Tuesday, February 27, 2007

IT'S A BOY ! !

We have a brand new baby boy!

Seth Griffin R. was born by Caesarian section at 12:15 pm, Tuesday, February 27, 2007, surrounded by a throng of admiring family. He
weighed 5 lbs. 13 ounces and was 19 inches long. He has lots of blonde wavy hair and is doing beautifully. Mom and Dad are recovering nicely as well.

Seth is fully developed and doesn't need to be in an incubator or have any wires or gadgets attached to him. He has the requisite number of parts and limbs. Everyone who has seen him has fallen instantly in love with him, especially Mom and Dad.

Mikki intends to breast feed but as of when I left the hospital at 5:15 pm Seth was still sleeping and dozing and hadn't shown a lot of interest in eating yet. I assured Mikki that will change soon enough.

Now the pictures...First picture as Dad Danny carried Seth
from the delivery room to the nursery.
Just moments later, Daddy examines
his newborn son in the nursery.
Danny beams as the nurse
gives baby Seth "The Works."Great-Aunt Cecil holds Seth entirely too long.
Great-Aunt Sue took too long as well.Now...That's better!
Seth Griffin and his favorite Great-Aunt...ME ! !
The happy new family...
Mom Mikki, baby Seth and Dad Danny.

If all goes well Mikki and Seth should get to
go home on Thursday. Once again, there's a
possibility I may be going to Mikki and Danny's
for a few days to help out with the newborn as
Mikki recovers from her C-section. If so, I'll
leave a note here on the blog so everyone
will know I haven't skipped the country. Mikki
and Danny don't have internet access so I won't
be able to blog while I'm gone. If I go, that is.

After observing some of the finer details of
birthing babies, Jessica made the observation
that she's not exactly sure she's ready for it herself.
Everybody in the room, as one voice, told her
it's a bit too late to back out now. She's just a tad
committed to having a baby now, since she
only has a couple of months to go till
she's due to deliver Emmy.

From Mikki, Danny and on behalf of all our
family, our heartfelt thanks to all of you
who've been praying with us for a safe,
healthy baby and delivery for baby
Seth and Mikki.

Y'all are THE BEST!

It's been a tiring day, and I wasn't
even the one giving birth.

May God richly bless you all,
dear friends and family.

All my love,


Dawn said...

Well, now, that's the best news I've seen all day! He is five ounces more than Care Bear was, and she was 3 weeks early. Now she's just a very healthy size, and Feisty is the tiny one. Congratulations, Great Auntie! I am so thankful all went so well.

Granny said...

Let me be the second to offer my congratulations to the family.

He's a beauty (is that okay to say about boys?) and I'm so glad all is well.

Thanks for the good news!!

Linda said...

Is there anything sweeter than a newborn baby? Congratulations everyone!! I'm so thankful all went well and mommy and Seth are fine. Thank You Lord.
Thanks for the pictures Diane. He looks so healthy and adorable. Enjoy!

Barb said...

Oh, Praise God, Diane. Congratulations to all of you. My word, all that high blood pressure was starting to get scary, but look at them!

Beautiful. I so, so love the photo of Daddy and Seth - you can see that baby is going to be the apple of his Daddy's eye.

and I'm glad they finally let YOU hold that baby. Not that you were itching to or anything. LOL

Oh! Wonderful day! xoxoxo

PEA said...

Yesssssssssss!!! Oh Diane, I am smiling from ear to ear...been wondering all evening what's going on and worrying...now this great news!!! Congratulations to ALL OF YOU and oh my, baby Seth is such a cutie and you'd never know he was early...I guess he just couldn't wait to see his FAVOURITE great aunt Diane!!! LOL All my best to all of you xoxox

Tammy said...

Huge sigh of relief here!!!
God is good!!
Sweet little baby child!!

Naturegirl said...

Congratulations!! What a blessed event! A new ~Angel~ born to this world! So happy that everyone is healthy and happy! Just look at how proud you are! Thank you for reminding me to come look!You and your family are blessed! hugs NG

Susie said...

I'm so happy for all of you. What a precious and beautiful gift from Above!
Little Seth has a wonderful family to welcome him!!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Congratulations! And may God continue to bless this precious little one and his dear family!

