Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sunday Dinner & A Few Other Important Things....

Okay, I'm back from my adventures. I took some pictures but I used a disposable camera so it will be a while before I get them developed and see if any are fit to post on the blog. As usual, had a good time but it was tiring and rough on the arthritis. I got to see some places I haven't seen in at least 32 years if not longer. Thanks, Donna (aka zztop), I had a ball, especially the side trip to Barkshed and Gunner Pool. More on the trip on the next post, maybe, and perhaps some pics if I get them by then......

I saw this at Brenda's, Barb's and several other places tonight and thought I'd check it out. I have to say there's not much, if anything, on there that surprises me. If you're interested, go
here and check it out. You might be surprised what it comes up with that you blog about the most. Go ahead, try it!

Greeneyes posted a comment on my last entry asking if I thought I looked like Jessica in that Easter outfit from 1973. I don't think we really favor much, but if we do, it's probably this 3rd grade pic of me from 1972, and this one of Jessica. What do you think? Maybe a little resemblance, but not too much, in my opinion. I really need to find some pics of her at about the same age, but I'm too tard to dig them out tonight. Maybe later.

It's time for our Sunday Dinner thing again. "Thing" because I don't really know what to call it. It's not really a meme, or is it? Hmmmm......

Anyway, since I got home after 9 pm tonight, I won't be doing any cooking again. Remember those sandwiches from last Sunday? We'll probably have baloney sandwiches again. I might even fry the baloney this time. I know Barb and Bev like theirs cremated, with all the "baloney-ness" charred plumb out of it. My hubby and Jessica like theirs that way, too. If it sets off the smoke detector and clatters when it hits the plate, it's perfect fried baloney in their opinion. Me? I like mine a little brown, but not charcoaled. With mustard. Only mustard on my fried baloney, thank you very muchly.

Your turn now. What are you cooking for Sunday Dinner? Or, if you're eating out, what restaurant? Going somewhere special? What're your plans? Just share in the comments what you're doing for Sunday Dinner. It's always fun to read your plans in the comments, and several of you have mentioned how much you love this

Have a great Sunday, y'all, and love and blessings to all of you.

PS: For all of you who use bloglines, sorry about the double notifications. I forgot to add that doohickey that lists the words I use most in my blog when I first published this post. OOPS!!


Connie and Rob said...

Dear Diane,
Sounds like you need to get some rest today so your arthritis will get better.

My hubby is working today so I am on my own. Feeling a little blue but maybe I will just take myself out for lunch.

Take care,

Brenda said...

I do see a resemblance there, Diane. No denying she's yours. :-)

Tammy said...

Hey Diane,
I saw the word cloud at Bev's and did it myself, although I haven't posted it yet...funny but the word MeMe was on it!!
I mentioned to Bev in comments that maybe we should do this for milestone 100, 200 etc etc...and then compare words...wouldn't that be neat?
This afternoon I'm thinking Italian...I'm thinking Lasagna...and I'm going to try a new recipe for chocolate cup cakes.
It is raining here this morning...the first good steady rain we have had in a while...thanking the Lord for this blessing!!
Have a great day!!

Val said...

Hi, Diane,
finally I can chime in with something other than leftovers for Sunday dinner. I've just posted a recipe for slow braised Greek lamb chops with olives. Lamb is big here in Australia, but I realise people in other parts of the world might think: nuh uh! I do enjoy reading this "meme", which deserves the name, I think!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

"Sunday Supper" - hows that sound? It IS a meme whether you ever intended it to be or not. I know because I realized I come over here every Sunday to see what you're cooking. Or maybe "What's Cooking?" - one way or another...

Tonight - no idea yet. Likely what we call "dig ups" - that being whatever you can dig up! (Mine might well be fried balogna, well done!). You know if you do finally acknowledge it's a meme, you'll need Mr. Linky to go along.

Tammy's idea - I think we need to let Overwhelmed With Joy know - this word photo is perfect for the 100th post. Great idea, Tammy!

Barb said...

Your word cloud cracks me up. First thing I looked for was "barb." Not sure what that says about me but I admit that's what I did. And there's my name, in the smallest possible letters, right next to "beans." I'm REALLY not sure what THAT says about me.

When I did mine your name and Brenda's didn't appear so I adjusted things a tad and put you in there. You two are the first friends I made when I started this so I had to fix it. :-) Beans. Sheesh.

I never met a piece of baloney that couldn't be improved with a little visit to a hot griddle! Trick is to remember to remove the rind first. Yeah, I like THAT kind of baloney.

I've thought since I saw Jessica the first time that she looks a LOT like you - it's the nose and the bone structure or some such thing, but she favors you a lot.

