Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Hello, Friends.........

Hey, family and friends. Today has been a pretty nice day, all in all. Cecil and Sue called about 10:45 this am and asked if I wanted to go to Jonesboro and eat somewhere. Lamar got home safely this am, about 5:30, and he went with us to eat at China Buffet. Thanks for everyone's prayers for him for travelling mercy, by the way. I think I got the better part of the deal today........he paid for my lunch, :) After lunch, we went to Hastings for a few minutes, then back to Trumann to Walmart. I sat in the car there and looked at a magazine for the 20 minutes the rest of the crew were in there shopping. Then, back to our apartment for our question and answer game. All in all, a pretty good day. It was partly cloudy, but windy, and the high was about 60 degrees. Severe storms are forecast for Wednesday afternoon and overnight into Thursday. Tornadoes, large hail and strong winds are expected. I would rather not have any storms, but I suppose I will have to deal with whatever comes.

On another note, I am excited about all the recent new visitors to my blog. I have new friends visiting from all over the world, not just here in this area or the U.S. I have had visitors just in the last few days from, among others: Asheville, North Carolina; Lubbock, Texas; Murfreesboro, Tennessee; Fisher, Arkansas; Mountain View, California; Birmingham, Alabama; Delhi, India; Singapore; Nashville, Tennessee; Blair, Nebraska; Woodstock, Georgia; Kuala Lampur,Malaysia; Williston Park, New York; and Bessemer, Alabama. Woo hoo!!! I am so excited to read your comments and then to go to your blogs and websites to read about you. I try to leave comments on your blogs and sites, too. It's only fair since I so enjoy reading your comments on my blog. :) I don't know how some of you are finding your way to Diane's Page, but, WELCOME!! ;)

I wish everyone would comment if they feel comfortable doing so. I wonder if the visitor from Fisher, Arkansas is a friend I am already acquainted with, or a friend or relative of Donna and Johnny's, or just a random visitor......If you visit again and read this, please comment and let me know, my curiosity is killing me, :)

I wonder sometimes what everybody sees in my blog, and what keeps you from getting bored with me. I am bored by my life sometimes, so how can you avoid it? (smile) I visit other blogs, and I confess: I have a bad case of Blog Envy. Yes, I am ashamed to say, I covet some of the snazzy templates, custom headers, and "Hip" commentary out there in Blogdom. I only began blogging a little over a month ago.........It seems like so much longer, sometimes. Only a few short weeks ago, I didn't even know what a blog was, much less a template or header. I have an advanced case of blog fever now, though. I wish my sisters would catch the fever and blog with me, that would be glorious. We always have a good time together, and I can imagine what kind of mischief we could get into if we blogged together. It bloggles the mind, it does........lol.

Irma just burnt some popcorn, on purpose, for a snack, and the stench lingers on.......Shewwwwwwww, nasty!! She didn't get that fetish from me, folks, I hate burnt popcorn. Susie, the oldest sister, likes burnt baked goods. Cookies, cake, biscuits, rolls----she wants them blackened. I tell her she should have been born Cajun, because she likes blackened everything. Not for me, just lightly browned, thanks very much. Our Daddy liked all his meat almost burnt, though, and if it didn't break when it hit the plate, it wasn't done enough, especially bacon. Maybe in a strange twisted sort of way, she inherited that liking from him........She is strange and twisted in other areas, too, though.........lol. ;)

Well, the witching hour approaches, and I still want to check out some more blogs tonight. I will say my goodbyes and post this. I will try to post tomorrow afternoon or evening, weather and time permitting.


Yasser Rahman said...

Why we read your blog?

Cause you live an interesting life..its not boring like you think it is, we all live different lives and its interesting to have a sneak peak into what other people are doing ;) Plus you cover a variety of subjects :)

Plus from your blog , i also learn how im supposed to deal with my future Mum in law...LOL whoever she maybe *shruggs*

By the way, im from chennai India..not Delhi ;)

Diane said...

Hi, Yasser,

I guess you're right, I enjoy reading your blog, and others, too. I imagine they may think there is nothing special about the lives they lead, but it is interesting to me to compare my daily life and thoughts to their experiences. Your descriptions of your life in India seem very exotic and so different in some ways to my life here, and yet so alike in others. It's the secret voyeur in us that wants to know what's going on in the other guy's life, I suppose. :)

I am 42, and have an 18 year-old daughter, so I guess I AM old enough to be your mother or your mother-in-law, huh?

On my site meter, it logs you in as being from Delhi, not Chennai......hmmmmmm, wonder why??

Anyway, I left you some comments on your blog, too.

zztop357 said...

yesterdays blog was good,my dear.
its hard to believe they've been gone almost a year. i miss them still.as for your blog.i get to peak into your life everyday,not just once a week.
loe you sister.Donna

zztop357 said...

love you,not loe you;)

Anonymous said...

from the looks of zztops typing I will have to be the designated typist around here....sheesh

Diane said...

zzptop happens to be my sister, and I don't care how she types, just so long as she visits and leaves me nice comments.

Have a nice day!!!

zztop357 said...

anonymous,kiss my grits my dear;).
I get my point across anyway. so suck air baby.

Diane said...

For those who might be puzzled by the last few posts, zztop357 and anonymous happen to be married to each other, so they have a license to speak to each other that way.