Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Phooey! ! !

Question: Just how big is the spray pattern from half a can of tomato sauce
that has been accidentally knocked off a standard height countertop?

Got your answer ready?

Answer: At least half-way up the freezer door on a Kenmore refrigerator, and all the way up on TOP of the aforementioned countertop. And at least 8 feet out in all directions. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhh! ! ! !

Oh, the Carnage! ! Oh, the Mess! ! Oh, my aching back! ! Oh, that I had a better post at this time! !


Mike Goodwin said...

I seem to have the same problem with cottage cheese. I know. Not the cottage cheese thing again. Ever drop one of those? When I drop one of those containers, it never fails. The lid pops right off, and it is a curdled milk party all over the refrigerator and floor. Talk about difficult to clean up. Imagine removing eye mascara from the whole cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yes, it's that messy. :-)

Faith said...

HEHE! Not to laugh really, but your right it goes EVERYWHERE! Sorry for your mess!

Diane said...

No, I don't recall ever spilling cottage cheese that way, but I believe you about the mess. ;)

I looked like I had shrapnel wounds all over my legs and arms--well,okay, all over. LOL

It's allright, go ahead and laugh. I did, after I yelled just a teeny bit.
Oh, allright......I yelled a lot. Loudly. :)

Diane said...

PS.......Can you do the "Timewarp"? ;)

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi Diane,
sorry about the splatter ,must be awful to get up and totally cleaned , , I had a mishap like that with salsa and in the jar !glass and salsa everywhere, I still gringe opening a jar of it . Hope all is well where you are , it is freezing here AGAIN!
I noticed in your last post you said you are "ANAL " about grammar/spelling/puct. well let me apologise for any mistake in my past or up coming post on your blog , my typing is so/ so ,mixed with spelling horrors etc , may make you delete before reading! LOL My spelling I blame on the All girls school run by nuns who scared the cra.. out of you if you made a mistake,,,,literally! rulers craking etc , so anyway dont say I never warned you , you can always hit delete LOL
have a great one , and whats for supper tomorrow? if you get more BACKLAV , I am coming!
Have a great one and hope the backache is gone

Alex said...

oh boy does THAT sound familiar!
My spill-nemesis is mustard

Diane said...

Without getting too gross or too familiar, I can think of several things that would be a worse nemesis than mustard. ;)

Mike Goodwin said...

Diane, to be honest, I have seen The Rocky Horror Picture show only once on video, and have attended the midnight showings that various theaters have around the country only once also. You know the ones where people actually act out the parts right in front of the movie screen. As far as "Let's Do the Time Warp....," I was able to pick it up quickly during the show. It's really simple. Kind of like learning "The Hustle" except instead of dancing on a disco floor, you are dancing on sticky gum and popcorn left over from the previous NORMAL movie. :-)

Meow said...

Eeewww, I don't envy you the cleaning up on that one !!

Diane said...

Meow, it was Olympically nasty, LOL.
Really, it was. I looked like a bombing victim, with bloody-looking splatters all over me, too. :)

All done, now, though, thank goodness. ;)

Meow said...

"a bombing victim, with bloody-looking splatters" ... interesting picture !!! I don't imagine it was a very appetising look !! :-)

Diane said...

Nope, not hardly. And the bad part is, I was working so hard to get the mess cleaned up in the kitchen, I didn't even notice what I looked like until I saw myself in my full length mirror as I passed by. Hubby either didn't notice, or chose not to tell me. Go figure...... LOL :)

HolyMama! said...

oh no! I hate it when i do that. i find the little droplets everywhere, FOREVER. My husband dropped a jar of baby food once and i knew as soon as i got home. he thought he'd cleaned it up, but he missed the giant spot on the CEILING!

Diane said...

Thanks.....Now I need to go look at my ceiling, LOL. ;) I never even thought to look up, but I probably need to check, no joke.

Thanks for the visit, and the "pseudo" award, too. LOL :)