Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sunday Dinner, September 23, 2007

Brace yourself. I'm not cooking Sunday Dinner this week. After working all day at church I am TARD. I opened a can of cream of chicken soup and warmed it up for my supper tonight and Lamar had taco soup from the freezer, thawed and reheated in the microwave.

I've already told Ducky and Susie that I won't be cooking tomorrow. I'll break the sad news to Cecil when I see her at church in the morning. If I don't talk to Donna before then she'll probably read about it here on my blog.

I suppose we'll go out to eat somewhere but I haven't the faintest idea where we'll end up for Sunday Dinner.

What about you? What are your plans for Sunday Dinner? What's on the menu? Just share your plans in the comments.Today we had our annual intensive cleaning day at church in preparation for our annual homecoming celebration next Sunday. Everyone always pitches in for lunch and brings something. My contribution was homemade egg salad, wheat bread, homemade pineapple upside down cake and a soda. I'm tired and sore from working all day and I don't feel like cooking tonight.

Our church is cleaned a couple of times a week but one person keep up with all the things that need to be done, so at least once a year, usually in September just before homecoming, everyone that's able meets at the church for a whole day of deep cleaning. We scrub walls, bathrooms, clean light fixtures, clean the refrigerator and microwaves, wash kitchen cabinets and toss, sort and rearrange as needed, among many other things. The men also work on the grounds and make repairs as needed and help with the heavy stuff.

I scrubbed tables in some of the classrooms and the fellowship hall, then I sat in the kitchen floor and cleaned out cabinets and washed them inside and out. Then I tossed and sorted and rearranged as I put everything back in the cabinets. Getting up and down from the floor is most of the reason I'm so sore and stiff tonight. My arthritis is making me well aware that it really didn't appreciate all the walking, bending, stretching and getting up and down I did today. Plus there's rain in the forecast for the next several days and I really think the falling barometer affects my arthritis.Thanks to all of you who've left encouraging remarks and compliments regarding my new blog design. I'm still pondering and may change some fonts and tweak a few things, but overall I'm pretty satisfied with it. I wish I could find just the right shade for my background but lacking that I'll stay with the white I suppose.

Several of you have asked about my header. I took the picture last fall in front of the Crack*er Bar*rel restaurant in Jonesboro on one of my outings with Cecil and Sue. Those are crabapples and the trees were loaded. I noticed the last time we ate there a couple of weeks ago that the trees have several crabapples on them this year, but nothing like last year's crop. If you have access to crabapples they make great jelly and birds and other wildlife feed on them when they get the opportunity.

I used some of my photo software to crop and resize my picture to the correct size for this particular template, then used another program to add my text. This is my own personal photograph so I don't have to worry about violating somebody else's copyright.Did I mention already that I'm TARD? I'm going to post this and put the blog to bed, then I'm headed to bed myself.

My prayer for each of you, dear friends and family, is that God may richly bless you by meeting all your needs, and may you have enough to share.


Susie said...

Hi Diane,
Sounds like you had a very busy, but productive day. I think Sunday dinner out is well deserved :)
I'm cooking tomorrow for our daughter and her family: Roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, carrots, salad and rolls. She'll bring dessert.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend...
Love and ((hugs))

Jen said...

good on you
May God bless U heaps

Hope you have a lovely sleep you deserve it

T*mmy said...

I have never just eaten a can of cream of chicken soup...I've used it in a lot of recipes though!

Remind me and I will email you a link to a place with some hex code colors you can look at...they have a pretty good variety.

I bet the Church looks so were just polishing the stars in your crown ;)

We are gonna go find something to eat in a little bit. I've been off my feed lately due to these allergy meds.

Have a great day!
Love YOU!

Linda said...

You are justifiably tard and deserve to be taken out to dinner today. Blessings to you for all that hard work Diane. I sort of miss that community "spirit" of a smaller church. We always did things like that in the little country church we attended in NY.
Just put your feet up and rest today. I recommend a good book and a cup of whatever pleases you.
Take care sweet friend.

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

This may be the one and only comment I have time to leave anywhere today, but I can't miss your Sunday dinner post. LOL

Sounds like you are all doing the same thing in your church that I've been doing in my house. The heavy duty cleaning. Believe me, I know how tired you are. I'm about halfway there. :-)

Today's Rob's lucky day! I've already made him a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, his favorite cake. And there's a pork tenderloin roasting in the oven. Mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans and we're calling it Sunday dinner!

And no more sandwiches for dinner during the week for Rob. He's finally decided since he has access to the teachers' lounge and their microwave, I can pack him some leftovers. So I guess I'll be doing all my cooking on weekends and making lots of it!

By the way, thanks for loaning me your shoulder Friday evening. I'm about 100% better now. My attitude's all fixed! LOL

Hope you get some rest this coming week. I believe Miss Emmy starts her daycare group tomorrow. I know that's going to free up a lot of your time. Me too, at least this week. Cameron should only be here Friday but I'm watching him Saturday too, so Krissy can go to a baby shower. Andy's unavailable - next weekend is the big golf tournament he and Rob are playing in.

Have a wonderful new week my friend.


Jada said...

I'm 'tard' just from reading about the work you did! I cleaned my bathroom, changed bed sheets and did laundry yesterday, but that's the extent of working.

