Sunday, December 3, 2006

Sunday Dinner, December 3, 2006

It's that time again, folks. Sunday again already! Man, the time is flying by.

Since I cooked Saturday for a potluck at my church for our Women's Missionary Union Christmas party, Sunday Dinner is going to be very simple. Are you ready? Fried baloney sandwiches, homemade pimento cheese sandwiches, and whatever anybody else brings. My sister Ducky made the pimento cheese for the potluck and there was some of it left, so she'll bring it with her for our dinner to add to my fried baloney. If someone brings some chips we'll have those with our sandwiches, otherwise, baloney and pimento cheese sandwiches is the crop.

If you're wondering what I made for the potluck, I made 2 big pans of my Mama's homemade cornbread dressing, some toasted seasoned pecans, a jar of my homemade Kosher dill pickles and a can of cranberry sauce. With everything the other ladies brought, we had a feast!

Okay, your turn. Shout out in the comments if you'd like to participate. Most of you already know the drill. Just share what you're cooking for your Sunday Dinner. If you're not cooking, where are you going? What's on the menu? Eating out? Where and what do you plan to order?

That'll do it for now. It's late and Diane is getting tard. Happy Sunday, and my love and blessings to all.


Dick said...

I don't know. Pat does the cooking and I just enjoy eating it, then do the dishes to clean up after we eat. She does a good job at whatever she fixes and also keeps me on the straight and narrow on eating things that will help me loose more weight. About 17 pounds in three months with more to go. But I do miss deserts!

Big Mama said...

Since the weather is chilly, I'm making chili. I'll serve it with a choice of fritos and cheese for Frito Pie or hot dogs for chili dogs. I'm all about variety!

Have a great Sunday, Diane.

Sue said...

As I mentioned in my post, we are going to our daughter's house for our First Sunday in Advent dinner. The menu:
Roast Turkey, and several of the trimmings. We didn't have leftovers since we ate Thanksgiving at my brother's house. So we're doing a mini feast today!

Andre said...

Hey Granny,

Since you flaked me on the leftovers, I had to scrap around the kitchen myself. I haven't had a chance to really prepare food lately; being so swamped with work and school. But this weekend, I indulged a bunch. For my weekend menu, I made baked stuffed peppers and spinach, chicken, & cheese enchiladas.

Emeril who...?

Barb said...

Taht's it, Diane. You've mentioned those fried baloney sandwiches so many times, I'm going to have to make some. We had pot pies. Can you believe it? Me? Serving pot pies? I was too dang tired after the Christmas tree light fiasco to cook. We went to Target and exchanged them and now my tree has 1,000 white lights on it. I'm afraid it's going to burst into flames! What was I thinking.


Dawn said...

I beat you, Diane - I'm the last to do the meme!

My son in law loves Mexican and always asks for chicken quesadillas when I ask for ideas. We had those and also tostados, so really simple. I made a chocolate pudding dessert.

Lyndy said...

Oh my sweet goodness, it does sound like you had quite a feast for the potluck. I haven’t had fried baloney sandwiches since I was a kid and I bet the pimento cheese is just yummy. I was grown before I would even try pimento cheese…funny how our taste buds change as we get older.

Praying you had a wonderfully blessed day dear one.


PEA said...

I can just imagine how full the tummies were after that pot luck dinner!! I'll also have to try your fried baloney sandwiches...I love fried baloney but never thought of using it that way in a sandwhich!! We had leftover Italian Spaghetti that I had made yesterday when my mom & Ross were here:-) xoxo

Connie and Rob said...

Well I am excited to say we went to a Sunday brunch. They had so much food it was unbelievable. They made fresh omelets and waffles while you wait. The dessert bar was yummy.

Then we did some serious shopping at the mall to walk off some of that

Take care,

Rachel said...

Your food sounds so yummy. Fried baloney is good!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Diane! It's Cecil--just got on here tonight to check my email and check out the blog -- for the first time in a few days. I read some of the comments-- I can't imagine not having sisters--not having all of you in my life. I'm very grateful for all of you, too. Mom and Dad did the right thing--you know--having a litter!!!!I'm glad that I got to be the runt--some runt, huh??? NO COMMENT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Anyways, just wanted to leave you a quick note before I head off to bed--gotta go make cat food money tomorrow. Anyways, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy all the time we get to spend together. Also, thanks for "feeding" me on the weekends-- I do appreciate it. And it looks like Cracker Barrel is going to become a Monday tradition, so all of you who don't have brothers or sisters are all welcome to join us!!! And even if you do have brothers and sisters, you can join us, too!! Got get ready for bed. For now, goodnight and Love you, Diane, Lamar, Jessica & Jason.

RennyBA said...

Auuuuwww, I missed your Sunday Dinner post - sorry!

Last Sunday we had home made Norwegian meet balls - made by Diane (my wife:-)!

Thanks for your comments on my Advent time post. I'm glad you like the trip at the Folk Museum!

zztop357 said...

I'm Goofy Floppy-Feet. And i'm on the nice list!!!