Friday, September 1, 2006

Call Me Gone & Sunday Dinner

This will be my last post before I leave this afternoon to go camping for the weekend. I'm doing my best to remember everything I need to take with me for this trip. My sister, Donna, (aka Zztop here on the blog) will be packing her stuff, too, so we're trying to coordinate so we have what we need but don't duplicate anything. She has a very small car and there'll be us two adults, a kid and a toddler in a car seat, plus the tent and a big cooler, etc. Can you say "packed in there like sardines"? The toddler will be going home and it will be Donna, me and Jon that will be camping. The place where we'll be camping doesn't have electricity at all so we have to have lanterns, flashlights, wood and/or charcoal for cooking, water, ice to keep food and drinks cold, and so on. And we have to have enough of everything to do for 2½ days, give or take. The nearest Walmart will be about 30 miles away, and the nearest Mom and Pop grocery is probably 10 miles away. Of course it will be Labor Day weekend, so who knows what will be open in the boonies anyway. Donna is borrowing a tent from a friend and I've never seen it, much less tried to set it up. I hope it's not too complicated because we're going to be running ahead of the sunset as it is, trying to get there and get set up before dark. We may be sleeping under the stars in our sleeping bags, sans tent if it's too dark or too complicated to get put together before dark. Hope it doesn't rain on us, I don't fancy sleeping in the car, either.


I made me a snazzy button for my Sunday Dinner I suppose, for lack of a better term. Since I won't be back to post this Saturday night or Sunday morning I'll go ahead and do it now. Don't forget to drop back by and leave me a comment telling
me what you plans are for Sunday Dinner. I have a few readers who make it a point to visit here on Sundays just for this feature, and I know a lot of my faithful blogging friends especially like this. If you're a regular, you know the drill. If you're a new friend, here's how to participate. Just leave me a note in comments sharing your plans for Sunday Dinner. Dinner is the noon meal here in Arkansas where I live, but feel free to comment on the noon or evening meal, whichever you prefer. If you're cooking, tell us your menu. If you're eating out, what restaurant? And what do you plan to (or did you) have to eat? That's all there is to it. When I'm home I share my menu or plans, too, but it's too far in the future to predict right now for Sunday Dinner for me. It might be a package of peanut butter and crackers, you never know.
It's always fun
reading and comparing everyone's menus and plans.

It's late and I have to get up early tomorrow to go shopping, then leaving tomorrow afternoon for the camping trip. I don't know if I'll have any computer time before I leave or not, so here's wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend. May all your needs be met and may you love and be loved, my friends.


RennyBA said...

I wish you the loveliest trip and the best weather for your trip. Have a lovely, relaxing weekend and we'll looking forward to be kept potsted:-)

Autumn said...

Have a good time..I hope it is dry where your at, We are getting Ernesto here.

Tammy said...

You have a great trip Miz Diane, I'll be gone too but I do know I will be at my Momma's Sunday and knowing her it will be something beyond delish!!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Have a great weekend! And don't worry about nourish those around you...even without a morsel of food!


Meow said...

Hope you have a wonderful camping trip. I think camping is such fun, and hope you have a ball. We are off for 8 nights camping in 2 weeks time ... can't wait. Have fun, take care, hugs, Meow

Sue said...

Have a very safe and fun trip. We BBQing tri tip roast and having some cold salads for Sunday dinner. It's warm here...

BooMama said...

Have a great trip - the only reason I'm not twitching about the thought of you sleeping in a TENT is because it's September now and I can rationalize that you'll be enjoying the fall - not suffering in the heat. :-)

Y'all have fun!

Dick said...

Did you hear about one of The Lone Ranger & Tonto's camping trips? They pitched their tent & settled down to sleep. A couple of hours later Tonto woke the LR and asked him what he could see.

The LR went on about how he could see millions of stars, which made him realize how insignificant we humans are within the universe, etc.

Tonto said, "Well Kemo Sabe, I see that someone has stolen the tent."

Don't let that happen to you!

Dawn said...

I hope you get your tent put up, or else it doesn't rain! Sleeping under the stars can be wonderful. I did it ONCE! There were many nights this hot summer when I was tempted to go out in my back yard and sleep in the grass under the stars.

mombo said...

