Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sunday Dinner, June 10, 2007

Believe it or not, I'm actually cooking for Sunday Dinner this week. I know y'all can barely contain your excitement, but try your best, please.

I asked Jessica Saturday afternoon if she and Jason planned on being here for
Sunday Dinner and she said they were planning on being at church Sunday morning but she wasn't sure if they would be here for dinner. She asked what was on the menu and before I could get the words out of my mouth she interrupted and said, "We'll be there!"

My menu? My homemade beef roast, potatoes cooked in with the roast, brown gravy from the roast juices and fresh garden green beans cooked with bacon for seasoning. Roast, potatoes and gravy is Jessica's favorite meal that I make.

Now, what's on the agenda for your Sunday Dinner? Share your menu and/or your plans in the comments.
Beef chuck roast has been outrageous for about 4 months now at Kroger, which is where I buy most of my meat. They finally had it on sale for $1.99 /lb. and I got 2 that weigh about 3½ lbs. each. All other beef is still priced way beyond my means. Ground beef is over $2 /lb but I still buy it, although not as much as I used to. Occasionally it's on sale for less than that, but not often.

It's more convenient for me to make my roast in the crockpot and I do fix it that way sometimes, but it just doesn't get that browned goodness in the crockpot that it does in the oven and I like it better prepared in the oven.Things didn't go quite the way Jessica and I had planned on Friday and Saturday but that wasn't a bad thing, just different from what we planned. Jessica had all intentions of working on Saturday but her boss got her wires crossed and assumed that Jessica wasn't coming in to work so she called in a replacement for her. Jessica found out Friday morning that she didn't have to work but she asked if I would still come over and help with Emmy. Emmy hasn't been sleeping well and anybody who has or has had a baby knows that when the baby doesn't rest, neither does Mama.

Emmy has had a tummy ache and just generally been sleeping very restlessly. She's not running a temperature or showing any signs of being sick. She's just going through the normal baby adjustments. We found out that Emmy loves her swing. More or less as a last resort Jason put her in her swing on Thursday night and she settled down and slept for a good while.

It's not that Emmy cries constantly, she just hasn't been sleeping well or for very long at a time. She did do better on Friday and Saturday while I was there. We adjusted her formula a bit and I think that is going to do the trick.

I stayed home with Emmy Friday night so Jessica and Jason could go out to eat and have some time to themselves. They need time to be alone together occasionally and Grandma didn't mind helping out with Miss Emmy at all. I was thrilled to have so much time with Emmy and Jessica will be going back to work full time next week so she's going to have to acclimate herself to being away from Emmy for longer periods of time.

Jessica's neighbor will be keeping Emmy most of the time while Jessica works but I'll be her backup when the neighbor can't keep Emmy. That's fine with me because I can't keep Emmy full time but I still get to keep her occasionally.

Instead of hauling Emmy and all her gear back and forth Jessica's neighbor will just come over to Jessica's apartment and babysit Emmy there. It will be more convenient for Jessica and the neighbor will be close enough to her apartment that it will be handy for her as well. There is only one apartment between Jessica's and her babysitter.

Jessica got a good night's sleep on Friday night. I got up with Emmy and fed and changed her. Emmy was awake sometimes every 30 minutes or so, but she did sleep for about 3 hours straight at least once. I can understand how your sleep being interrupted like that would get exhausting after so long a time, and I remember well those days when Jessica was a baby. Many days I stumbled around like the walking dead, just going through the motions. It wasn't all bad, though. Those days with little or no sleep don't last long at all in the grand scheme of things. The baby sugars more than make up for the lack of sleep, and just watching them change and grow before your very eyes is amazing. That first smile, when you know that they really recognize you and their face lights up - it makes every sacrifice worthwhile.

On Saturday Jessica, Emmy and I went to eat at a local barbecue restaurant. This was Jessica's belated Mother's Day gift from me. I gave Jessica a choice back in May of me buying her a gift or taking her out to eat and she chose eating out. Of course all the complications with Emmy and then Jessica having to have a C-section 3 weeks early threw a monkey wrench in our plans when Emmy arrived on May 8th. So we finally got around to eating out for Jessica's Mother's Day gift on Saturday for lunch.

We both got a half-portion pork barbecue sandwich plate for with baked beans, slaw and fries as the side dishes. It was good and Emmy was a good girl while we ate. She woke up while we were eating and just played quietly and looked around until we were ready to go, then fell asleep again as soon as we got back in the car. She likes to ride in the car. I suppose most babies like to ride, though.

