Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Father's Day ! !

As we honor our fathers this Father's Day, I invite you to go on a journey with me. For some of us this will be a long journey.....For others, not long at all.

Can you think back to your childhood? "Daddy, I'm scared." "Daddy, help me." "Daddy, it hurts." "Daddy, I'm lost." "Daddy, will you hold me?" Remember? The safest place in the world was Daddy's arms.

Daddies can fix almost anything. Mamas use alcohol and a Band-Aid for a little cut. Daddies can fix a big cut with a little spit and a dirty handkerchief, then tell you, "You'll be
okay, you're a big girl," "or a big boy."

Daddies worry just as much as Mamas about their boys and girls, but Daddies don't show it as much, until they squeeze you till your ribs pop as they tell you, "I love yo
u, I'm just happy you're okay." If you've already got children of your own, you know just what I mean. If you don't, just wait.

Some of your Daddies have been gone a long time, but, oh, the memories you have. If your Daddy is still here, tell him you love him and spend time with him while you can. Make happy memories for after he's gone.

Most importantly, if your earthly Daddy doesn't know your Heavenly Father, love him enough to introduce them to one another. Even Daddies need a Heavenly Father to turn to when they're lost, when they're scared, when they hurt, when they need loving arms to curl up in.

Daddies, if you don't know my Heavenly Father, will you come to Him today and give Him all the troubles and heartaches and burdens you carry, and just crawl up in His lap and l
et Him hold you and forgive all your sins? He's waiting now with His arms open wide, and He loves you more than you could ever imagine. He's waiting, Daddy. Happy Father's Day, Daddy, and Happy Father's Day my Heavenly Father. I love you.
I wrote this about 5 years ago, and my Daddy was still living at the time. I read it at church that Father's Day Sunday morning. I wish everyone a great Father's Day, and God Bless all the Dads who read my blog, and everyone who reads my blog who has a Dad. That pretty much covers everybody, I think. ;-)

NOTE: For anyone who might be interested, I have finally got some recipes typed onto my recipe blog and got it linked in my sidebar. It's the top link. I will try to add to it from time to time. Hope everybody enjoys them.



Brenda said...

I bet there wasn't a dry eye in the house that day, cause I teared up just now.

Beautiful, especially the invitation at the end.

God bless you for posting this.

Diane said...

Truly my pleasure, Brenda. Glad you enjoyed it. And there was quite a bit of sniffling and eye-dabbing that morning, including me as I tried not to bawl as I read it. :-)

Mike Goodwin said...

That is a beautiful tribute to your dad. I know how much you miss him. I'll bet there wasn't a dry eye in church that day, 5 years ago, either. I'll still wish your father a Happy Father's Day. You know he is up there smiling down on you right now, Diane.

Barb said...

Obviously your fingers cooled down a little after power typing all those recipes last night for which we ALL are grateful.

A beautiful tribute to fathers everywhere, here and departed. Anyone who has a father, and that would cover just about all of us I think, knows that the safest place in the world is in his (and His) arms.

Thanks for starting my day this way.

Nasty Nashe said...

wowoe, you really do celebrate all events and occasions.. haha. Tell ya hubby happy daddy's day too!

take care, D.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aunt Diane,
i know i can say that i can remember some good memories of grandpa and dad both,i miss grandpa and grandma very much specially this time of year and also around christmas looking at the kids faces as they climb in grandmas and grandpas lap,you the first time in my life i have realized that who my true family is,and thats you guys and dads side,because yesterday was dads family reunion,and i can say that it use to bother me because i wasnt his real daughter but as the years have passed i have a FATHER he may not be blood but in my eyes he sure is,i read your blogs all the time,im at home with ron,now,and i sure miss being home,i talked to aunt lisa,and i miss being there today with everyone,tell uncle lamar i said happy fathers day,and god bless you all,im going to church to night as a matter a fact,i havent seen or talked to the father above since grandma passed away,and i woke and realized on the way home last night maybe she is trying to tell me something and so is god,because the sky was so dark last night except in this one spot and that was a big enough sign for me to wake up and start taking luci,and myself,and the lord will take care of the things if i just trust in him,and maybe he can help me deal with somethings,i filed for my disability the other day and i have a app,over the phone monday at 2 im scared to death,with this stuff,the doctors told me a few months back,that i have sciaphria,and im bipolor with scicotic episodes,and it scared the living snot right out of me,i have lived with this most of my life,knowing something wasnt right,but i dont want people to laugh at me or stare,at me i know i got a compliment yesterday i met daddys new brother and he is really really nice i just love him to death his name is C.A, and he made me feel good when said that i was a good person,i would give someone the shirt off my back,thats how all of you all raised,and i turned to him,and said this, you know i dont understand how people can make children a just throw them away,like there nothing,i know im not been the perfect mother to my two boys but I want them to know that I LOVE THEM WITH ALL MY HEART JUST LIKE I DO LUCI AND MY NEW KIDS AND GRANDCHILD I HAVE NOW!! and he said to me god and your kids and forgave you,and i lost it when he said that to me,and i thank god everyday, that he gave me a second chance with my children and with all of you all,i love you very much,and i want to come down again in a few weeks for the weekend so we can go to the dance and to church with yall, we love and miss yall very much,love dean,dean

Dick said...

Thank you for thinking of all Fathers including our Heavenly Father.That is very nice.

PEA said...

I've been emotional all day thinking about and missing my dad and now after reading your post, I'm all teary eyed very beautiful Diane!! I hope you don't mind but I added you to my blog links...I really enjoy your blog:-)

green eyed girl on planet earth said...


Andre said...

What a great "Ode to the Daddy". I'd bet any amount of money that your dad would be proud of you...

I'm a fan and I just met you!

Alex said...

that was beautiful Diane.