Enjoy! We'll miss seeing you if you go...but understand completely. You need to keep practicing for little Emmy! Ha! No practice needed--I'm sure. She will be welcomed with love,,,,with open and ready arms!


P.S. Tell Jess not to worry about delivery...that's nothing compared to having her dear sweet little bably grow up!!!!!

Big Mama said...

Congratulations Great Aunt Diane! He is just a doll and I can tell he probably won't be spoiled at all.

I'm glad he's here and hope they get to go home soon.

Judith said...

Another example of why it's called a blessed event.

Thank our Good Lord modern medicine knows how to keep Mom and Baby safer. What a relief they are.

Did you check his hands and tootsies? How big are they in reference to the rest of him? Starting life at 21 inches gets him a headstart. My 21 incher is six feet four. Congratulations to everyone.

Clemntine said...

Great photos, Diane!

Seth, meaning "Appointed by God", what a powerful name you have Little One.

May you grow as our Lord Jesus did, in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.

Brenda said...

Congratulations to all of you!! So glad to know that mom and baby are doing well. What a blessing!

Mountain Mama said...

Praise God. I'm so thankful it's over and baby Seth and his mama are doing so well. What a blessing!!
I had to smile at how you wrote it all up. "You being Seth's favorite" and all. LOL too cute Diane. Congratulation's Auntie.

Lyndy said...


Praise the Lord for Seth’s safe arrival and congratulations to the whole family. What a close and loving family you have…that is a blessing. I come from a relatively small family and love seeing big families loving one another.

Can’t say as I blame Jessica for getting a little nervous but she will be just fine when the time comes.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

kansasrose said...

THANK YOU LORD! Seth is a beautiful and strong healthy baby boy and God is Good! Welcome to the world baby Seth! Congratulations to Mom and Dad and all! xxxooo ps to Mikki...job well done hon!

Mellie's place said...

hey diane--

love your blog! I just wondered if you are attending the ultimate blog party?? Just wondered

Morning Glory said...

Oh Diane, I'm grinning from ear to ear too, just like Pea!! A huge congratulations to all of you. He's so adorable!!

Anonymous said...

aunt diane tell danny and mikki seth is so cute!!!!!he so adoreable im so happy for them,tell them that if they need anything to let us know we love you all very much love tami

Linds said...

Congratulations to everyone, especially the proud parents! Lovely photos, and that one of you and Seth is great.

Kristen said...

That is so wonderful! I'm so glad he's healthy and doesn't have to be attached to anything! So great! And what a precious little guy. Looks like he had a lot of doting family members around to greet him! ;-)

I'm so happy for you, Mikki, Danny and everyone else! Yipeee!!

TorAa said...

What more to say: God Bless the Baby, Mother and Father and the whole family:) Let the Sun shine:)

Jen said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you all especially Mikki and Danny
Danny reminded me of Muzz when we had Daniel
that new proud father look :)
As a person who has had 3 c-sections Mikki needs to get out of bed and walk around lots now - helps the healing. It will hurt though.
My thoughts are with her on her recovery
Hes such a cute will button

Rachel said...

Ahhh....how precious!! I'm so glad all went well. I loved how you did the pictures!! I'm sure you'll be his favorite Great-aunt!! :)

The parents look awfully proud!!


Greeneyes said...

what a wonderful blessing from God , It is terrific , and what a cutie , sooooooooooooo cute , I wanna be the other great aunt ,HAHA
the pics are wonderful and so touching , I guess he wont have a problem getting a hug or two . Best wishes for a life time of good health and happiness for Baby Seth, mom and Dad and all involved . By the way Diane , that is a great picture of you and Seth ,you look good as a great aunt , bet even better as a Grandma, we'll see!
love and Big Squishy Hugs , a teeny one for Seth Please
Your friend
Miss G.

Nashe* said...

Seth Griffin and his favorite Great-Aunt....


teehee. It's a boy alright! It's been a while since I held any newborns here, and looking at your pictures just made me a whole load envious! Haha. Bless them all, it's good to have a new branch in the family tree =)

momteacherfriend said...

YEAH!!! Healthy baby, I love it. I bet Mikki is more than ready to get out of that hospital. Praise God for such an awesome outcome for her and Seth. Enjoy your new bundle.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Congratulations to everyone all around. Nothing, absolutely nothing as precious as a newborn baby. xoxo

Autumn said...

Congratulations. He is beautiful