has been too. It was on the KC news last oldest DD saw the plane sitting in the cornfield on the news piece. Lots of good folk have been calling to check on him. Praise Jesus! Have a great weekend hon. Love you, Jen

Mountain Mama said...

The pictures of Emmy and grandpa sleeping are just precious! Doesn't it just warm your heart and make you feel all huggy when you see something like this?
I understand how you feel about changing your blog. It's just like getting tired of looking at the livingroom and then you just have to move stuff around and maybe toss a little paint around too.
I'm sure you'll do just fine Diane. I think you are a lot better at this computer stuff than you give yourself credit for.
You banner looks so Autumish! I like it but what in heck are those fruit things? At first I thought they were apples, but I don't think so.
I don't know if you are planning a sunday dinner, but I am planning on stuffed green peppers, fresh stir-fried green beans (your recipe)and I'm not sure what else. Maybe a mashed potato.
God bless you dear and have a incredible week-end.

Myrna said...

I get hungry almost evey time I read your blog! I have never in my life made turnip greens, but I like them when someone who knows what they are foing cooks 'em!

Poor Emmy! those shots are so hard on some little ones. At least she had you to love on her. I'm glad for you that you are going to get to enjoy her wihtout having the full time responsibility of child care. Sounds like a good plan for all!

Thank you so much for your sweet comments during the last week. I have lost people I love, but Charles was my only brother. He has always been there--I'm going to miss him SO MUCH! But he is with our mother now! I know they are telling stories and enjoying some big laughs!

Angela said...

I love your new look! You are an AMAZING woman, Diane. You have so many gifts and talents.

I know that you will miss Emmy however, the daycare will be an enriching experience in Emmy's developmental skills. As a grandmother you will always cheerish each moment that you had while she was in your care daily.
However, we (grandmothers) know that our lives change as does our health during this time of our life. You have made a wonderful and loving contribution to Emmy and Jessica's life and I know that you will coninue to until she is grown and then some, if your health permits.

It has given me a little break during the mornings now that Gstormy is back in school. I am moving a lot better in the afternoons and this helps me to keep up with her now that she is six years old. Oh, and we are doing homework this year too!

Take care my dear friend. Rest your body and take care of you as you can.

May your new week be filled with love and laughter!