Sunday, March 26, 2006

I'm "Tard" Again

Well, I am home at last. Got home from church after the missionary's program, 2 baptisms and fellowship at about 8:30 pm. Mercy!! I am, as my Daddy would say, "Give out". I realize that is mostly a Southern expression, but it really expresses to a "T" how I feel. I have had about 12 hours sleep over the last 3 days, and it is catching up with me. My feet are swollen something awful because I have been on them so much, and my arthritis is killing me. I really need a day or so to rest and recover. I so enjoyed everything, especially meeting the missionaries, but mercy, it was almost too much to do in too short a time. One thing that kept me going is that I know I will probably never get the opportunity to see some of them ever again in this lifetime, and I couldn't let the moment pass. It was so worth all the work and lost sleep.

I have been having major withdrawals from lack of blogging, both writing on mine and reading yours. I haven't had time to do much of anything around here, and it shows. I need to do so many things I don't even know where to start. Laundry, for sure, and the bathroom needs to be cleaned, too. I have no idea if Cecil and Sue will be here tomorrow or not, but if not, I need to make some progress in the cleaning department. Hopefully. Maybe. Perhaps. *Sigh*....................................................................................................................................

In other news, B and Cecil added me to their cell plan and I got a new phone. Yaaaaaaay!!!! I have had a prepaid cell phone for about 4 years, and it has served me very well for what I needed. Only thing is, with technology moving along at warp speed the way it does, it is pretty much obsolete. It texts and that's about it. It is probably going to be phased out soon, but Lamar is going to keep it paid up at the minimum required to keep it active and use it until it does get phased out. The (BAD) photo above is of my old cell phone and my new one, side by side. (By the way, DON'T LOOK AT THE CLUTTER ON MY COMPUTER DESK.....That's another project that needs doing.) My new phone is an LG camera flip phone. The blessed thang looks like the control panel for the Space Shuttle!! I need counselling already, and I have only just begun to plumb the depths of my ignorance with the cursed new-fangled technology, people. Egads, at the menus and files and options and doohickeys and doomafitchits and it goes on and on.........................Get the picture? The times, they are a-changin', and they are a-leavin' me behind fastly, too. I have the instruction manual, and I still may have to have my 18 year-old daughter show me how to work this modern marvel, for Pete's sake. I think they hire illiterate Latvian swine herds to write these manuals. I need a Diet Coke before I start with this thing again. ;)

Family and Friends, please remember to pray for Polly, she is supposed to have her surgery sometime Monday, as far as I know. Bill hasn't been online since I got home, so I haven't talked to him. They are supposed to do a bypass on a blocked vein in her leg. It can be a very dangerous surgery, and they are understandably concerned about it. I'll let everyone know by phone and on here as I get the details.

It's just past midnight, and as mentioned earlier, I am TARD, so I will post this and just chill for a while, then off to the Land of Nod for this fat girl, LOL. Hope everyone has a nice Monday, if that's possible. :) :)


Nasty Nashe said...

apparently, the older generation (can i use that phrase) ain't really as adept with electronics as we young souls are...! haha. i had an LG flip fone too.. and im LOOKING at the clutter on your desk! my my...hehe

Mike Goodwin said...

What was the purpose of putting that brick next to your new LG? :-) I have a Sony Ericsson myself, which is about 3 months old now. Very small. It's nice, but there is something to be said about having a phone large enough to feel like an actual phone, especially when you are trying to do the "hold the phone to your ear with your shoulder" thing while your hands are occupied. I guess that's why they invented the earpiece/bluetooth. It sure looks funny, though, when you look at the car next to you, and it looks like that person is holding a conversation with themselves. It's what I call the "is it a psycho or bluetooth" game. :-)

I know you had a busy weekend. I'm glad to see you back blogging, though. I like banana pudding, but not that much. :-)

Anonymous said...

wow..busy weekend you had..i havnt had the time to blog much , or even read other blogs last week, been very very busy with work!

Hope you like your new phone :D It looks good from here, though im not an LG person, id go for an ancient Nokia over an LG or Samsung or anything else! THough i have a nokia 7710, now thats an amazing phone :)

Jeana said...

Tard and give out--doesn't sound off to me at all! Mmm, love banana pudding!

Diane said...

I am deeply wounded by that "older generation" remark!! I am sure I seem ancient to 17 year-old you, though. :)
Not to mention you looking at the clutter on my desk after I specifically asked you not to!
Hee hee. ;)
And I freely admit I struggle with some of the new electronic gadgets. LOL
Nice to hear from you, friend. :)

Diane said...

Before and after, that's why. ;)
I agree about them being smaller, not necessarily better. I have small hands, but I am still clumsy with the teeny tiny buttons. That's one reason I am not too impressed with most laptops--the small keyboards.
My brother-in-law has a blue-tooth wireless earpiece for his phone, but it looked too complicated to me, and I don't think I could hear very well on it, either.
And I agree, I would rather be blogging than making or eating banana pudding. :)

Andre said...

To be so "tard", you managed to pull together a pretty nice sized series of thoughts and observations. I'm impressed.

You remember how I can get when I suffer from "apathy", right?!

Diane said...

Welcome! I just got my phone Sunday, so I don't know yet if I am going to like it or not. Doesn't really matter, I just use it for my convenience, not often at all. I don't use my cell phone even a fraction of the amount most people do. If it makes calls and texts okay, I will be fine with it. :)

Come back anytime. :)

Diane said...

