Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Gone To Help Jessica &Jason

First of all, THANK YOU for all your sweet words about Miss Emmy and her proud parents and grandparents. Y'all are just the BEST blogging buddies a girl could have!

You may have noticed that "Anonymous" left a comment on my last p
ost, Emmy's birth announcement. That was Jason, Emmy's Daddy, thanking everyone for your loving welcome for Emmy.

Jessica took these pictures for me Wednesday in her hospital room. She and Emmy
are both doing well, praise the Lord. Jessica is now free of all needles and hoses and is on an unrestricted diet, much to her satisfaction!

First thing Wednesday morning, Lamar and I went back to the hospital and Jessica was preparing to take a shower. She waited until we got there so we could watch Emmy and also to be there in case Jessica had difficulties. She thought she was ready to whop a bear with a switch, but I told her she'd better take it easy. Mom was right and Wednesday afternoon/evening she paid for overdoing it. She was tired and sore and ready to get some rest when we left her and Jason late Wednesday evening.

If all goes well, Jessica and Emmy should get to go home sometime Thursday. I'll be going back to the hospital on Thursday morning, then home with them when they're dismissed. I'll be staying at least 3 or 4 days and possibly longer, depending on how Jessica and Emmy progress.

This will be my last post until I return home. If anything noteworthy should happen with Jessica or Emmy before I get home to post, my sisters Cecil and Donna will probably have the news posted on their blogs. Not that I anticipate anything drastic happening, just making provision to keep y'all informed in the event something does arise.

Right now it's looking like I'll still be at Jessica's
this Sunday, so there won't be a Sunday Dinner post this week from me. If someone else wants to do a Sunday Dinner post, feel free. If you'll leave me a comment I'll come and visit and catch up on everyone's Sunday Dinner plans when I get home.

Once again I want to wish everyone a very happy and blessed Mother's Day. This is going to be a very special Mother's Day for me this year, but not nearly as meaningful as it will be for Jessica. She'll never forget this Mother's Day, of all that will come later.

May God richly bless you all, dear friends and family.


Sister said...

We'll miss you! Take good care of your beautiful girls...Happy Mother's Day!

Jen said...

have a lovely time with your girls
and I pray that you have a wonderful Grandmothers Day and Jessica has a wonderful Mothers Day
HUGS to you all

Lyndy said...

Happy Mother's Day to you and Jessica both. I know you enjoy the next few days so much and treasure this time forever.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

Nashe* said...

OH MAN! Will you LOOK at that pwoud
granny? Haha...

It's an Emmy Award, alright. ;)
I canNOT believe I missed all the action!!!!

Congrats D! You're a grandma! FINALLY!
Gee, I'm like speechless..
The baby's real beautiful, all pink and rosy.
Hope all goes well for ya and Jess and Miss Emmy Alexis. =)

Ps; i really like the name Alexis.

Lisa said...

Yay! I am so glad I checked here this morning to see an update. I thought about it last night and told myself that was the first thing I was going to do. You look like a proud grandma! Congrats to everyone!

(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

What a BEAUTIFUL baby! *CONGRATULATIONS!* to your family! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Diane said...

How sweet THIS Mother's Day is going to be!



Morning Glory said...

I know these next few days will be just perfect for you. Congrats to all the family!

I've had two C-sections, and while they are not now as frightening as they used to be, please tell Jessica to behave and do what the doctor says. Overdoing things will prolong her recovery and healing.

The pictures are just beautiful.

Linda said...

Congratulations Grandma!!! - and to the new mommy and daddy and all the rest of the family!!
I am just delighted for you Diane. What a great way to celebrate Mother's Day!!
God is good!! He hears and answers prayer. You look so sweet and happy in those pictures. There is no more precious gift than a grandchild. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Dawn said...

It seems that when someone has a C-section or a hysterectomy, they feel so much better right afterward that they plunge right back into life, with not good results. Tell her we all said to TAKE IT EASY and let Grandma do what she's there for!

Have a wonderful time.

kansasrose said...

Jessica is doing magnificently. She should get rest and take it easy for several weeks to let her body heal up. C-sections are major surgery ( from one who had 2) so let others "baby" the momma for a time. I am just beaming looking at you Diane holding your first grandchild. I have heard we get to fall in love all over again with our grandbabies! I can't wait! All my love to you grandma D, Jenxxxooo And high five to Jessica! Enjoy your 1st Mother's Day!!!!

Kristen said...

Congratulations on your beautiful new grand-baby!! I'm sure that new baby is going to get plenty of kisses and hugs!! She's a doll!

Have a blast doting on her! :-)

"Early Bird" said...

Such an encouragement to hear all is well and Grandma is to help with getting adjusted!
As for Sunday dinner...more than likely we'll be on the road back home and will stop in at a Cracker Barrel. I just love them!! :)

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

She would have appreciated your help anyway, but with a c-section, it'll be doubly so. Hope Jessica is up and about quickly, and that all the new baby stuff gets to feeling normal in a day or two also. xooxxo

Dick said...

Nice photos of a beautiful baby girl. You mentioned that it will be a special Mother's Day for you but it will be a very special one for Jessica.

chickadee said...

sounds like a perfect mother's day--cuddling a brand new baby. she's beautiful!

Merle said...

Hi Diane ~~ So happy to hear of the safe arrival of little Emmy. I hope she is doing well and her Mom not having too much pain. Congrats on
becoming a Grandma -- It is the very
best thing to happen to us and brings
so much joy for years and years.
You look so happy!! Loving thoughts
for you all. Merle.

RennyBA said...

What lovely pics of a proud grandma - and who could blame you; the Miss Emmy Alexis McKellar looks so cute!

Happy Mothers (and grandmothers!) Day to you too:-)

Susie said...

You'll be enjoying this Mother's Day no matter what you have for dinner.
I can't get over what a beauty Miss Emmy is! Your smile is a real day brightener.
Happy Mother's Day!

Shalee said...

What a beautiful girl that Emmy is! And you are positively beaming Diane. I love to see a new blessing from God and people who are proud to hold them.

Congrats, Grandma!