Friday, December 1, 2006

Bloggy Gifts

Some time back, I got a gift from sweet GreenEyes, one of my beloved blogging buddies from Canada. I've been meaning for some time to post some photos of the goodies she sent me, but never got to it for various reasons. I do apologize, GreenEyes, for being so tardy to acknowledge your gift. Just shoot me and we'll call it even, okay? LOL ;-)

She sent me 2 lovely cards, as you can see in the first picture.

She also sent me a
keychain and a magnet for my fridge.

I couldn't get all 5 of the gorgeous postcards in one shot, so the last one is by itself. That bright white spot on that one
isn't a supernova, it's the reflection from the flash on my camera. Hey, I never said I was anything even approaching professional in the photography arena.

GreenEyes, I'll treasure your gifts, and your thoughtfulness behind it more than you'll ever know. Thank you for the gifts, but most of all for being a faithful friend.

And the lovely Miss Pea sent me a Christmas card, along with that pretty felt teapot. The pocket on the teapot has an Earl Grey teabag in it, and has a magnet on the back to hang on my fridge. She had no way of knowing when she sent me this, but Earl Grey is my favorite hot tea.

Click on the picture to read the sweet poem on the teapot.

Thank you so much for the gift and card, and for thinking of me, Carole. This was my first Christmas card of the season. Your gift, but most of all the gift of your friendship, means more to me than I can ever express.

Ladies, thank you both. I am truly grateful for all my bloggy friends.



green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hello Sweet Diane

You made me tear up (I am a really big sook), thanks you sweet woman , love you and sending big hugs and by the way
your friendship means more to me than you realize ,I treasure it and always will !
sending bigger than life Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzz love
Miss G

PEA said...

Hugs Diane xoxo You are more than welcome for the card and teapot magnet:-) I made over 40 of them and thought it would be a nice idea if all us blogging friends would take a minute on Christmas Day to think of each other!! I was stunned when you told me Earl Grey was your favourite tea...I had bought a few boxes with an assortment of different flavours and I just happened to put that one in yours! Wow! You also received such lovely items from GreenEyes...she's a real sweetheart...just like you are:-) xoxo