Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Week Thus Far....

If you've been wondering why I've been scarce on the blogging scene this week, these 2 pictures should be self explanatory.

I don't think I'd forgotten how much attention a 2 month old baby needs so much as deliberately
blocked it from my mind. Some days it's hard to find time to go to the bathroom let alone get anything useful done around the hovel.

Emmy is beginning to be alert for longer
periods and more often. Of course she'd usually prefer company while she coos and kicks. I'm the Grandma so I'm most often the designated company. Grandpa will do in a pinch if I have to do something silly like cook a meal or swap laundry from the washer to the dryer.

Jessica says that Emmy's sleeping through the night almost every night now. Woo hoo for Jessica and Jason! And for me, since I'll have Emmy from Friday morning at about 6:30 am until Sunday evening about 8 or 9 pm. Since I'm putting that in print she'll be fussy and awake both nights. It's like tempting fate or pulling the lion's tail. *Sigh*.....

I do have few things in the works for today and tomorrow besides Emmy that's taking up a lot of my time. For supper tonight I'm making MY HOMEMADE BEEF ROAST, POTATOES AND GRAVY. Click on the bold link for the recipe, found on MY RECIPE BLOG. I'm making enough for me and Lamar, and enough for Jessica and Jason's supper as well. Jessica will pick up their supper when she comes to get Emmy. I'm glad that I offered to share my supper with them because I just found out that Jessica has a 7 pm meeting for work, and now she won't hav
e to worry about rushing around to cook supper before her meeting.

I'm also making and canning HOMEMADE CHOW CHOW OR RELISH for a dear friend. Click on the bold link for the recipe, also found on MY RECIPE BLOG. I'll be making that either this evening or on Friday depending on how I feel and how my time is managed. I have enough ingredients for several batches and I'll probably be making more as my friend gets the vegetables out of his garden. He loves the stuff, but I'll be honest here. I can't stand the stuff. I can make chow chow with the best of them, but don't ask me to eat it.

Don't think I've got enough to do? Okay, apparently I don't think so either. I've been getting a lot of homegrown tomatoes, bell peppers and jalapeno peppers. Know what I'm thinking? I've got enough stuff to make at least two batches of MY HOMEMADE SALSA. Click on the bold link or the picture for the recipe. As I get more tomatoes and peppers I'll make more salsa as long as the garden stuff keeps coming in. I canned a couple of dozen jars of my salsa last summer and I only got to eat a small portion of it.

It seems that Lamar, Jessica and Jason really love my salsa and didn't feel it necessary to inform me that they were eating it almost faster than I could make and can it. So this year? I'm hiding it! And I've already told Lamar that the salsa? It will be rationed this time. :-)

After I get through with the chow chow and the salsa, if I have enough peppers left I'm going to make MY HOT PEPPER JELLY. Yeah, click on the bold link for the recipe. We shall see.....By the time I get the rest of this stuff done I don't know if I'll care if I make hot pepper jelly or not.

There's just not enough hours in the day during harvest, freezing and canning season, is there?

Emmy will be waking up hungry any time now, and I have to type those recipes on my recipe blog so those links will actually, like, link to a recipe. Plus I need to peel potatoes soon to put in with my roast. So I'll stop blogging about my life and get back to actually living it.

Y'all have a great Thursday evening, y'hear?


Cecil said...

sigh.....yum..... I got home at 7 pm and I ate a sandwich....sigh...I have been on my feet all day and I am knocked... beef roast....potatoes...gravy.... :(
I am SO depressed....I have to go now........pray for me.... Cecil

Cecil said...

hee hee hee.... Well... I AM sad I missed it.... :) love y'all

Big Mama said...

Oooh, that salsa looks good. It's 10:00 here and now all I want to do is find some chips and salsa.

Lyndy said...

Oh that brings back memories. My grandmother loved chow chow and our next door neighbor always made it. I am with you though...not thanks.

That Emmy is a pretty as ever and keeping her grandma on her toes it seems.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

Greeneyes said...

Sending hugs and more hugs , a busy Grandma indeed!
Hope it gives you a little more time to Uhm,,,,,,powder your nose haha, Babies are demanding but oh sooooooooooooooo cute , I am thinking she needs a little extra sugar from her #1 fan ,that would be me ! SHUGA smoochies oxoxoxox

so great to get a chance to get online , and get to see pics of the sweetest babe and sweetest Grandma ,just what I needed,thanks for sharing .
Oh by the way if I ever visit you (LOTTO HAS TO STRIKE,HAHA) I am bringing a big bag of chips for that salsa so stuff a bottle away where the salsa munchers cannot find it LOL
HUGS to my dear Sister friend whom I love , hang in there I hear it gets easier when they turn two , LMBO,heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeeee
snort snort ,sorry wiping tears from eyes LMBO...............


Jen said...

what a good girl for sleeping though the night

yum chow chow

have a good weekend

dont go over doing it

mer said...


I always, always leave your blog HUNGRY. Wishing I had some of your salsa and some chips right now! YUM.

Barb said...

Oh my sweet goodness, Diane. It made me tired to read this.

You are a blessing. To your kids and your husband and to that sweet grandbaby.

Honestly, you have more energy than I can begin to come up with right now.

I feel so tired. Sigh.

But that baby is so sweet. I want a granddaughter. Soooo bad.

