Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Dinner & Random Thoughts

I'm back and good gracious, I'm tired! I really enjoyed the fellowship of my women's retreat, but I'm glad to be home and to be able to sleep in my own bed tonight. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground when it comes to temperature control at the camp. It's 112* in the shade outside and 60* inside. I froze in the sanctuary and the cafeteria, and in the lodge until time for bed. Then somebody turned the air up and I was hot all night. We froze inside, then roasted when we went outside. I guess we're never satisfied, are we?

I didn't rest much at all. Some of the women were up before 4 am (yes, that's the 4 o'clock when it's still dark outside!) banging doors, showering, blow-drying their hair, etc. Most of us went to bed around 11:30 or 12 and breakfast wasn't until 7 am, so I ask you, why were they up so early? We were in the middle of nowhere, out in the woods, it was still dark, so what's the story here? I don't get it.....

Just in case you were wondering, the Ozark Mountains are still steep and rocky, just like they were last time I was there. Murder on my arthritis, it is. Bless her heart, the lady who drove our church van to the camp drove me and another lady who has foot and kne
e problems from the lodge to the sanctuary and back. It's an easy walking distance for most people, and I used to walk it years ago when I went there with Jessica for church camp, but I'm just not physically able anymore. Flat level ground is bad enough, but steep, rocky, unlevel ground is so painful for me to try to walk on. Not only is painful at the time, I pay for it for several days after. Both my knees have fever in them right now. My sister Donna wants me to go to Mountain View again Monday or Tuesday to take her granddaughter home. I hope I'm able to go. Right now I don't even know if I'll be able to go to church Sunday morning or not. If Ican walk at all, I'll go, but I may have to use my cane, which I don't do very often. We'll see....

Now for Sunday Dinner. If you read my blog much at all, you know I've started doing a little feature I call Sunday Dinner. I tell you what I'm cooking or where I'm going for Sunday Dinner, and those who want to participate respond in my comments with their plans. By the way, here in my little part of Arkansas, Sunday Dinner is the noon meal. If you'd like to participate, just let me know what you're cooking, where you're going for the noon meal, or if you're eating out, what restaurant. By now you may have guessed by the picture I posted that I'm planning on having baloney sandwiches tomorrow for dinner. I'm wiped out from the women's retreat and that is about as ambitious as I'm gonna get as far as preparing a meal. We'll have some of my homemade pickles and salsa to go with them, and my sister Ducky will probably bring some chips and something else to contribute to the meal.

Okay, now what are your plans for Sunday Dinner? Rock the comments with your answers. It's always fun to see what everyone is doing and eating, and compare notes.

Now I'm off to bed to try to get some much-needed rest. May all your needs be met, may you be blessed, and may you love and be loved.

With love,


Val said...

Uh oh, here it is Sunday night and AGAIN we're having leftovers. Well, it is kind of traditional in our household. A lot of families here get take away food on Sunday night.

Isn't it good that I was the first one to comment? Now everyone else coming along can feel real superior!

Connie and Rob said...

Dear Diane,
I am so sorry you are so tired. Hope you get some rest and feel better.

Now for my confession...I come here for Sunday just to hear what you are having for dinner and then my mouth waters!! It always makes me have good memories of my mother's Sunday dinner at noon.
Baloney Sandwiches just didn't do anything for me

Wish I had a big meal planned and I could share it with you...oh the guilt.

Hugs and take care,

Brenda said...

I'm sorry about your arthritis, but I'm glad you enjoyed your retreat. I can't help you with the 4 am thing, unless there were so many ladies they thought they might run out of hot water. It takes me about 30 minutes to get ready to go anywhere.

Well, you know I don't plan ahead, so I have no idea where we're going for Sunday dinner. We usually decide in the parking lot after church.

I had a craving for bologna sandwiches just the other day, so your lunch plans sound pretty good to me.

Hope your day is awesome and that you get much needed rest. I'll be praying for you.


Sue said...

So sorry you are feeling worn out! I'm not a big baloney sandwich fan, but if that's what sounds good and makes your day easier then go for it. I'll be posting my dinner plans on my site later today! (It's a recipe from my mother in law)
Hope you feel better soon!

Barb said...

I just hate it when I hear you're tired and in pain. I'm like you. I love to get out with my girls and go shopping and such, but oh the price I pay for walking on concrete floors all day. Lower back feels like it's on fire.

About those baloney sandwiches? They look absolutely wonderful to me. Love, love them. Only thing that would make them better is if you fried that baloney til it was black and crispy! Manna from heaven, seriously. Bev and I both love burnt baloney sandwiches with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese.

My dinner plans? As little as I can get away with! lol

No, really. I'm keeping it simple. A 3 ingredient family recipe for potato chip tuna fish casserole. Easy and luckily for me, a big hit around here.

You get off those feet and knees and take it easy today. You hear?


Granny said...

Hope you feel better soon. I've moved our Sunday dinner to Saturday evening most weeks. I just don't seem to be up to that kind of cooking combined with church although I used to do it all the time (or go to my mil's and the two of us would put it together).