Lyndy and Mombo, I smooched Emmy for y'all! Heck, I got so much sugar I smooched a hickey on Emmy's face, LOL! :-) So, anybody that wanted sugar and snuggles from Emmy, there's plenty to go around. Oh, GreenEyes, you're greedy, huh? You want some more baby lovin', eh? Well, okay then. ;-)

As usual for my Saturday nights I still have my Sunday School lesson to study and some things I still have to do tonight in preparation for my Sunday Dinner. I'm going to leave you with my usual prayer for all my dear friends and family:

May God bless you by meeting all your needs, and may you have enough to share.


Jen said...

bless you for helping
and Im pleased Jessica got a good nights sleep

"Early Bird" said...

Good morning Miz Diane...that roast sounds so good! I love a roast but Hubby don't :( well he'll eat it but says it's not his favorite!
More for me says I!
I'm going to possibly meet a blogger and her little gal in Columbus so more than likely will be eating something down that way for supper! I hope...fingers crossed!
Have a good day!

Granny said...

It's been a couple of months since I cooked a roast, I think. Beef is through the roof here too. If I can get a boneless chuck for $1.99/lb, I buy 4 of them.

We eat a lot of chicken and pork but they're higher too.

My one break is ground beef. We have a meat processing plant right down the road with a retail store. They sell their ground beef for around $1/pound if I buy the 10 lb box.

Chicken again tonight although I'm not sure if the girls will be back from their sleepovers. If not, leftovers tomorrow. I'll probably just season and flour the drumsticks and stick them in the oven. Maybe some Rice-a-roni and green beans?

How good that the baby-sitting was solved so neatly.

Eleanor said...

Mmm, roast beef. It is a shame that beef prices are so ridiculous, though. Pity the farmers don't see a bigger chunk of that price per pound. My dad was a beef farmer, and kept all of his kids' freezers supplies until he died. So, it was a rather large shock when I had to start buying it from the supermarket. Yikes! The quality left a lot to be desired, too. "Mass produced" beef just isn't the same as pasture raised. We're getting "real" beef again, though, from a local farmer, so all's well. Except that we have to pay for it, of course. ;)

I think I'll be making a stir fry and rice for our dinner today. Haven't decided if it will be pork or chicken stir fry - it'll depend on what the others fancy. I'm easy either way.

I don't envy Jessica, having to go back to work already. I went back when Stephanie was almost four months old and that seemed way too soon! Being a working mom isn't easy, but you do what you have to do, and it all works out somehow. It's amazing how you adapt to running on little sleep! :)

Miss Emmy gets more gorgeous by the day. And that's a totally unbiased opinion! :) Jessica is looking amazing, too, especially considering all that she has been through in the space of just a few weeks! Tough women in your family, for sure!!

Barb said...

I make my roast in the oven too, for the same reason. It just doesn't brown as nicely in a crockpot.

I imagine it will be a little heart wrenching for Jessica to go back to work full time. I know it almost killed Kris. I think she called me ten times a day the first week or so after she went back.

I'm making a big tuna salad today. It's not what people think it is - it's actually a big garden salad with pasta and veg-alls and tuna in it. One of our favorite summer meals.

Last night I made myself a big batch of Paula Deen's pimiento cheese spread. It's one of my favorite sandwiches but it costs a fortune to buy a little 8 ounce container of it in the grocery store, so I was tickled pink when I stumbled across the recipe in her magazine. I made two pounds of it. And it's all mine because I'm the only one who likes it! Hooray!

Lynne said...

Miss Emmy is so pretty. She's so alert now.

I love roast beef and gravy. Haven't had a good roast for a long time. Meat prices are just too high. I found a place where I could get ground chuck, fresh ground that day by the butcher, for $1.99 a pound. Kroger's has it around $2.59.

I'm just about finished my cooking fest. Just have crab cakes to bread, then I'm done! Now, I'll probably forget that all this food is in the freezer!

Gran - (Angela) said...

I cook my roast beef in the over too. It just taste better to me when it is browned.

Emmy is growing so fast and she is such an adorable little girl.

I'll say a special prayer for Jessica concerning her leaving Emmy as she goes to work. I am sure that will be one of the hardest things that she has faced being a mother.

Have a WONDERFUL day !

Paulette said...

Well there was never a doubt in my mind that you would be a smoochin grandma!! Emmy is so precious!! She sure looks like her mama.
Thanks for keeping us in pictures I love watching her grow. I wish I could give her some lovin.
For Sunday dinner??? It is just me so I will go out later and get me some chicken fingers from Jack in the box lol they are the best.
Blessings friend

Greeneyes said...