I went out for dinner today after church, all by myself. I had visited my grandmother and didn't feel like rummaging through my fridge and cupboards to find something to eat. So I had roast chicken, filling (stuffing), mashed potatoes, and cole slow. And I have leftovers for another meal! I live for leftovers! LOL

I enjoy your blog, I just don't comment often. I seem to always be in a hurry when I'm reading blogs. I should slow down!

Enjoy your week!

Granny said...

I know you're TARD. And give out.

My dinner yesterday was fried spam (treet, actually), tomato, and sharp cheddar cheese sandwich. Two of them.

Tonight may be tomato soup. It's no fun cooking for one.

Lyndy said...

Whew, sounds like you had a busy day cleaning. I bet everything looks wonderful.

I love the new blog design. I need to change mine to more of a Fall theme.

Praying you have a wonderful week my friend.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

MightyMom said...

like the tan/ecru color!

sooo...not cooking huh?

Lynne said...

Hi Diane,

I'm trying to catch up on blogs that I've missed over the weekend. I love your new look. I'm not too knowledgeable about html and stuff, but I was able to make changes on mine a little while ago. It's fun, especially if you can change for each season.

I'm really TARD too - spent too much time in airports yesterday. My Sunday dinner consisted of a pack of pretzels compliments of USAir and a cookie from Delta.

Dawn said...

We had spaghetti - very, very simple. French bread, some fresh tomatoes and mini carrots, fresh brownies and ice cream. Pretty good.

Church cleaning is hard work, but a good time of fellowship. That's one of the good parts of a small church!

Aunt Jenny said...

I look forward to our turn to help with church cleaning too...our church has several families called each month to we get to do it a couple times a!
We had my daughter's family birthday party last night, so we had a quick supper...chicken tettrazini. I had it all prepared before church so I could pop it in the oven afterwards and then we had broccoli and dinner rolls. Actually that cream of chicken soup sounds pretty good.
You deserve to be tard. I am tard tonight... have a great week...
I love your new blog template and all. I have no idea how to change a thing on mine. When I try I tend to screw things I gave up trying. sort of like how I never try to listen to my messages on my cell phone. I am just NOT capable of that. Oh well.

Andrea said...

I'm lovin' your new template. Great picture!

I'm sorry to hear Emmy is "movin' on" but it sounds like it will be a better situation for both of you. You'll both appreciate each other more. By the looks of things with my kids, grandma has a special place in their hearts anyway. And as a mom, having that back-up option is such a blessing! I can't believe they charge for 5 days even if you don't bring her - but they do that around here too. I understand the business side of it but it still stinks!

Great to catch up with you, Diane. Hope you're having a good week! :)

Dawn said...

Go over and check out Kristen's sweet celebration for me!

Lucy Stern said...

WE were busy Sunday too, so I just made sandwiches for dinner. I made some banana bread earlier in the day and we took a loaf each to three ladies in our church that we visit.

Sounds like the church is spik and span now. Hope you enjoy homecoming. I love the header on your blog, it's so pretty...

Mountain Mama said...

As it turned out, I didn't cook dinner either. I went to my daughters for a family day and she cooked us a lovely meal of spaghetti, green beans and carlic bread. Then dhe made a double batch of Candy Cookies! It was a wonderful day.

You sure did a lot of work. I hope you got rested up.

PEA said...

Hmmm I'm a couple of days late for Sunday dinner! lol I can't even remember now what I had for Sunday dinner!!! Good for you for helping out with the church cleaning but it's no wonder you were tired and sore. Our bodies certainly do let us know when we've overdone it! Diane, thank you so much for the email you sent me regarding what program you used to make your header and buttons...I've been meaning to get back to you about it! Thank you also for your offer to help me whenever I need it...I might just hold you up to that:-) Take care my friend!! xoxo

Rachel said...

Hi Diane! With all that church cleaning I'd be sore too!! And tard as well! :)

The Cracker Barrel here has a crabapple tree in front of it. Must be their thing!! I haven't been there lately to see it but last year the one here was loaded! I don't go there much since it's so darn noisy.

Anonymous said...

Soup and salad seems to be the favorite at my house.

Hope you are having a good week.

Nashe* said...

Aahh! I remember those crabapples...!
the ones I said never existed in Singapore.. hahaha...

And oh yeah you've definitely come a long way in editing HTML stuff. It looks pretty decent!

Jeana said...

I love it when you spell tired with an a.

Overwhelmed! said...

Hi Diane! Since you participated last year, I’m stopping by to let you know that I’m hosting a 2nd Edition of my Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style recipe exchange!

I hope you can join me again this year on 5 October. And, would you mind helping me to spread the word by publishing a post about my holiday recipe exchange before next Friday? I’d sure appreciate it! I have the button in my most recent post.

Thanks so much!

Oh, and as for my Sunday dinner plans, my husband and I are packing a picnic dinner with a bottle of wine and taking our son to an outdoor pops concert. This will be the last one of the fall season!

Dick said...

I don't remember what we did on Sunday but the last two nights we were camping at Fort Casey State Park. The night before last we combined with our friends in the other RV for a spagetti, salad & garlic bread dinner. Last night we had taken the ferry boat to Port Townsend for the day & ate dinner at the Public House Bar & Grill. I had a Cajun burger, Pat had a chicken salad.

Dawn said...

You must be having a very busy week! Was this the week that Miss Emmy went to day care?

I'm so far behind! Am trying to catch up tonight.