We love camping, though we always take a pop-up because I wrestle with insomnia enough as it is. Hope you have a great time. I just wanted to say what I like most about you is that you are a good chooser. You choose to think on the good, believe the good, remember the good. It can be such a temptation to look outside of ourselves and determine that what we have is not enough. You could choose that from your humble beginnings, but your posts about your childhood are full of delightful memories. I just know I would enjoy hanging out with you!

Granny said...

Have a safe and enjoyable trip, all you sardines.

Sunday? Maybe our last picnic at the lake but I'm not sure yet. I tend toward last minute decisions, especially on Sundays.

Anonymous said...

Diane, THIS IS CECIL-- I finally got time to get on here and read!!! Not only that, we now have high-speed internet, so, I am glad of that. Anyways, I enjoyed the recents bloggings.... Especially the tire swing of my favorite childhood memories....I close my eyes and I can see you flying thru the air all over again......giggle.... Sorry... but you did ask for the way, thanks for admitting that you were very bossy.. that was big of you....LOL
I hope that you enjoy your camping trip---personally, you know me--I'd rather be strapped in the middle of a cotton field and be run over by the ants you talked about than to go camping.....My idea of roughing it is Holiday Inn!!!! Sorry, I got enough "country" as a child. Lots of good memories though. I miss so much from then......but nothing as much as I miss Mom and Dad...but Thank God we have so many good memories!!! Nothing is better than that...... One thing about it, we had a LOT of fun even if we didn't have much as far as money went....I'm glad you can't spend memories.....that is what my wealth is you know....And I want to keep them all.....God has given us everything, you know....because we appreciated each other--not wealth and the world..... that's why we are ok now...we were there for each other...even when things were bad, we didn't have sense enough to know it...Mom and Dad did a good job....(Mostly Mom....LOL....) but we are good people..... That's amazing....I hope that's something we never forget.....Love you... hope you have a great weekend.. that you can walk when you come back.... and that you make something good the next Sunday I am there for lunch.....I can't post a Sunday lunch menu because I never know what you are cooking.....!!!!! LOL Sunday THERE'S some memories....... Forever, Cecil

Connie and Rob said...

I just hope you have a great time on your trip. Remember to take a moment to really relax and then on the more fun!

Take lots of pictures.
Take care,

Paulette said...

Hello Diane, sounds like you are going to have fun. I have to admit I can just see ya'll out there trying to set up a tent, I am even lol a bit. Can't wait to hear.
Dinner today, meatball subs on homemade yeast rolls. Barbs yummy peach cobbler recipe, and Nice cold ice tea.
Have fun

Val said...

After reading a previous post about when you were young and enjoying that, it was special to see Cecil's reply.

I love the graphic for your Sunday dinner meme, was expecting a recipe for it though! Looks so good!

It was just the three of us for dinner on Sunday, so I diced up a couple of large chicken breasts and tried a new Chinese chicken recipe stir fried with vegetables and pine nuts (didn't have the walnuts the recipe called for). And of course rice.

Hope you had a nice camping holiday, Diane.

Dawn said...

The whole gang was here for Sunday dinner - a delicious pork tenderloin, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, and a beautiful cake from the bakery - white cake with whipped cream and huge gorgeous strawberries on top (brought by my son-in-law). It is so wonderful to have our returned prodigal and his beautiful wife as part of the Sunday celebrations again. God is so good!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hey Diane
Hope your having a splendid time , just thought I come and tell you I miss you

Squishy Hugs
your friend

Barb said...

Hi there. You home yet? I just tagged you. :-)

PEA said...

I'm just catching up with my friends' blogs now and I hope you had a greatttt weekend with lots of lovely weather! No fun camping when it's raining...ugh! But, we do tend to make the best of it when things don't turn out the way we want them to! Sunday was mom's party so we had sandwiches, pickles, cheese, veggies/dip, fruits, and birthday cake:-)

Mountain Mama said...

Hope your camping trip was great and the tent was not a big hassle.
I used to like camping but it is too much bother now. One night my niece and I slept under the stars and it was really beautiful. High in the mountains, far away from big cities the air is so clear you can breathe all the way to your toes.