Today though we'll probably have chicken with whatever else I can come up with.

Next week is our annual church potluck picnic at the lake. I know I'll make lasagne (I always make either lasagne or a big potato salad but many others bring potato salad. Very few if any bring lasagne. I may purchase the dessert and a veggie or fruit tray. Depends on how the weekend goes.

It's always fun. We're informal to begin with and more so at the lake. We'll have a lot of singing, a short sermon and then food. Methodists love to eat almost as much as Baptists.

Barb said...

Hello, Miss Diane. YOUR TAGGED! OK, leaving now. Bye!

Tammy said...

Hey Diane!!
After my daughter and her family left this afternoon we stopped at a Macaroni Grill and had a nice Italian lupper (that is a combo of lunch and!)
this evening it it just picking at my leftovers...we be tard!!!
Hope you get to feeling better sweetie...I know arthritis can be hip bothers me from time to time and Hubby has knee problems.

Big Mama said...

Diane, get some rest and I hope you feel better. The baloney sandwiches sound great, especially the part about homemade salsa and pickles.

Over here, we had find whatever you can for dinner, but we're having Frogmore stew for supper!

Dawn said...

I can remember coming home from retreats many times and wondering why they were called that. I was exhausted! But also exhilirated. Sorry you had such a hard time getting around.

We have everyone for Sunday dinner every week my hubby would like for that to change, but it's kinda gotten to be a habit for the kids and grandkids. Today we had meat loaf, corn on the cob, baked potatoes. Simple and tasty. There were various kinds of ice cream for dessert, but I didn't bake or buy anything else. Nobody needs it! I hope you get rested up and feel better soon. And that Jessica's first day of college goes well for her.

Mountain Mama said...

Hello Diane. I'm sorry to hear the arthritis is bad. Do you have a rice bag to use for it? If you want more info about this just e-mail me.
I had a very painful attack of arthritis last winter & spring. I used Tylenol, but my rice bag helped more than anything else.

My dinner today was left over roasted chicken breast, steamed potatoes with chicken-mushroom gravy and steamed green beans.

Paulette said...

We had the most delicious Barbeque.Chopped beef with sauce, fried okra and potatoe salad. I had my chopped beef on a bun. Delish.
LOL back last week when you mentioned your retreat I wondered how in the world you would get up with all those early birds. I knew they are up before the chickens. That was hallarious to read that LOLOl.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

First, hope your knees feel better - soon! Second, have to tell you I love the simplicity of this meme, which you may not even think of it as. I think you truly just want to know what everyone's cooking, but I always look forward to coming over here. And again this week, I took the easy way out - Im beginning to think I dont cook much on Sundays. We had Stouffers Chicken Lasagna and bag salad. And my dear husband - told me "good dinner." See why I keep that man?!

Grish said...

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the retreat so well...

Corina Bowen said...

Why did I have to come and read all your good food???? LOL-
Missed ya gal! by the way your baby girl is beautiful!! They grow up too fast!! Loved the blog

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

My baloney has a first name it 's ,,,,,,, O s c a r baloney has a ........

Hey roadrunner , you have been on the move alot , good for you , I do hope the knees are easing off and you get some rest.

as far as supper we had fresh (caught by My MOM that morning on the atlantic veiwed by our cabin ,our fisheries have been closed for cod for years,peroiodically opened for a food fishery, it is open now for a couple weeks)) , yes my Moms CoDFISH,(BIGGEST OF THEM ALL 5 total ) Fried with scrunchins and onions with a little butter and creamy whipped spuds, and corn on the cob .all prepared on the beach ,minus muffins . Dessert was more COD haha homemade blueberry muffins ,with roasted pecan on tops and vanilla ice cream on side . Hmmmmmm and I wonder why I am so squishy LOL. we ate next to the water where it was caught and cleaned and packed up for home shortly after that .

I'd take a balona sandwhich if it was with you :0)

Hugs from your squishy friend hahahahahahaha
Squishy Hugs

PEA said...

Can you believe that Barb?? She tags us then runs away!!! hehe She did the same thing to me on my blog! lol Sounds like it was a wonderful women's retreat but the area where it's held certainly isn't for people with friend June has it in both her knees and the poor dear can barely walk at times, let alone get up from a chair. It's Monday today, I'm late in catching up with everyone's blogs, been so busy around here lately. For dinner yesterday I ate a bacon and turkey wrap at Subway...I was shopping most of the day:-) Hugs xoxo

Naturegirl said...

I have myself been on a retreat and enjoyed it very much. I don't remember
my group getting up that early!!
Ah Sunday dinner was just a boring salad that natureboy prepared as we both were too tired to cook or go out.I"ll read what everyone else prepared.

Barb said...

Hi there! I know you just did a big post about her, but I tagged you for the Three Things About My Kid meme. I'd love to see what three things you decide to share.

And oh my word, her last post 'bout stopped my heart. Poor Mama. I imagine it didn't do yours a whole lot of good either. But thank goodness she got the heck out of that crazy house. That's a hard way for her to learn you can't trust everybody you think you can trust. Good for her for just getting out.