Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Honey, I'm Home ! !

Hey, y'all, I'm back! Actually, I got home late Monday night, but this is the first chance I've had to sit down and post anything on the blog. I've been reading a few blogs here and there when I have a spare minute, but spare time is rare around here right at the present.

Would you believe my Bloglines has almost 200 posts backlogged for me to read???
I'm going to try my best to catch up and visit with each of you as I get the time. Don't hold your breath, but I'll be around to visit when I can.

First, the pictures of Seth and his Mom and Dad.
I took this picture and the next one as I was
holding Seth on my left arm and took
the picture with my right hand.
Seth's doctors had told us that since he was
a preemie that he would only take an ounce
or so of formula at each feeding.
When I came home on Monday he was
already taking a full 3 ounces at most feedings.
Would you believe that he is already rolling over

on his own? Only a few times so far, but still!Proud Daddy and son.
Seth is built just like Danny - Long and slim.
See how tiny he looks in Danny's arms?
At 5 lbs. 7 ounces he IS tiny.
At birth he weighed 5 lbs. 13 ounces but
Seth lost a few ounces, as a lot of preemies do.
Now he's started gaining again, praise God.
He is perfect and healthy, just small.
Danny, Seth and Mikki.
Don't they look like a happy family?

Mikki is still having trouble getting her blood
pressure regulated. Last Friday she and Danny
had to leave Seth with me so she could go
to the hospital for her dangerously high
blood pressure. She was able to come home
several hours later, but the medications she has
to take aren't safe for babies, so she can't nurse
him. She feels sad and a little guilty because she

isn't able to nurse Seth, but I told her she needs
to take care of herself and be around to raise him.

Now, another couple of reasons I've been
too busy to blog since I came home.
Namely, these two reasons.

Jessica and Jason's cat had 2 kittens. She is
a first-time mother and went ape-kazooey
when the kittens were born. She did clean
them and at first seemed like she was going
to be a good Mom, but it went downhill
from there. Her nipples are inverted and the
kittens couldn't nurse at all, and when
they mewed in hunger, she attacked them
and tried to kill them.
Of course it was the middle of the night when
she had them, but Jessica went to Walmart
and bought them some kitten formula and
a bottle and got a little formula down them,
then brought them to me to nurse and
care for them.
I've mentioned that my sisters, Ducky and Cecil,
along with my niece and great-niece,
work for a vet who is a long-time friend of the
family. Jessica also worked for her for almost
2 years in her last 2 years of high school.
Anytime they have kittens or puppies that
are orphaned or too sick to nurse from their
mothers, they usually bring them to me or
my niece, so I've had a lot of experience
raising kittens especially.
These 2 were almost too far gone when
Jessica got them to me, but they seem
to have turned around and are doing fine now.
So, I'll be doing feedings and wiping
little feline bottoms every couple of hours, day
and night, for the next 4-6 weeks, until they're
weaned and ready to go back home with
Jessica and Jason.They intend to keep them both.

Speaking of Jessica, she went to her doctor
today and everything seems to be going well.
She is still fighting that urinary tract infection
and got another prescription for antibiotics.
After measuring her tummy today her doctor
moved her due date to May 15th. Imagine that!
I've been saying all along, which you'll know
if you read my blog regularly, that Jessica
is farther along than they've been saying.
I still think she's due more toward the end
of April or the first of May.
We shall see, won't we?

It's time for the next kitten feeding,
and it's getting late/early.
I hope everyone has a great Thursday.

Love and blessings to all,


Morning Glory said...

Welcome home and congratulations on that beautiful little boy. Everyone looks so happy and content. What a wonderful celebration!

BooMama said...

Mama ALWAYS knows. :-)

Glad you're home - and that baby Seth and the baby kittens are doing so well.

Missed you!

momteacherfriend said...

That is so incredibly awesome that Seth is doing so well. Healthy....yippee.

2 kittens,eh? There precious little mews. I know they are in good hands with you. Hope you get some sleep in the midst of your mothering.

Granny said...

You must feel like you're living in a maternity ward between people and kittens.

Welcome back. I missed you.

Oh, and the baby is adorable.

Barb said...

What a teenie baby he is but the way he's taking that formula, he won't be for long. I love these photos. What a happy little family they make.

I swear, just when you think you're about done wiping bottoms, you find out you NEVER are. I defy anyone to bring me kitty bottoms to wipe! LOL

Sweet, sweet kitties. I don't blame them at all for keeping both of them. Hopefully, mama cat will have a clearer idea what she's doing next time around, if they let her have a next time around, that is. I'm a sucker for new kittens. I guess I'd wipe their bottoms, too. I wouldn't like it, but yeah, I'd do it.

Nice to have you home, Miss Diane.