Dinner? Are you sitting down? I'm finally making your crock pot chicken and dressing today. I had to go get plain old yellow cornmeal. I could tell the recipe wasn't going to taste right if I used my Marie Callendar's cornbread mix since it's a little sweet and I don't think that's what you want to use here. Needs to be the kind of cornbread my grandma made. So I'm making that today and I suspect Rob and I will be eating it all week long. Makes a lot!

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend. Talk to you Monday! xoxoxo

Dick said...

I think you two have some areas where you are similar but I am not good at this he/she looks like thing. As to food today, probably just a sandwich for lunch at home after a mocha. But I am thinking of going out for dinner. It is nearly the end of the month and I still have money left, even after paying my speeding ticket, so why not? Now I've got to figure out where to go. I don't have my grandkids along so I assure you it will NOT be McDonald's!

Granny said...

I finally had to order self-rising cornmeal on line. CA can be backwards in some respects. In AR, it was in every store. Go figure.

I can see a resemblance.

Today is the annual Methodist picnic/potluck at the local lake and I changed my menu 3 times. I now have chicken and dressing (basically same as yours) baking in oven along with drumsticks baking on a cookie sheet. (Coooked the chicken, celery and onions last night.) I don't fry much because of Ray's health but baking them is almost as good. He can take the skin off.

Then I'll put in a double recipe of peach cobbler. I bet we make that about the same too.

We Yankees can cook but I learned a lot of dishes in AR I just love to make.

I'll try the word cloud again. The last time I must have pushed the wrong button because it thought I wanted to buy the darn shirt. Nope - just wanted it for my sidebar.

Have a great day!!

RennyBA said...

I do see resemblance yes - thanks for sharing!
I've ordered a t-shirt too - a funny feature:-)
For dinner: well we was on our way back from Sweden this afternoon so we just had a couple of hot dogs at a gas station. Fast food ohhhh, I don't fancy it, but it's very convenient not to make dinner when you are late home you know.
Have a lovely week ahead!

GreenGenes said...

I've not posted here before because I am new to the blogging world but I thought I would tell you what we did for lunch today. I would say that 2 out of 3 Sundays finds us at the Pizza Hut buffet. Alot of people from our church go there and my kids love to hang out with their friends--so do we! I think the Sunday dinner thing is a good one--what ever happened to those big Sunday dinners like grandma used to make?

PEA said...

Glad you had a lovely time and looking forward to seeing some pictures:-) The word cloud is such a neat idea...I tried it too and had to laugh at the words that came up!! I think your daughter has your nose and lips...I could really see the resemblance there. Both of you are beautiful:-) For dinner we're having chicken breasts grilled on the barbecue and potatoes & string beans from the garden...tummy is growling now:-) xoxo

Meow said...

Glad you had a nice time. Hope the arthritis calms down again quickly.
There are certainly some resemblances in the two photos ... you are for sure related !!!
Sunday dinner was pizza (again) in this household, as we came home late in the afternoon, and we couldn't be bothered cooking !!
Have a great week.
Take care, Meow

Mountain Mama said...

Absolutely you and your daughter do resemble one another. Especially the eyes and nose. You were a really cute little girl Diane!

I had leftover Chicken and stuffing casserole for dinner.

Anonymous said...

hey D.... is arthritis really that bad?

i want the pictures up quick! ahaha... u sound like you had a lotta fun. And i don't think i've had baloney for a quite some time now.

gimme some?

Faith said...

I sure see the resemblance!! glad you had a good trip! Now, time to relax!! ;D

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hey Sweet friend
Yep she looks like er MUDDER! the easter pic is by far more resemblence , must be the lighter color hair !
She is a beauty , so you know what that means LOL

I hope your knees are feeling better , sounds like you had a great time , I am happy for you , you have been out and about alot lately , yipehhhhh!for you , hope all your pics come out .get some rest my friend ,Squishy HUgs
Miss G.

Big Mama said...

I do think you and Jessica resemble each other. I'd love to see a picture of you at 18 to compare!

I'm late with the Sunday dinner, but I'll tell you it was slim pickins' at our house after the busy weekend we had!

Paulette said...

Well lets see, about the cloud, I thought Jessicas name would come up a ton more lol.

About the pictures, not so much do you look alike except the lips, def the lips, that was cute.

Glad you had a good trip. good post.

Sue said...

I loved your Sunday dinner meme (post, whatever)
Actually, I love all your posts and am just catching up on blog reading. We ate out Sunday at Marie Callendars. Do you have those?
Yummy pasta with chicken and artichokes...

Sister said...

Of course, the cooking part is N/A for me. :)
As for the resemblance between you and Jessica, absolutely! And, I think you look so much like your mama in that photo. Has anybody ever told you that?