Wednesday, August 15, 2007

UPDATE On My Disability Hearing

First of all, THANK YOU for all your comments and especially your prayers for me on Wednesday. Just knowing you were praying for me means so much.

First, the good news: My interview and hearing went well. Actually, about 30 minutes into the hearing the judge stopped my lawyer, who was questioning me, and said that he thought he'd heard enough. From the questions the judge asked me and the statements he made to me, my lawyer feels that my disability will more than likely be granted.

Now the bad news: The judge didn't clearly state that he was granting my disability. Also, it may be anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months before I know for sure whether I've been approved or denied.

So our prayers were answered, but we'll have to wait a while for the verdict. All things considered things went as well as I could have asked today, other than not getting a definite approval today.

Jessica and Jason drove me and Lamar to the hearing today and the high today here was 105*. As soon as we got done with our business at the hearing we headed to Son*ic for some ice cream and/or a cold drink, then I had a little shopping to do at Wal*Mart. By the time we got back here to our apartment it was 4:30 and Jessica, Jason and Emmy stayed to visit a while.

Jason starts a new job tomorrow (Yay!!) and I offered to keep Emmy tonight so Jessica and Jason wouldn't have to get up early to bring Emmy to me in the morning. I took Emmy to church with me tonight and after I got home I tossed a frozen pizza in the oven for a late supper. (The pizza is advertised as just as good as pizzeria pizza. It wasn't, but I had a coupon to get it free and it was quick and easy, and I'm TARD tonight.)

After our late supper of so-so frozen pizza and just now getting Emmy down for short nap (hopefully!) I'm just now finding time to post this update.

As far as I know my sister Donna (aka ZZTOP) and I are still going camping on Friday. If we go I won't be back for my Sunday Dinner, but I may go ahead and put up a Sunday Dinner post for all of you who like to check in here on Sundays and participate.

And now, I'm going to get ready for bed and get a bottle ready for Emmy. She's due to wake up hungry any time. Between the heat and the stress of the day, I'm TARD and wiped out. I hope Miss Emmy sleeps through the night after one last bottle and diaper change. That would be just great tonight.

Thanks again for your prayers, and if you just happened to keep praying
whenever I come to mind that my disability will be approved and that I'll hear from it soon, I'd be eternally grateful and so thankful.

I pray G0d's richest blessings on you all, dear friends and family.


Eleanor said...

Thanks for the update! I've been on pins and needles all day, and I know I'm not alone. Looks like all of the prayers and crossed digits did some good today. :) Most frustrating that you didn't get the definite "yes", but it sounds like it's going to go ahead. And about time!

I honestly can't imagine what it's like to not have health coverage. How lucky we are to be able to take it for granted here in Canada. I'll think of you the next time I want to grumble about our income tax rate!

I hate to rub salt in a wound, but the weather has cooled down here in a big way. I'd gladly share with you, if I could. We're to get down to 9 C. tonight, which is around 48 F. No happy medium in this part of the world!

Hope Miss Emmy lets you get a long, deep sleep tonight - you've earned it!

Jen said...

you are very welcome
I shall continue to pray and hope that the verdict and action dont take too long

hope Jason has a good 1st day tomorrow
and bless you for having her

if I dont "chat" with you before you go camping have fun

hope you have a restful night

Myrna said...

Will keep praying! It seems to me, from what you said, that the judge knew what needed to be done. Perhaps it won't take too long to hear a good word! That's what I'm praying for.

I hope you get some heat relief before you go camping. I keep hoping that storm off Texas will send some rain up this way and maybe cool us all off!

Get some rest tonight!

Judith said...

Still praying my friend.

Val said...

That does sound like you have grounds for hope!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that things went well on your disability hearing. Just don't understand why they couldn't tell you then and there the final word...Seems it would save a lot of time and money on the system. Oh well we just have to take the good news and run with it...

Oh my!! Isn't it a bit too hot to camp??


kansasrose said...

I'm encouraged for you Diane. I wish you could have gotten the verdict right away. This waiting is so hard isn't it. Health coverage is so difficult for so many people and it shouldn't have to be. I wish the system could be fixed. What is the fed gov going to do when all of the 70 million boomers are in the system on medicare? The thought is chilling.

You and Donna are braver souls than I for camping in the heat of August. ( Arkansas girls are tough cookies! lol) It is supposed to cool a little by the weekend. 95 vs. 105 degrees... if that's cool. LOL. Will the fish be biting in the heat? Take plenty of repellant hon. Have a great time. Love ya, Jen

Susie said...

Well all this sounds like things are going in the right direction for a positive outcome!
Hope you were able to get a good night's sleep.
I'll keep praying...

T*mmy said...

I hate that you've been left hanging like this...I hate that feeling myself...I like all my strings tied up don't you?
I pray you will hear something before your camping trip!!

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

It does sound like it went well, Diane. I hope you get your answer closer to the three weeks than the six months.

Hope you get to go camping and get away from it all this weekend.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It''s so frustrating that you have to wait for so long to hear these results.

Dawn said...

I am glad you are encouraged, but sad that they couldn't just go ahead and give you your answer. The wheels of bureaucracy move VERY slowly and seem to delight in delays.

I am so thankful for your prayers and care!

I am amazed at your love of camping. You're a better woman than I!

Lynne said...

I'm so glad that the hearing went well for you. Hope you get good news soon.

Angela said...

It is good to hear that your hearing went well and that you had a judge that knew what you needed for your case. I pray that your answer will arrive soon.

Have a wonderful camping trip. Take lots of pictures and rest, rest, rest as you can.

Enjoy your time in the middle of God's handiwork. I am sure that you will get a burst of physical and spiritual renewal.

Love to you, my dear friend!

Rachel said...

Glad to hear that the hearing went well but sorry that it'll take so long to find out the real outcome. Geesh, I don't know why they have to be so slow! I'll keep it on my prayer list!!


moreofhim said...

Diane - I'm keeping you in my prayers and know the Lord will work everything out! Wow- 105 degrees! We get that a lot here in AZ, but we don't have the humidity. I would be tard, too!! I can't handle humidity. We get it here occasionally when we get the rains and then the sun and I just feel like I'm gonna drop!

I hope you have a fantastic time on your camping trip!! Have a great weekend! God bless!

Lyndy said...

Hi Diane,

Will certainly keep praying for this. It is always a slow process in these situations.

How wonderful that Jason got a new job. Praying he loves it.

Enjoy your time camping.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

Cecil said...

Hey Joe... I am glad you and Donna are getting to "get away" but I wish it was going to be cooler for you.. Seriously, y'all be careful in this heat.. Hope you have a great time and get there and back safely... You know we are all praying about your disability... See ya soon .... Love ya more...Cecil