Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sunday Dinner

Time for my weekly Sunday Dinner post. All my regulars know the drill. For any newbies, I share my plans here for my Sunday Dinner, and you share yours in my comments. If you're cooking, what's on the menu? If you're eating out, where? What are you planning to order?

Tomorrow is Homecoming at my church. We always have a big potluck meal at noon after the morning sermon, then singing in the afternoon. I'm taking my crockpot dressing, a homemade coconut cake, and homegrown candied sweet potatoes. There'll be some good stuff there and I'll try to get some pictures of all the food if I can before the starving masses fall on it.

Taking pics should be a little easier on me now because my dear, DARLING sister and brother-in-law, Donna and Johnny, bought a new digital camera and gave me their old one. Now, I just got it this evening and I'll have to load the program and learn to use it, so it may be while before I can get any pics from it on here.

Thanks, Donna and Johnny, I really appreciate you thinking of me. I'll be like a kid with a new toy, learning how to use my "new" camera.

Thanks to all of you who've been praying and concerned for me through the storms. As of right now, I think the storms are over for us. The same system is still spawning tornadoes and thunderstorms to our north and east, though, so please keep those folks in the path of the storms in your thoughts and prayers. There are 2 people missing from the storms here, feared washed away in the flooding rains put down by the storms. An acquaintance of mine, a police officer from my home town of Trumann, was trying to rescue people from the flooding and had a massive heart attack and died last night. Tornado damage and raging flood waters have destroyed houses and property very near us, but God kept us safe. I am very thankful for His watchkeep over us, but very mindful of those who weren't so fortunate.

I still have to get that dressing in the crockpot and make the cake. I hope you all are safe from the storms of life and may God bless you and yours.


Granny said...

I just sent you an email. I remember homecoming with fondness of course. We sure know how to cook!! And eat!!

I do remember Hardy of course - forgot to say so earlier.

Linda said...

I'm glad to hear you are all safe Diane. We just had a thunderstorm here, but nothing like what you experienced. I don't like that severe weather. I hope it all clears and you have a wonderful time tomorrow. There is nothing like a church potluck dinner for great food in abundance. Yummy!

Dick said...

I made a Mexican chef salad for dinner tonight that is large enough to provide me with lunch & dinner tomorrow. It is one of my favorite foods and also one of the few that I know how to make.

Barb said...

I don't know if you've ever taken your crockpot dressing to a church dinner but if they love it even half as much as Rob and my girls did when I used your recipe to make it two weeks ago, you'll have lots of requests for your recipe.

I made it one time. One. And they all told me, Mom! Don't lose this recipe!

I feel so bad for you with all this scarey weather. I remember it so well. Out here we only deal with high winds and snow. Black ice on the roads could never scare me as much as the possibility of a tornado.

So I'm praying for you and your friends and the family of that poor man who died trying to save others.

Mostly, I hope you're recovering from all the extra housework for that dumb inspection and that your arthritis is easing up a little.

Oh good grief. I forgot this is your Sunday Dinner post.

For us, tagliatelle, garlic bread and a tossed salad. :-)

kansasrose said...

Diane, I'm grateful you all are safe...heard on the news Arkansas got hit really hard. That is so tragic about the man who lost his life trying to help other people... God bless his soul. This is wild and wicked weather. I am thawing some steaks...mixed green salad and baked potatoes for tomorrow. Hope the storms are over now till next spring but I have a hunch it is going to be a turbulant autumn and hard winter.

Paulette said...

Ok Your sunday luncheon sounds wonderful!! Nothing like a bunch of homemade yummy cookin at a church fellowship.
I am baking ribs, marinated in a Dr. Pepper marinade, (plus a few other ingredient) covered with saran wrap and foil, baked for 3 hours... so moist they will fall off the bone, and homemade barbeque sauce for dipping. Then I am fixin juliean potatoes with onion, red and green bell peppers, with parsely fried in olive oil. Plus a big old glass of iced tea and plenty of napkins.

Connie and Rob said...

Dear Diane,
So very happy to hear that everything is fine with you regarding the weather. I never used to be frighted of storms but we have had a few wicked ones come through here as of late. Hope the sun shines there for a while.

Happy Homecoming,

kansasrose said...

Yo Diane! I have tagged you for a fun meme on my blog...Have a lovely Sunday. Hope that weather has settled down.

Sue said...

