Sunday, February 19, 2006

Eat Your Heart Out, Cecil.......

I just sat down for a few minutes while I wait for my HOMEMADE YEAST ROLLS AND CINNAMON ROLLS to finish rising.............hee hee hee!! I talked to Cecil a few minutes ago and told her what I was baking, and she begged piteously for me to save her some rolls. Today is her birthday---I won't tell everyone how old she is, but I am 42, and she is a year younger than Since hubby, Jessica, Chris and I are here, I don't figure there's much chance there will be anything much left besides crumbs. I told her maybe, if she begs properly, I MIGHT make more tomorrow if she and Sue manage to make it up here.

It's also Donna's birthday, she and Cecil were born on the same day, 11 years apart. To make things even more confusing, Ducky and Susie share the same birthday, November 3, 2 years apart. Stay with me here, and Jessica's birthday is also November 3...........I am the only one of the 5 sisters to have a birthday I don't share with anyone else, October 23. Strange, huh?

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS, SISTERS!!!! Hope you have many, many more.

The road conditions are mixed, some are clear, some still very icy. It's currently a balmy 15 degrees here in downtown metropolitan Bay, Arkansas, population 1,700, smile.......Supposed to reach a tropical 34 degrees tomorrow.....Party! Luau, tiki torches and barbeque on the

Gotta go check the oven and see if it is preheated, then I will be busy for the exact amount of time it takes for the rolls to get done, cool just enough to take from the pan, butter and consume........Back soon.......

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