Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tuesday With The Family

I've got more pictures this time and most of them are self explanatory. I'll explain a few of them but I'm not going to caption each one.

Tuesday morning I made the dreaded trip to Kro*ger and Wal*mart to do my grocery shopping. It's already so hot that my mother in law, Lida and I like to go early and get back as soon as possible. That's partly because of the heat spoiling my groceries, but mainly because I hate to sweat, to be totally honest here. I was back home by 10:45 and we had just finished carrying the groceries inside and Lida had just left when Cecil and Sue got here.

They brought lunch with them and they always bring me something, bless 'em. Today we had chicken strips and tater logs with ranch dressing to dip it all in. It was good and a bonus was that I didn't have to cook it. It always drains me and my knees kill me after I do my shopping so I was grateful for the ready made meal.

Thanks, sisters!

Cecil and I didn't eat all of our food so we saved it for Jessica. She had called to say she was bringing Emmy for a visit and she arrived just as we finished eating so Jessica took over where Cecil and I left off with the chicken strips and tater logs. She pretty much finished what we didn't eat so 3 people ate all they wanted from 2 meals.

That's my sister Sue with Emmy in the top picture. I made sure I got some pictures of her with Emmy this time. Then there's me and Emmy and Jessica and Emmy. I love the look on Jessica's face in that first picture.

Jessica is feeling much better now as you can tell by her smile in the next picture with Emmy. Thanks to all of you who offered sympathy, love and concern for her. According to how Jessica feels she may work Saturday and I may keep Emmy for her.

Jessica and Emmy were here about 3 hours and Emmy was asleep most of the time, as you may can tell by the pictures. She's got
her eyes closed or partly closed in almost every picture. She snacked quite a bit while she was here and Cecil and Sue and I all got to feed her. I can tell she's gaining weight and filling out. The sleeper she had on is a newborn size and when she stretches out it just barely fits. It won't be long before Jessica will have to retire some of her sweet newborn baby clothes for bigger duds.

Just before Jessica left she strapped Emmy in her carseat. I got a picture of peaceful Emmy sleeping. So innocent and sweet. Then she almost laughed out loud! I don't know what she was dreaming about but it must have been hilarious. She just kept smiling and grinning. I managed to get a few pictures of her sweet grin but it was hard to catch her smiling, it was so fleeting and my digital camera has a pause between when you push the shutter button and the actual flash and picture taking.

Cecil had to play with her and try to get her to grin some more, but she was about down for the count by then. As you can tell by the next picture Emmy was doing some snoozing as Jessica was saying her goodbyes.

After hugs and smooches all around for Jessica and Emmy, after they left I took a few pictures of Sue and one of my 2 cats, Dolly. Dolly is a fat good natured air head of a cat and she loves her lovin'. If you quit petting her before she's done being loved she'll pat you with her paw to get your attention, or rub her head on you to bring the focus back to the important stuff - HER. She is a big kitty but she really looks huge in this picture because of the angle I suppose.

Jen had asked in the comments on my last post about more and better pictures of my new hairdo. I had Cecil take some pictures of my haircut before she and Sue went home.

We went outside because the natural light is better. You might be able to tell that the sky is dark behind me in these last 2 pictures. It was cloudy and sprinkled on us a bit while we were outside. I got my hopes up because I really thought we might get a nice shower but it wasn't to be. Just a little cloud spit again, dang it. If it doesn't rain on Wednesday I'll have to water my outside flowers again.

Lamar is on his way from Dallas as I type this. He's coming back by train on Amtrack this time. He should be home in the wee hours of Wednesday morning if his train is on time. He's getting home just in time to catch me in a pickling frenzy.

I plan to put up some pickles Wednesday with the cucumbers that Lida brought me. I bought spices when I got groceries. I'll make some Kosher dills and some dill refrigerator pickles. I like the kosher dills better and Jessica and Lamar like the refrigerator pickles more. The strange thing about that is that when they eat all their refrigerator pickles Jessica starts on my Kosher dills. I have to hide some if I really want any for myself.

Well, it's been a tiring day and I have pickles to can on Wednesday, so I'll wish everyone a happy and blessed Wednesday.


Lyndy said...

I am with you sister...I hate to sweat, it's just not lady like. (lol)

All the pictures are great but I love the one where she is laughing how precious is that.