Hi, and thanks for the visit. :)

Non-southerners may not "get" all my southernisms and slang, so I try to explain all the obvious ones.

I like banana pudding every once in a while, too. ;)

Diane said...

Hey, friend, good to hear from you!

I don't know why you are concerned about apathy on your part. I have read your latest entry on your blog, but I haven't had the time to comment on it. If I put out those kinds of thought-provoking posts, I wouldn't stress about posting every day, or maybe even every other day. I have enough trouble coming up with piddly stuff every day, and a more in-depth post occasionally.

Just think, the way apathy works, you won't care about not caring for too long, so you'll be back on track in no time, LOL :)

And, thank you for the kind observations. :)

Meow said...

Hope you got the sleep you needed. Have a great day / night. Take care, Meow

Diane said...

Thanks, I did rest well, but still recovering. :)

Hope you're having better luck with the neighbor's demon cat. ;)

Faith said...

AHHH, modern technology. Ain't it fun? Sorry you're so TARD, but sounds like you enjoyed yourself. The banana pudding looks pretty darn good. My daughter is the one that gets to make banana pudding for our family get-togethers. So yummy. So fattening. So typical! ;D

Diane said...

I got some sleep Sunday night, but I am still recovering. It was a good time, though, and well worth the lost sleep. :)

Yep, yummy and fattening, typical Southern cooking!! It's just a pleasant memory now, though. :)

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Congrats on your new phone. You are right...the times they are a-changin! I for one, thought this computer frenzy was a phase! I was WRONG! It just took me longer to catch on to the ride than most!

I understand your fatigue...I see my rhumatologist this my RA is accelerating these days. Bummer! Do you take anything?

I hope you had a restful night....sleep is so important!

Lisa said...

We have a reallllly old prepaid cell phone that doesn't text! One of these days, we'll be hip again. ;)

Diane said...

Hi, glad to hear from you again. I took Arthrotec for several years for my arthritis, but it was causing some pre-ulcerous lesions in my innards, so they took me off it for almost a year. It helped me a lot. Now I am about to start it again, but they warned me to make sure I eat with it every time, or I will be back in the same boat with the digestive problems.
And yes, thanks, I am feeling more rested now. :) Come back! ;)

Diane said...

The old Nokia in the pic is a Simple Freedom prepaid, and it does text, but that's all it does. It is almost obsolete, and I am afraid it is about to be discontinued. Hubby is going to use it for a while, at least until it does go kaput.
Good to hear from you again. :)

BooMama said...

You know you can BLOG via that new phone, don't you? :-) Seriously, look on the Blogger start page....

Diane said...

I vaguely remember something about blogging via cell phone, but I don't know if I am that prodigious with the new phone or not, LOL. I have enough trouble texting and checking voice mail and messages. :)
Plus, I am on a cheapie plan, and I think that everything over the net is beau coups extra, too. If it wasn't, though, I would be right in the middle of finding out how to do it, I assure you. LOL ;)
Thanks for the visit. :)

Mike Goodwin said...

I was about to comment initially on blogging by phone, but I figured I better read up on it first. Although I don't use Blogger, I believe it is the ability to send a "vocal" blog to your phone. In other words, an audio version of your post would appear. Again, don't use Blogger, so I'm not sure. Can you imagine texting in a post though? My sis has a Sidekick by TMobile, so she has the little keypad that would make it easy. If I were to try that on my phone, though, just to type the word hello would require the following: 44-33-555-555-666. Can you imagine typing Barry Manilow? My fingers would fall off. :-) If it is indeed vocal, Diane, it might be kind of cool to try. The only thing I could see as far as cost goes would be your minutes.

Diane said...

Thanks for looking into it for me, but I think my service charges for internet access, too. At least my daughter, who has the next more sophisticated model of phone, says it costs her extra. Mine is an LG model C2000, and hers is a C2800, I think she said.
For the present, I think I will just stay with typing in posts the old-fashioned way. :) Thanks again, though. ;)

Alex said...

Having been through a lot of surgery in my life, My thoughts are with Polly.

Enjoy the new phone!

Diane said...

Thanks for visiting. I have had a few surgeries myself. I talked to my uncle Bill last night, and as of then, Polly was doing great, praise the Lord. :)

And as for the cell, phone, I already had an *incident* with it. It freaked on me and froze up the screen, asking for a PUK code. I had to go online and talk on the home phone for hours trying to get it fixed. ARRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHH!!! It seems to be doing okay for now, though, thank goodness! :)

Yasser Rahman said...

THAT WAS ME! Not FAIR Blogger :/

Anonymous said...
wow..busy weekend you had..i havnt had the time to blog much , or even read other blogs last week, been very very busy with work!

Hope you like your new phone :D It looks good from here, though im not an LG person, id go for an ancient Nokia over an LG or Samsung or anything else! THough i have a nokia 7710, now thats an amazing phone :)

7:26 AM

Diane said...

Hey, Yasser,
I wondered if that was you. I compared the time it was posted to my sitemeter logs, and your ISP and link was the closest to the post.
I have been missing you and wondering what was wrong, or if you WERE just busy, busy, busy. :) Glad to know you're still among the living. ;)