Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More Camping Photos

I'm back from another great weekend camping trip. This time it was only my sister Donna and I that went on this trip. We had a great time and the campground wasn't nearly as noisy and crowded as last time we went. We also visited some places we hadn't seen in over 30 years. Some things were much the same as then, but many things had changed. Isn't it strange how time stops in our memories?It's almost impossible to read, but the sign on the left side says,
"Gunner Pool Recreation Area". That's where we camped.
We also drove through Mountain View on the way to Gunner Pool
and drove through Big Flat on the way to Big Creek,
which you'll see pictures of shortly. Our Grandma
and Grandpa lived in Big Flat when we were kids.
Lots of memories here, folks.

I snapped this pic of Donna just after we got the tent set up
so she felt obligated to snap one of me, too.
Snazzy, huh? LOL ;-)
Our Home, Sweet Home, away from home.
Green Eyes had asked for some pics of me so I asked
Donna to take a few. For some reason when I'm
taking pics I seem to be in very few of them.
This one and a few of the next pics were taken
at Big Creek, about 7 miles north of Big Flat, Arkansas.
The water may look shallow, but it's about 4 feet deep
over by those boulders, and about 5 feet deep
at it's deepest. I know because my hook and sinker

got hung up and I waded out to free it several times.
By the way, the water was refreshingly cold, too.
Too cold for Donna. I think the deepest she waded out
was just to the bottom of her swimsuit. She said it

was too cold for her. I loved it!!A different view of Big Creek.It may not look like a good place to fish, but
Donna and I lost count of the sun perch, bass, bream
blue gill and trout we caught around these rocks.
None of them were huge,
but they were fun to catch.
Upstream a few hundred yards from where I swam.
We waded here and admired the scenery.
We also had fun turning over rocks and
seeing what what under them.
Look at this next beauty....
I wish the colors turned out better on this pic.
This crawdad was beautiful! He was bright turquoise and red
with other shades. I don't know why it didn't
show up better. Too bright, maybe. He was
a monster, too! We put him back next to the rock
we got him out from under.This is the place where it's actually deep enough to swim
at Gunner Pool. The water gradually gets deeper
until it's about 5 feet deep in a few holes on the
far side next to the bluff. The water from this creek actually
originates from Blanchard Springs, which emerges from a
cave about 4 or 5 miles upstream. It's cold year round because
it's spring water.


Donna and I may go camping again in a few weeks or so, but we don't
have any firm plans for the moment. I have some things I need to
get done here on the homefront but I should be posting a
little more frequently for the foreseeable future.
Thanks to all of you who've commented and emailed me
while I've been in-blog-nito. I haven't forgotten you and
I'll be visiting and commenting on your blogs as soon
as I can get to it. Fun seems to tire me out more these
days for some reason, and arthritis doesn't help
matters any at all. Please bear with me and I'll get
around to all my blogging friends as soon as I can.

Take care and have a good Wednesday, my friends and family.


Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I dont know why bloglines didnt tell me this was up. I just hopped over to see why there hadnt been anything from you. Camping looks like it was just great, and it was so nice to have recent photos of you. We're hoping to squeeze in one more early fall camping trip. Dont you just wish you could stay and stay...

Dick said...

Your spot there looks great. Isn't it amazing how much less crowded these places are after the Labor Day weekend? I find that I usually don't need reservations to get into a campground once school has started. And the weather here is usually pretty good until mid-October or so, although it is getting colder at night. In an RV, that isn't much of a problem.

Connie and Rob said...

I think it is wonderful that you and your sister got to go and have some special time together. Just adding some more memories...You are lucky.

You both look very happy and your location was beautiful.

Missed you.

momteacherfriend said...

What a beautiful place!
I would be terribly envious if my own trip was not right around the corner.

Miss Sue arrived safely, with goodies in tow. Thank you very much. I am still amazed that you chopped all the stuff for salsa BY HAND!! Even more so after seeing it. Miss Sue also brought me up a cotton boll. Interesting, we all got a kick out of it. She showed DS how to pick out the seeds and make string. Mr Phil said they were beginning to cut the rice as they were on their way out of town.

Have a great week! I will let you know when your surprise is on its way.

Big Mama said...

What a beautiful place! It almost makes me want to go camping...almost. I'm so glad you had a great time. How neat that you and your sister get to do stuff like that.

Glad to have you back. You've been missed!

Sue said...

That water looks so refreshing and cool! It's been blazing hot here lately. We're right in the midst of our Indian Summer..
Loved seeing the pictures of you enjoying yourself!

Brenda said...

The water is so clear! What a pretty place. Love your "cabin" - it does look cozy.

It's about time my hubby and I went camping again. I'll have to tell you about the time we got lost.

Barb said...

I think it's great you and your sister just pick up and go camping. How fun that would be but I can guarantee you you'd never see Bev (Ok, or ME) holding that mudbug. That's one big mudbug. Every single photo of water in this post looks like a great place to fish to me. Sounds like you two had a lot of fun and I hope you get to go again soon, but yeah, we missed you. xoxoxo

Dawn said...

Welcome home! I have to give you credit for camping with arthritis. I don't think I could do the sleeping on the ground thing. The water pictures are gorgeous. I think it's too cold to camp here already. Where is Mountain View in relation to Mountain Home?

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hello Diane
So glad your back and that you had a great time .Your pictures are wonderful I think the place is wonderful and looks like a fun place to be ,that crawdad ??is alien like but a pretty creature just the same . I guess it is like our Lobster?
great tent , It must be fun at night sleeping in and hearing all the creatures.:}
I Must say I enjoyed the post and pics very much but I especially loved the pics of you , nice to see that lovely face , one looked like you were about to dare the cold waters for a swim ,it was a nice surprise ,(I) we would love more of you on your adventures, I think they are great so thanks for sharing them .looking forward to more of your journeys LOL

Big Squishy Hugs
wish I was there
but with a big butt mattress (I'd share)LOLHAHA


Tammy said...

looks like you had a wonderful time and in such a pretty place to boot!

Paulette said...

Man I love being out doors! I could live outside when the weather is bearable. There is no greater joy than eating a weiny you roast on an open fire. Man I have gotta go camping.
Looked like a bunch of fun. What kind of things did you eat? Ill have to back to the last trip and see what you ate.

Yellow Mama said...

What a beautiful place. Glad you had such a wonderful time....

Jenny said...

Wow, Diane, it's been way too long since I've checked out your blog. It's so pretty. And the shots of your camping trip, especially the creek, they look so peaceful.

PEA said...

The pictures are great and where you camped and fished looks so delightful!! I would have loved wading in that creek and exploring everything around! I had to laugh when I saw that crawdad...at first I thought you were holding some kind of lure! lol Shows you we don't have those around here!! I think it's wonderful that you and your sister can spend such quality time with each other...can I be your other sister???? hehe Hugs xoxox

Val said...

Catching up on blog reading...

What a beautiful spot, and how clear the water is. Looks like a neat tent. I love going to camping equipment places and looking at all the tents, even though we don't need a new one.

Mountain Mama said...

The creek is beautiul. It is so peaceful to look at. I can see why you would like going there.
Iust say you are very brave to swim in such cool water.