Glad to hear Jessica feels better. Have fun with your pickles.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

"Early Bird" said...

Here it is Wed morning and I'm just now getting around...
Emmy is so cute! And Jessica looks like she is getting her health back!
I made a couple of jars of sweet and sour refrigerator pickles. They are supposed to set 2 weeks so this Friday we get to try them...I'm hoping they are good because I'm craving tater salad!! ;)

Barb said...

That's probably the shortest hair I've ever seen but you know, it looks good on you, Diane. Don't think you can get much cooler than that! LOL

The photo of the baby smiling is just precious. She's adorable and I love the first photo of her and her mommy - the look on Jessica's face is beautiful.

So glad she's feeling better. I know you're hoping you get to take care of that baby Sunday. :-)

Susie said...

I'm so glad Jessica is feeling better!
Her smile speaks volumnes. That Emmy is getting rounder and sweeter each time you post... Just adorable!
That pickle making sounds like quite the job. If we get cucumbers from all those blossoms on our vine, I'm going to have to think of some creative uses myself!!
love and ((hugs))

mombo said...

It's so nice to be missed! I love short hair, don't you?! I keep mine as short as I can get away with. The pickles sound great - I'm crazy for kosher dills. Hubby likes all of them, but I'm kinda picky. I gotta swing over to Ark. one of these days to meet you.

Gran - (Angela) said...

Good Morning! Thanks for sharing your new pictures of Emmy and Jessica. I am glad she is feeling better. Emmy is growing more beautiful every time I see a picture of her. You look great with Emmy. You have that radiant grandmother smile that we all seem to have. It is an AMAZING experience having grandchildren. Thanks for your visit and kind words. Good luck with your pickles. Try to stay cool as much of the time as you can. We are feeling the heat here. It should reach 95 today. Have a wonderful day!

Diane said...

What beautiful pictures! I love the one of little Emmy laughing! That's a keeper! Well....then again...they're all keepers!

Have fun canning pickles......that is, of course, if you can have fun canning pickles! Just teasing, a little......those words have never been uttered by this voice! So I don't have a clue. It sounds like serious work.


PEA said...

I've just finished mowing the grass so I'm in a sweat right now...oops, perspiring right now! hehe How I loved seeing all your pictures...Emmy is such a lovable little bundle and seems such a good natured baby!! Love your haircut...you're all set for the summer now:-) xoxo

Linda said...

What sweet, sweet pictures. I love the one of her smiling. I'm so glad you had a chance to visit. Those grandbabies are just so much fun.
Your new hairdo looks so cool and comfortable. I think it's a great idea for this hot weather. You look just perfect!!
Have a restful afternoon!

Jen said...

wow Saturday will be nice for both of you
I love the 2nd photo of Emmy dreaming

thanks for taking more photos of the new haircut I really like it :)

Lisa said...

Your hair must be a welcome relief in this weather!! It's very nice!

Oh, those pictures of the baby sleeping and smiling/laughing just make me want to hug and kiss her. I miss those days...those are great shots. It brings me back to those days of the soft skin and baby breath. Sigh.

Greeneyes said...

Wonderful , what a great post Diane , I love pictures , and Emmy has grown hasnt she, I hope she is not grown out of the size I sent before you get it ,LOL!!! she is so precious ,and the smile in her sleep , how sweet is that !, bet she was dreamin of Grandmas arms around her .Jessica looks really good , she recovers quick !She looks so great with EmmY in her arms there , very touching .

Now tell the truth , just what is it you feed your cat???Tee HEE , she is a real cutie isnt she , if I were a mouse I wouldnt want to meet her! great look on her face .

ANd your hair is really great I love it on you , it is so different than your long hair and must feel heavenly, it suits you ,and must be easy to care for , wish I had the nerve to do it.
Pickles pickles everywhere and not one to crunch , good luck with the pickle making ,sounds like youll be busy for awhile ,take care
loves ya
BSH by the boat load .
Miss G.

"Early Bird" said...

I'm just stopping back by today (Thursday) to say HI!

Dawn said...

She is such a sweetie! I'd love to snuggle her a bit. They don't stay little nearly long enough. But I do like it when they grow out of the waking up at night stage!

Pickles sound wonderful and it's one of the things I "used to do" that I'm thinking of posting about very soon here.

Show us pictures so we can pucker up a bit by cyberspace!