Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Busy Day.....

Well, it's been another busy day here in our household. Sue and Cecil came up today and brought McDonald's for dinner. We had some rolls and cinnamon rolls nuked in the microwave to go with the burgers. Still good, but not quite as good as when they were fresh out of the oven. We played games and looked on the puter for a while this afternoon. After they went home, I fried some pork steak, made some scrambled eggs and spinach, rice, gravy, and green peas for supper.

I talked to Cecil a while tonight on yahoo messenger. She was looking at Paula Deen recipes, and I told her about boomama's link on her blog to Paula Deen recipes. She said she wanted to check it out, and bookmarked it for later. I noticed boomama's comments are gone. She left a note that they would be gone for a while........Hope it's not anything serious, and they will be back up soon. She can do things on her blog that I have absolutely no clue how to even begin to do. I am still in a cyberspace fog when it comes to most of this stuff. I just blunder around and push buttons, hoping to stumble onto what I am actually trying to accomplish, :)

Jessica started a new job today. She has left her part-time job as a vet technician, and started work in the Kroger Deli in Jonesboro. She is such a klutz, and so accident-prone, I sincerely hope she doesn't cut off, burn, or grind up anything vital, lol. I told her, what with the knives, slicers, deep fryers, grinders, etc, I am concerned about her physical health. So far, so good. She came home intact, today. She was just training today, though. Like I told her, even veterans get careless sometimes, and honest accidents happen. I do worry about her, but Mama has to let go, and let her make her own mistakes or her own victories. I really hope she likes this job, and sticks with it. It will be convenient to ASU if she keeps working part-time at Kroger while she is in college. She left the vet clinic on good terms, and she may help out there occasionally, too. Good Luck, Kahildabob, Mama loves you..........;)

For my family and friends who are not members of blogger.com, I have changed the requirements for leaving comments on my blog, and you no longer have to be a member to post a comment. Please leave a comment if you visit, it's encouraging to me to know you enjoy my blog enough to visit from time to time. Thanks for all your comments along the way, I go back and reread some of them time and time again. You're a blessing to me, :)

Well, it's getting late, or early according to your sleeping habits, lol. I think I will call it a day and go examine the inside of my eyelids for 8 hours or so. Tune in Tuesday for more exciting news from the House of Jennings, :)

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