Saturday, November 4, 2006

Fall Color Slideshows

Demon Blogger is being his usual snotty self and won't let me upload any photos, so I had to resort to slideshows again. Added to that, ImageShack would only let me load a few of the pics I wanted to show you, so I had to make a second slideshow with RockYou.

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The picture I titled "Lovely Golden Gingko Tree" is my favorite out of the whole bunch, I think. The pictures truly don't do them justice. The leaves are a deep golden amber to true yellow and in the sunlight they absolutely glow.

My sister Cecil's hubby, Brian, had a day off and took me and Lamar for a drive Friday morning to look at the fall foliage and scenery on Crowley's Ridge. Crowley's Ridge is a narrow strip of hilly land that reaches from the Missouri Bootheel south into Northeast Arkansas. It's only a few miles from Bay, and I love the hilly, curvy, scenic drives on the gravel roads.

After our drive, we met Cecil for lunch in Trumann at a local barbecue place. They treated us to lunch, then Brian brought us back home to meet Jessica and Jason. Jessica's 19th birthday was Friday and I taught Jason how to make her favorite meal that I cook, my beef roast, potatoes and gravy. It turned out great and I think he can probably make it all by himself next time. The meal was part of Jason's gift to Jessica for her birthday. He also gave her a dozen red and pink roses and a gold heart-shaped locket. Lamar and I gave her a black velour pants and jacket outfit with a top to wear with it. You can see the roses and the out fit we got her on the slideshow. I took that picture of her belly so that I can take them all through her pregnancy and compare them as she progresses.

I hope you enjoy the fall foliage pictures I finally got to take. The leaves probably won't last much longer. Soon winter will be upon us and the leaves will be no more. I'll be back this evening for my Sunday Dinner post.

My love to all....


Barb said...

Uh Oh. Is blogger going to let me do this?

I love love your slide shows. My favorite autumn colors photo is "Bright Trees Across A Pasture" although they're all beautiful.

But my favorite out of all of these is Jessica's tummy. Adorable. You should do this at least once a month as Peanut grows.

Boy I hope blogger gets all its problems fixed soon. This is very frustrating!

Barb said...

Hooray! Yippee!

Mountain Mama said...

The scenery pictures are delightful! And Jessica is so pretty.
You obviously had a wonderful day with Bro-in-lay too.

RennyBA said...

Sorry, haven't been around for a while!
Your slide show are great and I do loved this Fall Color one. It really shows that your contry and Norway is very much alike and you know I just love that season(Jessica wish so cute too:-)

Johnny said...

Great photos Diane. Could you tell me where the gencko tree is? I missed getting my yearly seeds from the only tree in town that produces them and I am always on the lookout for new genes. Thanks and Happy Picture Taking. And tanks fer letting me tipe on your

brian said...

hey sis its me Brian... was just seeing if it would let me leave you a comment i am trying to get my blogg back up.... I LOVE YOU see you soon

"The Glenifer" said...

Purty pictures, indeed. The one of Jessica's roses makes me want to stick my nose on the screen and sniff. :)

I tried to leave a comment on this post the other day, but I should have known something was wrong when it said zero comments. lol