I love potlucks and with your cooking they'd be really special!
Tonight we're having orange chicken, pork fried rice, steamed oriental veggies and Asian slaw.
Enjoy this day..

BooMama said...

Your crockpot chicken and dressing is on my list of things to make - and I would be in HOG HEAVEN at your Homecoming...potluck dinner, good singin', great fellowship - makes me want to get in the car and head your way. :-)

PEA said...

I love these big church suppers...the food you're bringing sounds sooooo good! I'm so glad that the storms have moved away from you but how very sad about that police officer. For dinner tonight I'm barbecuing sausages on a bun...if the rain doesn't start up again!!! Congrats on the "new"'ll love it:-) Hugs xoxo

Lisa said...

Yum! We're having chili and garlic bread. Maybe salad. :) The kids are having hot dogs - only because the chili is usually too hot for them - even when we are light on the spices!

Lisa said...

P.S. - sorry about the police officer friend. How sad!

Tammy said...

I know for a fact that the crockpot chicken and dressing is some good stuff...I love Homecomings!!
Eating and singing...what fun!!
glad you are safe my friend...lot's of flooding in Ky according to my folks just never know with weather do you?

Alex said...

i like you, youre always cooking something!
eating is my favorite thing to do in the world!

how are ya doing these days? sorry i dont come around much lately, my internet time has been drastically cut but, but hopefully by the end of this week I should have the net at home

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Bloggers eating comments again tonight. I'll try one more time. Have you ever posted the crockpot dressing recipe. I've never heard of anything like that. I did hear of the storms in Arkansas and prayed for you all to be safe. We used to live in Illinois and spent many an hour in basements, etc waiting out storms. Thankful you're all alright. Oh yeah, my dinner - Lean Cuisine salmon and basil, recommended by a blogger, followed by several oreos.

chickadee said...

i thought about you, just about the only arkansas blogger i know, when i saw the tornados on the news. glad to hear all is well.

Tammy and Parker said...

Uh.....can we start coming to your house for Sunday dinner? =)

I wanted to thank you for adding Parker's button to your site.

And for dinner tonight......I just made up enough pasta to feed an army and created my own little cheese based sauce to go over it. Used up the rest of the red tomatoes in the garden and had some cheese biscuits.

Johnny said...

Your welcome Diane, the supper you feed Donna and I was worth more than
any camera yet made. For those of you that would be interested in seeing a
news video of the flood that Diane was
talking about click here and then click on the small camera icon:
if the clicking don't work copy and paste the url into your browser.

Val said...

I don't know if I dare post what we had for Sunday dinner, it might be a bit unusual in your neck of the woods: it was (it's already Monday night here in Australia) a stew of hearts, kidneys, lamb neck and smoked pork hocks in a tomato-based sauce. So good, we had the leftovers for dinner tonight. I can't claim credit for it though. My husband, the Man Who Cooks, made a big batch of it on Saturday.

Hope the weather has calmed down your way, would appreciate your sending any spare rain to Australia thanks.

Dawn said...

My goodness, I didn't realize you were having such tough weather. I heard about Kentucky this morning.

Your church dinner sounds wonderful. Church dinners usually are!

Yesterday we had pork roast, which didn't get quite done enough. That's a problem with pork! So I microwaved it to finish it up. We had two kinds of potatoes - oven roasted new potatoes, and fake mashed potatoes for my son who begged for mashed potatoes at the last minute. We had a vegetable dish made out of zucchini, summer squash, carrots tossed with Italian dressing and a little bit of butter. Yummy. I made those little frozen rolls which taste as good as home made.

For dessert I made Apple Betty. My husband's been asking for crustless apple pie and that's a close as I could find a recipe for it. Yummy.

This morning I got up at 4:30 to make caramel rolls - I take them every year on my birthday for my co-workers. Unfortunately, I can't seem to stay way from them!

Have a great week!

Mountain Mama said...

I do hope the storms stop soon and you can all rest easy. We are having some beautiful Indian summer weather here. Temps in the 70s.
I do hope to try your crock pot stuffing recipe soon. You are sure getting some rave reviews!

Gethsemene Rose said...

We made up a Beef Stew (of course times are tough so we just waved a picture of a cow over a vegetable stew) And some Rice to serve it over. Needed more spices so I added some Jerk Sauce whilst "Fifi" wasn't looking that helped alot.