Krissy and Andy have already told me they want me with them when they go to the appointment where they find out the baby's sex.

Wish me luck. I so want a reason to work in pink stuff.

LOL You know I don't really care. But that baby girl is so adorable, it tugs at my heart.

Love you, sweet friend,

MightyMom said...

ok, I'm coming by in the morning...will be picking up roast and potatoes, chow chow, salsa, hot jelly, and whatever else I can sneak out of your pantry!!! I'll put some boxes in the van so I can carry it all!! heeheehee.

Sister said...

Everything sounds fabulous.
You are a blessing to so many.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh she is so beautiful!!! Love those pictures.


T*mmy said...

You have been a busy bee...I'm gonna check out your recipe for the roast...if it is even half as good as your other recipes...mmmm...mmmm!!
Emmy if growing way to fast!

Morning Glory said...

Emmy just keeps getting cuter and cuter, and you just look more pleased in each photo!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane! I've been reading for a few months but haven't posted before. I'm wondering why you don't ever post pictures of Emmy or write anything about her? (hee) What a doll she is! I can you tell you REALLLLLY love being a Grandma.
I just re-read your last Friday's menu and I'm going to have to go find some peas to cook this weekend. Here in Charleston it's considered a sin if you don't serve them next to or on top of a big pile of rice.
Nita in SC

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Grandmother duties for you!

Susie said...

It's such fun to watch Emmy grow through all these cute pics! I truly can see you in her face :)
You are going to be one cooking grammy making all those good things. I need to do something with my tomatoes and soon. Try not to overdo!
love and ((hugs))

Paulette said...

Oh such sweetness Emmy is!! You are so blessed.
I went over and helped my dear friend make batches of salsa just yesterday except us Texans call it Hot Sauce :) It sure was goood too!

I saw you won Monk and Neagle? I just went ahead and bought it. I never win a thing because I am always a day late and a dollar although I did win your award and Barbs recipe cards so I take that back!!

Well I loved your post and emmy is adorable indeed.

Judith said...

Your little grand daughter is growing so fast! Before you know it she'll be pulling herself up and walking. I love thqt she's such a happy babe.

Now about that fresh produce, and canning. it all looks so good, I'm about to attack my fridge. I don't know if they'd grow where you live, but I'd pay good money for some mayhaw jelly or jam.

Melinda said...

I love the photo of you and your grand daughter, It is priceless you look so proud.
I can't wait to be a grand mother Hah - My daughter is 23 and says she wont be making me one for years - she doesnt even have a partner yet! She says she just wants to have fun !!

I hope you will post more photos of your little princess she is gorgeous.

Take Care - Smiles Melinda

Myrna said...

can't get enough of those sweet Emmy pics!

Chow chow--Now that beings back some childhood memories. Stepmother #1 pretending to be domestic--One summer she made chow chow==I remember our eyes burning from the onions in the flurry of cooking, canning. You can tell, I'm sure, that she was not one of my favorite people. Therefore, chow chow, not such a favorite of mine!

Now the salsa--I could go for some of that stuff! and the hot pepper jelly--so good with cream cheese on a good cracker!

Eleanor said...

Well, howdy Mizz D! :) You're certainly one of the busiest folk in blogland these days. But it's all a labour of love, isn't it? That sweet baby just gets sweeter by the week and, even though she keeps you hopping, think of the memories you're making with her! :) Lots of grandmas would be spitting with jealousy at the amount of time you get to spend with that little angel!

My kitchen canning factory is about to leap into production, too. I've already done some freezing this week. So much for the "we'll only plant what we can use on the table this year." Uh huh. Mother Nature obviously decided that I didn't deserve a lazy summer, after all. Hmph. She made growing conditions so perfect that fewer plants are still producing a mega crop. No rest for the wicked, I guess! ;)

Hope you're having a splendiferous weekend, my friend!

Diane @ A Watered Garden said...

Oh my gosh...reading this post is either very inspiring or very convicting...haven't decided which. You have been one busy gal! Enjoy that grandbaby!!! I also wanted to let you know I have returned to blogville with a new name and address: I will be back for a visit and to catch up on reading postings made during my recent sabbatical. Blessings, Diane

kansasrose said...

Hi hon! Little Emmy is a beauty! She has the sweetest smiles for her grammy! You are one of the busiest grammas I know! ( also sis Donna!) Your roast beef sounds so yummy! The canned things look and sound mouthwatering...I am printing up the recipes. My pepers and tomatoes are really slow this it will be August before any major canning here. Wheeeewwww! Is it a scorcher today! Dh has been cutting alfalfa today. I tried to dig some post holes but got wore out from the heat. Hope you are stayin' cool. Well, gonna go put a roast out to thaw for dinner tomorrow. planned my dinner again hon! Love you lots, Jenxxxooo

Anonymous said...

Oh, that salsa looks so good! I love Mexican. And Emmy is just growing up so fast. I just want to squeeze her cheeks. It made me go and get hugs from my little ones (or what you could just call a close touch - they all think they are too big to hug their mama - even at 3!)

Rachel said...

What a wonderful picture of you and Emmy!! She is so cute and growing so fast!! Where does the time go?

That canned stuff sounds wonderful indeed!! Hope they save you some of those goodies this time! I'll have to check out your recipe blog.

Take care Diane, and blog when you can. I know how hard it is to find time to try and fit it all in.