Hi Diane ,
Yes I am greedy for hugs kisses & sugar from Emmy , I can feel it from here , thank you for the special lovin LOL. If there, I would probably snuggle her and kiss her cheeks off haha.SHe has her eyes wide open and is bright and beautiful isnt she ! as you know I love the pics (esp Emmy, cant blame me ) but you are all looking good there , Even if Emmy isnt sleeping , haha she is getting ready for her teen years !!
I can smell that roast too Diane , when the wind hits just the right angle LOL ! YUmmmY
Chicken wings and fried almond rice here , quick and easy .
WIsh I could be there to share the hugs , intil then sending bushels full of big squishy HUGS

Share with Emmy please .
Love ya girlie

Miss G.

Morning Glory said...

Your pictures of Emmy are always such sweet ones. You're such a super grandma to be able and willing to help out the way you do.

There is nothing quite like a Sunday roast dinner. That was my standard Sunday dinner for nearly all of our married life until just a few years ago, when we started eating out on Sundays for just the two of us. But when the kids and their families come over, I know it's the roast that my sons-in-law are going to want, so roast and trimmings it is!

Myrna said...

Sunday dinner? It was just the two of us today, so we had some leftovers. We didn't even have the same thing. Lee had beef tenders and grilled veggies left from yesterday. I had pizza left from Friday night when the kids were here unexpectedly. I really slaved over that microwave today!

I do love seeing those pictures of Emmy! You can almost see her growing and becoming more and more aware of the world. Just so very precious!

Dawn said...

We had chicken on the grill with a marinade I found in the paper. It was good. DC doesn't like crock pot roast at all. I don't fix roast too often, because it's never as good as his or my mom's were every Sunday!

Glad you got some good Emmy and Jessica time.

Have a great week - it's supposed to be 92 today, then back down to 70s tomorrow. Crazy Colorado!

Diane said...

Oh! There's nothing quite like an old fashioned roast and fixin's! Sounds yummy! If I had more than one other person around at any given dinner time...I think that 's what I'd make!

And that Emmy! She's darling! I think I see her "Grandma's eyes" on that beautiful little face! Love the photos where her eyes are open! She's beautiful!


Merle said...

Hello Diane ~~ I love seeing the photos of you, Jessica and little Emmy. She is so cute and growing like a weed, You are very good to your daughter and son in law to mind the baby so they can have time out together. A very thoughtful lady, and of course it's a pleasure to be with Emmy too. Take care, Love, Merle.

Trisha said...

Might be the first time i have commented on your blog although I have been reading regularly for a while. Just wanted to let you know I tried the greenbeans with sugar and soy sauce last night that you mentioned and my son, who swears he hates green beans ate every last one and wanted more. You can bet I will be making them again soon. Thanks for the tip!! Emmy sure is a sweetie!!

Dawn said...

You must be a very busy lady this week - hope everything's okay!

Rachel said...

Hi Diane!! You are so funny with all that smooching on Emmy for everyone, just so you can get more sugar!! Teehee!! I certainly can't blame you. She's such a cutie pie!!

Hugs to you!!

TorAa said...

You are such a caring Grandma. And very good cook as well. I love your recipe, but the beef, which my GERD prevents me from (only in very small portions). But the green beans... heavenly.

PS. I read your comment on my friend RennyBA's blog. My comment to that is: Frozen Fish fillets are the freshest fish you can get hold of. It's frozen at sea. i.e. Can't be fresher. Sadly this fact is too often underestimated - "Only frozen fish". But it's important you buy natural fillets - not prepared "ready to eat" - as you then can add what you have on hand of fresh veggies and even fruit. And prepare it in thousands of exciting ways.
From plain panned, fried, baked, bloiled, gratinated, in soups, as "fiskcakes" etc etc. No limit but your own fantasy.

Happy meals and hugs

Tor and Anna

I'm sure you have local producers in US as well as we have on this side of the pond. You might get some inspiration here:

kansasrose said...

Hi hon! Your roast beef dinner sounds mouthwaterin'! My mom always made hers in a pressure cooker. I brown mine in a dutch oven and get a nice burn on it and then slow cook in a dutch oven in the oven like you. Nothing better! You are a pickle diva Diane!!! Your pickles look scrumptous!!! I am filled with "Clara Edwards" envy. Have you ever entered them in your local fairs? You would be going to state fair and bringing home a purple ribbon for best in show and Arkansas State grand champ! Sweet Emmy gets more beautiful every time I see her! And her grammy D just beams out that lovelight. Love these LOVElight pictures of all of you holding Emmy! Have a sweet day and weekend my friend! Have you all recieved some blessed rains? I have been praying for the southeast and deep south for this drought to end. My DH's grandma Kitty had a special prayer for drought..."for heaven's flodgates to open up". It works! Loveto you. kr