Friday, March 24, 2006

Will You Miss Me?

I am about to leave with my sister, Ducky, to go shop for groceries for a church event. Our women's group at church is cooking breakfast for some foreign missionaries in the morning. At 6 am. In the morning. Yes, that's the VERY EARLY 6 am. LOL ;) We will be going to a banquet and then hearing some of the missionaries speak at a sister church tonight, too, so I won't be back on here until 9:30 pm or so. I hope the internet and the bloggy world can make it without me for a while. I, on the other hand, may suffer from withdrawals. Forget the people who are hooked on American Idol and Survivor, I am hooked on blogging!! It's because ya'll are so entertaining! My husband and daughter always know where I am, though. In front of the puter, :)

So ya'll do the best you can without me tonight. I'll catch up when I get home, and post all those comments on your blogs I want to do right now, but don't have the time. I'll also read all your new posts and comments, and read the nice comments you left for me to find. This is Friday night, though, so surely some of you have a social life to attend to tonight. Get out there and be with your family and friends. The puter will be there when you get back. :)

I hope to make a post when I get home, but don't hold your breath. I may be too tired or just kind of "ehhhhh", we'll see. The blogger muse, she is fickle, you know. ;)

Well, sister just called, she will be here in about 10 minutes, so I need to get this posted. Have a good Friday night, and try to miss me just a little while I'm gone. :)


Mike Goodwin said...

You ought to try tossing around a 100 lb. piece of luggage at 7:00 am. Ah, the life of an airline worker :-) 6 am would be sleeping in for me. I'm so used to it, though, that I actually don't sleep past 7 am even on my days off.

I admire you, though. Making sure someone's luggage gets to where it needs to go makes the customer happy, but I doubt it scores me any points with The Big Guy upstairs, unlike the work you'll be doing in the morning. You are genuinely a good person, and it really shows.

However, I have seen those bumper stickers that say "God is my Co-Pilot." Maybe I am scoring points afterall. :-)

Mike Goodwin said...

Diane, I am putting this here because I wanted to make sure you see it. As for the IE/Firefox issue, I found a workaround. I prefer Firefox myself, so I messed around a bit. On top, if you click on View-Text Size-Increase, it will bring the font up one notch. That makes my blog not only easier to read, but also makes the print in the comment box larger. Of course, every other site you visit will then also have slightly larger text. If that bothers you, then I guess IE would be better. I hope this helps.

I apologize to everyone else for this off topic post.

zztop357 said...

Hey Mike,
Im Dianes older sister. I've snuck in and read some of your blogs.I think they are very good.Its nice to be able to read something nice for a change.
I like to take a peak at other lifes besides our own.I'm happy to know other's even though i've never saw your face.(I see Diane's all the time)
You do a well written blog, and you've did well on it. thank you very much for sharing.

zztop357 said...

Diane thanks for sharing some of you on-line friends with me.(BTW....whats on the menu for tomorrow?) I'll holler at you tomorrow about the dance. Good luck with everything. I hope it turns out well.
Love you sis

zztop357 said...

Hey Mikes blog ate my comment i left him,we are not pleased.I spoke real good about him too..then it wouldn't let me post it.huh..oh well...i'll get it yet..the blog monster struck again.
Oh yeah..i'm thinking,fishing,dirty hands,sunshine and a wet seat from sitting on the ground.what could be more fun lol. love you sis.

Mike Goodwin said...

Hi Donna. First off, nice to meet you. I can't say why your post didn't stick. I haven't heard of anyone having a problem yet with posting. I have software setup to "catch" certain undesireable words in posts and hold them in a moderation section for my review before I let them posts. Those are words I know you didn't use. (I know just from reading the posts between you and your sister.) I did check the section anyway, in case there was some kind of glitch, but nothing was there. I'm too new to this, and to be honest, I don't know what happened. I was working in admin mode with a lot of uploading pics and such. I don't know if that had anything to do with it. Maybe you can get with Diane, since she posts quite often. I'd sure like to have posts from you. I love them posts.... :-)

Secondly, it's funny that you mentioned the fact that you have yet to see my face. I just finished a post that links to a page where I have pictures of my son, niece, and nephews. I included a couple of myself, since I have yet to figure out how to get one out on the home page.

Finally, despite the fact that my blog kicked your post out, I do appreciate the comments you made here. My ego is so small, you need a microscope to see it. With comments like yours, soon I'll just need a magnifying glass. :-) Thanks again, and please don't give up on trying to comment. I truly hope it was just a glitch.

zztop357 said...

Hey Mike....I never have problems posting on here either..
I may have had a blond moment though,I never know when ones gonna hit.
Anyway I think your blogs very good.I have tried the karaoke though..I sing better if I know the song.Trying to follow the words on the screen drives me nuts.
Anyways,keep up the good work.I find the blogs on here intertaining.Maybe i'll start my own blog.Nice to meet you Mike:)Your doing great:)

Diane said...

Mike and zztop,

I feel so unnecessary.......LOL. ;)

Just home for a few hours this afternoon, then back to church to feed more missionaries (homemade banana pudding and slaw) and hear 3 of them speak. Then, more of the same Sunday night, only sandwiches and banana splits for that one.

Thank you for the nice words, Mike. I am truly touched. Some might say in the head, ;)

zztop, as far as Sunday dinner, we may just grab a burger after church, because we have to fix something to take back to church again Sun. night. Supposed to be sandwiches this time, though.

Give me some stink bait, worms, fishing gear and mud, and I'm your girl, LOL. Anytime, no matter how hot or cold. :)

Love to all. :)

Mike Goodwin said...

Hello again, Donna. You should start your own blog. It really is so much fun. Like Diane will tell you, it doesn't necessarily have to be funny, or really even highly interesting. (See my Barry Manilow post.) :-) It can just be about your everyday life. Diane is very good at it, but my everyday life is, at the very most, mundane. I guess that is why I have been trying to put out these long posts. I'm still glad I started it. In fact, I probably would have done it earlier if I had known there were all these programs that will handle HTML for you.
And yes, it does help to know the song for Karaoke. Some places have the screen in front of you while you face the audience, which is nice. Most others have a big screen behind you, with your back to the audience. Not a good look for me. :-)