Lyndy said...


Welcome back! The baby is adorable and the kittens are adorable. Looks like you had your hands full for the past week but I am sure everyone appreciated your help.

Glad to see you back.

Hugs, Lyndy

Tammy said...

The baby looks bigger than five pounds to me...maybe because he is long...I love his big eyes!! He looks adorable!!
Mama Diane...that's what I'll call just Mama everyone doncha even baby kitties!!
Love YOU and glad you are back!!

Linda said...

When will doctors ever learn to listen to us Moms? Honestly :-)
I knew you were right Diane.
The baby is so sweet.
My daughter-in-law had the same problem as Mikki. She has had to be on medication ever since her first baby (they have five children now), but she is doing well.
I can just picture you caring for those little kitties. I'm glad they're doing better. They will definitely keep you busy for a while.
I'm glad you're back Diane!!

Kristen said...

Wow! Seth looks so alert and so aware for such a young little guy! He is soooo cute! I'm glad you were able to be there for them. I understand Mikki feeling bad about not being able to nurse him, but you were right in telling her that it's more important that she's around for him!

Care Bear was only 5 lbs 8 ounces when she was born, but healthy as a horse! Just because they're tiny doesn't mean they are unhealthy! ;-)

Jen said...

Yaye I missed you
wow he sounds like a good feeder which is good
:) what a sweet photo of father and son
What a lovely family portrait
Praying that Mikki's blood
pressure regulates soon. Mikki mustnt feel bad about not being able to nurse Seth. I believe that as long as the baby is happy, healthy and growing thats whats most important.

Oh the kittens are cute. Bless you. WOW!! Jessica's baby might be born o9n my birthday the 18th :)

PEA said...

Welcome home my friend:-) I so loved the pictures, baby Seth is just adorable and I'm sure you loved being able to hold him!! They do indeed look like such a happy family...prayers that Nikki can get that blood pressure of hers settled down! Such cute kittens and bless your heart for taking care of them! My future DIL is an Animal Control Officer and she often brings home stray kittens to nurse back to health..she had my son Shawn taking care of one and they decided to keep it:-) xoxo

RennyBA said...

Wooow, congrats to you all! Yes they doooo they look like a happy family and you sounds very proud and have all the reason to be so!
Thanks for sharing this lovely adventure with us:-)

Dawn said...

Welcome home! We've missed you. I'm glad things have calmed down a bit. Blessings on you for taking on those kittens - I couldn't do that, but am so glad there are those who can!

Don't worry about reading everything. You missed the huge blog party thing and it was nuts!

Greeneyes said...

welcome home My Dear Friend,
Babies babies , everywhere! LOl you have a loving, giving, nursing, caring personality , they gravitate towards you , even the kitties ,they are cute by the way .
You have such a good heart ,and thank you for sending me the photos I love them so cute , I am glad you are home , I had a dream we met , and were at a celebration of some sort went shopping and did alot of laughing together ,I must have missed you more than I thought !!!!!!! It was nice to see you back again and I can believe all your comments backed up , you are loved Diane , a wonderful soul.
HUGS of the Squishiest kind . rub the kitties for me ,,and yes I follow your blog so we know you are right!!!!! MOMS always know best!
love ya girl.

Andrea said...

Welcome Home, Diane!

That baby is just precious! I love 'em when they are so little like that. I don't love the middle of the night feedings but it comes with the territory!

Cute kittens! Good luck with that. :)

Sister said...

Missed you!
Welcome home!

Yellow Mama said...

Meow Mamma...hey, that would be a cute name! How have you been? I've been kind of out of blogland for a couple of weeks and am trying to do some catch up with everyone tonight.

BTW thanks for the funnies you send my way...A friend sent me some redneck contraptions...thought about the pics you send me. We always called them "southern engineering" instead of redneck. Oh well...have a great night my friend.

Mountain Mama said...

Baby Seth is a little doll. How wonderful that he is doing so well. Prayer works!
Glad you're back Diane and hope you can get a little rest between kitty feedings!
God Bless

Rachel said...

Baby Seth is so cute and sounds like he is coming right along!! Good for him.

The little kittens are darling. How sweet of you to take care of them!!

Jeff Weir said...

It's good to see all of the wonderful things. New babies and all. I guess I just noticed but I know Danny from Lowe's I think when I worked for them . Small world. God Bless!!

Susie said...

Look at that Beautiful Baby! He looks so alert!
Feeding kittens and wiping their bottoms? You certainly aren't one to ever step away from a job, are you!!
Thanks for the prayers for Grandpa, I
am truly grateful.

Lisa said...

Aww! And I know she won't agree, but her pregnancy seems to be FLYING by. You are so freaken busy, Diane - where do you find the time?